Dec. 28th, 2013 09:13 am
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The first Christmas with the baby was beautiful. Hectic and crazy and not really relaxing, but refreshing in a way. I got up work-time Monday morning and drove in to Pittsburgh to pick up Gramma, then drove up to Buffalo to the tune of a Spotify Christmas station which worked for the most part but occasionally wondered if what we really wanted to be listening to was the Electric Slide.

Jim and Mar and Jos were already up there. This was the crazy hectic part: Josie's ~10 weeks; Gramma's 90; and I'm not sure which of them cried and wet themselves more. Both needed intense help. I love my little niece to pieces and am always happy to pick her up and bounce and BOOP her and walk her around, and I adore my gramma and am willing to help her stand and walk or carry on a conversation. The two overlaid upon each other occasionally makes it hard to breathe.

That's the refreshing part, though: there's something about being surrounded by these people you love so hard it hurts, and even in the middle of the chaos when all you want is a nap you know for a fact that you'd do anything for any one of them. I'm continuously amazed at how much I love a niece who has only been in my life for three short months. Jos has a great smile. I hear that's how babies survive.

Christmas Day was a gratuitously decadent celebration of gifts and ribbons and glitter.

I'm back in the Feymarch because I had to work yesterday. As often happens at this time of year I'm incredibly pensive about my life - more so this year since it's been so dramatic. I want to write about it, but not yet, so instead I'm going to play Final Fantasy Tactics until noon with no regrets.
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I have really mixed feelings about the holidays. I generally enjoy them - somebody who likes sparkly lights, glittery shit, and slightly gaudy decorations as much as I do will always be partial to secular Christmas - hols with my family are a crazy, fun, over-the-top drunken bacchanalia of good feelings like love and nostalgia and being completely hammered. Overall it's a positive experience -- we've figured out a good balance between the gracious, graceful, good-feelings side of gift-giving without straying too much into commercial consumerism or ungrateful demanding, and we have fun with it, which is valuable, and pretty awesome.

But it's also just hard for me. Any season this intense is going to be difficult on my introverted, homebody self: traveling, socializing, family events, people everywhere when all you want to do is go to the grocery and buy some fucking milk, parking lots full and idiots behind the wheel, crowds, noise: overstimulation, excess, a feeling of community that's forced and frustrating. It wears me down. Doesn't help that it's another thing my family gets very into, and while I get into it as much as I can, I often don't have the reserves to engage at the level they do for the length of time and the extent they do, and it's another example of just not being able to keep up with my family on a purely social level. I need breaks from it all. Overstimulation is exhausting and it's bad for me.

Plus traveling and extended family and stuff that should be fun but ends up feeling like a chore: story of the season.

This has been a hard run for me, the end of this year. I'm just exhausted. I've taken a couple days to just be at home in my apartment alone with my cats and the snow, so that I can hopefully recharge my batteries enough to make it through the upcoming bits in a good way rather than a bad way. It's snowing and I have almost all my gifts ready to go and I'm lounging around with coffee and in a bathrobe trying to relax and find some kind of christmas spirit.

Happy hols, everybody.
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I am totally stealing this from [personal profile] lassarina because, hey, why not.

- By "12 Days" I mean that I will run this tiny meme until 12 January. It's more than 12 Days, but that's how Christmas runs, sucka.
- By "Promptmas" I mean that you leave me prompts. Or a bunch of prompts, and I will choose the one I fancy the most. And I'll write it! For you!

- I make no promises on length: but if you know what I like, you know what to give me to tempt me to a higher word count.
- If you leave one prompt, I'll do my best. If you want to leave multiple prompts, I'll pick one or two that I really like and go to town. It's up to you!
- I am open to prompts from any fandom you know I'm in. If you are iffy on a fandom, leave me multiple prompts in multiple fandoms to choose from! I am open to any themes and any genres from G to PRON.
- this is open to anyone! Even if I've just met you!
- I make no promises on whether I will write your fic sober.

