Dec. 28th, 2013 09:13 am
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The first Christmas with the baby was beautiful. Hectic and crazy and not really relaxing, but refreshing in a way. I got up work-time Monday morning and drove in to Pittsburgh to pick up Gramma, then drove up to Buffalo to the tune of a Spotify Christmas station which worked for the most part but occasionally wondered if what we really wanted to be listening to was the Electric Slide.

Jim and Mar and Jos were already up there. This was the crazy hectic part: Josie's ~10 weeks; Gramma's 90; and I'm not sure which of them cried and wet themselves more. Both needed intense help. I love my little niece to pieces and am always happy to pick her up and bounce and BOOP her and walk her around, and I adore my gramma and am willing to help her stand and walk or carry on a conversation. The two overlaid upon each other occasionally makes it hard to breathe.

That's the refreshing part, though: there's something about being surrounded by these people you love so hard it hurts, and even in the middle of the chaos when all you want is a nap you know for a fact that you'd do anything for any one of them. I'm continuously amazed at how much I love a niece who has only been in my life for three short months. Jos has a great smile. I hear that's how babies survive.

Christmas Day was a gratuitously decadent celebration of gifts and ribbons and glitter.

I'm back in the Feymarch because I had to work yesterday. As often happens at this time of year I'm incredibly pensive about my life - more so this year since it's been so dramatic. I want to write about it, but not yet, so instead I'm going to play Final Fantasy Tactics until noon with no regrets.
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I have really mixed feelings about the holidays. I generally enjoy them - somebody who likes sparkly lights, glittery shit, and slightly gaudy decorations as much as I do will always be partial to secular Christmas - hols with my family are a crazy, fun, over-the-top drunken bacchanalia of good feelings like love and nostalgia and being completely hammered. Overall it's a positive experience -- we've figured out a good balance between the gracious, graceful, good-feelings side of gift-giving without straying too much into commercial consumerism or ungrateful demanding, and we have fun with it, which is valuable, and pretty awesome.

But it's also just hard for me. Any season this intense is going to be difficult on my introverted, homebody self: traveling, socializing, family events, people everywhere when all you want to do is go to the grocery and buy some fucking milk, parking lots full and idiots behind the wheel, crowds, noise: overstimulation, excess, a feeling of community that's forced and frustrating. It wears me down. Doesn't help that it's another thing my family gets very into, and while I get into it as much as I can, I often don't have the reserves to engage at the level they do for the length of time and the extent they do, and it's another example of just not being able to keep up with my family on a purely social level. I need breaks from it all. Overstimulation is exhausting and it's bad for me.

Plus traveling and extended family and stuff that should be fun but ends up feeling like a chore: story of the season.

This has been a hard run for me, the end of this year. I'm just exhausted. I've taken a couple days to just be at home in my apartment alone with my cats and the snow, so that I can hopefully recharge my batteries enough to make it through the upcoming bits in a good way rather than a bad way. It's snowing and I have almost all my gifts ready to go and I'm lounging around with coffee and in a bathrobe trying to relax and find some kind of christmas spirit.

Happy hols, everybody.
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- with a delightfully complimentary assortment of the family I love, the family they've chosen (my sister-in-law and her parents), and the family I've chosen (my close friends)

- making everyone - extended family and friends included - take the Myers-Briggs test and getting to pontificate wildly and very nerdily about what everyone's results mean all night long

- continuously eating and drinking far too much, including the green bean casserole I made from scratch after a shame grocery pilgrimage that's really its own sordid tale

- playing two very, very drunk games of Settlers of Catan

- doing three Tarot readings that were so scarily accurate and meaningful that everyone in the room was substantially freaked out and I'm actually a little afraid to touch my deck right now

- sitting outside in a graveyard looking at the sky and drinking Dark & Stormy from a flask while being snowed on and shooting the shit with an important friend, until we couldn't feel our butts, before coming home at 5am to cuddle for warmth with my roomie

- meeting my parents at Taco Bell before we all went our separate ways because holiday traditions are important, yo

- coming home through the snow and cold to the most gratuitous bagel-egg-cheese sandwich in the world, a warm bath, and a bed covered in blankets and cats who missed me and can't wait to sit on my feet

I'm not always the happiest / most optimistic / most upbeat person, especially recently. But even with everything else going on, I'm officially thankful that this is my life.
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So I realized yesterday that I did another huge dropping-off-the-face-of-the-internet thing! Man I am arrogant in thinking anyone noticed, har har. BUT! Something very important happened while I was gone and I'm going to bother you all about it.

