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So we realized a while back that, holy shit, not only is Nay's birthday coming up, but NAY IS GRADUATING COLLEGE LIKE A BOSS. She has to get something super special! So we may or may not have decided to write a story! about some things! that we hope Nay will really like! Nay, please note: we started this in like, late October, because WE TOTALLY HAD FAITH. We knew you could do it! And you did! CONGRATS!

Unfortunately, a lot of life intervened for both of us, and we didn't manage to finish the whole thing. But! But. We do have a teaser ready. A six thousand word teaser. BECAUSE IT'S US. AND YOU.

So we hope you enjoy this teaser! We promise the rest of the story as soon as we can manage it -- we're so sorry for not having the whole thing yet, but we hope this can still make you happy! Lots of love, thank you for being awesome, and CONGRATS TIMES A THOUSAND! Please get very drunk for us.

This teaser will soon turn into a full-fledged present! YOUR SNIPPET IS NOW DIAMONDS. )

Love, congratulations, tl;dr, and cock jokes everywhere,

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OK! Since I am a greedy, greedy fandom-girl -- and I've been asked by both [ profile] twilightsrain and [ profile] irish_ais so it's not my fault -- here is a list of things fic I would like for my birthday!

tags: so totally greedy, give me fic, i am hopeless, serve me fandom!, still a loser, i am certainly not afraid to ask!, badfic prompts, please your sev today, porn, birthday fic list, i'm so lame )

SO THAT IS MY WISHLIST. Keep in mind I'm not demanding any of this! PPL HAVE BEEN ASKING OK.


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