And, uh, Happy Holidays~.
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Alive! Back in Akron! Full of delicious pumpkin pie and a fantastic feeling of happiness, general contentment with life, and holiday cheer, which has been encouraged by delightful Yuletide fic and does not dim in the slightest at the terrible prospect of a full work-day tomorrow.

I fear I should be watching the stove, rather than writing this.

Love to all. More tomorrow. Missed you. How is life?
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Yuletide is done! Hooray!

Christmas shopping is halfway done. I am done with Mary and Gramma, probably done with Mum unless I find one more thing, halfway done with Jim, and I know exactly what I'm getting Dad. Excellent progress, me. The unfortunate part is that I'm now debating spending my afternoon playing Secret of Mana with [ profile] hilldo rather than finishing up the shopping. Hmm.

Obviously there are the photos, too. (I don't mind posting it because they all know they're getting photos, they just don't know what.) I am working on those now. I'll probably post them after Christmas, because I don't think I've shared any of the California pictures yet, have I?

It's hard to believe Christmas is so soon; it feels like November and December just flew by.
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It's almost Christmastime! *dances* Two days of work left. HELL FUCK YES.

More later.
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Hey guys, it's that holiday time again. Y'all know how much I love Christmas and the holidays season in general, so this is for any of you, whether you celebrate anything or not - or if you just want gifties. These are for you guys! Feel free to ask for anything! including hot sex! I had a couple different ideas spurred by different discussions, so - that's why the post is so damn long.

Giftie Number One: Fic Request

Simple. Request a fic. Ask for whatever you'd like. Fun, OTPs, crack you wish existed, AUs, anything.

Give me the following information:
  • Fandom (I will write for Final Fantasy IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2. I am no good with FFVII canon past AC. Also will do crossovers.)
  • Characters or pairing (I have no problem with het, slash, femme, crack, or genfic and character studies - just be kind XD)
  • Situation / Prompt / Genre (By this I mean: Do you want smut? Do you want happy fluff? Snark? Humour? Angst? Crack? Plot? No Plot? Bananas? Would you like fries with that?)

    I'll write you something about 1000 words (probably over, knowing me) fulfilling your request. The writing will take place during January, probably, and I'm a first-come, first-served woman.

  • Giftie Number Two: Feedback Request

    This is something I came up with after discussions with [ profile] bottle_of_shine and [ profile] lassarina. There's a lot of talk about feedback and concrit in this fandom, and where it is and how to get it. So one of the other things I'll be volunteering to do is deliver comments / feedback / beta-ing / concrit. I'm talking everything from grammar/structure to characterization and mood -- whatever you'd like, I'll do my best to deliver on.

    My fandoms are listed above - I'm pretty dorkily anal on all of them (except maaaaaybe V). I will also review original!fic (although I would ask that you don't throw me in the middle of your NaNoWriMo-verse, at least without warning - i.e., short plz.). If you'd like some thorough concrit on something in December/January - long, short, a series of drabbles, a bunch of chapters, one thing, many things - I'm available. This can be my Christmas gift to you. Also, if you know someone who doesn't know me but has been looking for concrit - send them my way! I'm willing to share the holiday love with strangers.

    This request is meant for people looking to get actual concrit and feedback. If you're looking for brainless praise - well, if that's what you really want for the holidays, I can give you that, but please - serious requesters only.

    Gifties for me

    I've seen this going around as a semi-fandom-meme -- what would you like to see for Christmas? Well, since I am selfish and love gifts as well, I've got a couple lists. The first is fic I'd love to receive as a gift. The second is fic I'm dying to write, and if it tickles your fancy, why not request it and give me an excuse. (You'll notice the two lists coincide occasionally, hee!)

    Fic I would love to see )

    Fic I would love to write )

    So. Feel free to request anything you want - I'm putting no limit on it for now, but remember that I am not entirely made of internets. If you've got a wishlist of your own and you'd like to just link me to that, leave it in a comment.


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