My brother, as some of you might know, is awesome. He is also in a band! His band is called Boulevard of the Allies (cue anyone who has lived in Pittsburgh going, "Ohhhhhhlol") and they are very, very good. This weekend, they released their very first CD. And I mean released released, as in for sale everywhere and at Borders. This is what you call a Pretty Big Deal in Sevland!

Their music is a very vocal-harmony-driven, singer-songwriter-ish, acoustic-y rock-folk thinger (I am writer! See me adjective!)... It's like smooth, simple, ear-pleasing folk with a sharp citrus twist of musical complexity and rhythmic interplay. Joel's voice and Jim's bass lines are the first things you'll notice; the poetic lyrics and intricate chord changes are the second. It is awesome. Plain awesome. Very high quality. Very impressive. It rocks.

I actually think a lot of people on my F-List would like their CD!

So, here is what I am going to do: The CD is $10, but if you would like to buy a copy, I'll go splits with you. That's $5 for an awesome CD. It's probably easiest for me to PayPal you the $5 and let you buy your copy of the CD whatever way you want, but it's negotiable; I'll also put a $5 bill in the mail to you, I am Down With That, although you might get the skanky one that has been crushed by things in my wallet for three weeks. Just sayin'.

You can check their website here (includes bonus hilarious photos of people you might recognize >> ), and you can directly download the CD for $10 here. If you would like a hard copy of the CD, I suggest you email me -- if a bunch of people want hard copies, I'll make a bulk order from my brother.

Comment or fire me an email if you're interested and we can work out details. I'd just love to get the CD out there to a different crowd. They're actually doing a CD Launch in London as well as the one they did in Pittsburgh - Joel's from England - so it'll be somewhat international, but... I'm just spreading the word. Good music, guys; good good music.

I realize this is a tricksy intersection of internet life and real life, but hey, it's my brother and he's pretty damn awesome. So buy his CD! I'll pay you.

So yes anyway that was where I was.

well then

May. 4th, 2010 08:54 am
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I'm sitting on a long post about fanfic that I intend to finish and post later today, but I just got an email telling me that someone from a part of family I'm relatively unfamiliar with has just added me to a family tree.

This is really cool.

Of course I can't see it from work because we still use IE6, but I really do think that's kind of neat. This is a portion of the family that came over from Poland, so I'm really excited to see that part and what comes from where. I don't really identify as a nationality (as some people can say "I'm Irish" or "I'm Italian" etc; I basically say, "I'm a mutt" or "I'm Heinz 57 Flavors") but I really do think it will be neat-o to trace these things back and see. Maybe I'm just a nerd (WHO KNEW) and I like organizational nerdy things (WHO KNEW (*HUMPS EXCEL*)).

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Things going on in my life right now?

+ FF Kiss Battle is go!

+ Went to Pittsburgh to celebrate Dad's birthday this weekend. Watched Jim's band (they were awesome). Drank lots. Played drunken Candyland with the drunken family. Had a great time. :) It's nice to be able to just meet up with them for an evening once in a while.

+ The J-Squad's going to run a marathon! (Go Team Beer Hats?) [ profile] jennyclarinet, [ profile] hilldo, myself, and two others are running the marathon as a 5-person relay. I'm training to run the 8.1 mile leg of the relay. If you watch my Twitter you've probably seen my #run2010 hashtag... that's my training program.

I'm excited. This is part of "Make 2010 full of things Sev wants to do"... although wanting to run over 8 miles in a reasonable time is probably an awful life choice. But I want to prove I can do it, even with asthma and a bum ankle. I know I can. I'm not going to let my weak body own me! XD

+ Between running and doing yoga once a week, I've been pretty physically beat. Level Two Yoga is harder than I thought, but I love it ever so. I come out of that class feeling not only tired, but -- clean, empty, relaxed. Last Wednesday for example I was so frustrated at personal things I was on the line of tears; I left class in the best mood of the entire week. Even though it kicks my ass, hello headstands why do I have no upper body strength. :/

+ Snafubar has a gig coming up -- Saturday 13 March we'll be playing at a local bar in Akron with [as of yet unnamed 90's band] starring [ profile] jennyclarinet and [ profile] hilldo. It's really nice to be preparing for a double show because we only need 1.5 hours of music which is pretty reasonable. I'm hoping this can turn into a regular thing... I miss playing out.

+ And the week after the show we're going to have Awesome Weekend (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!) courtesy of the Engineering Bitches. I can't wait for March!

+ Writing's going okay. Finishing up my work for [ profile] help_haiti, then moving on to [community profile] newgameplus while dabbling in [ profile] ff_kissbattle. Beacon is actually going really well, although as evidenced by this paragraph it's also going kind of slowly.

+ This weekend we're having a Jam Night at the ex-drummer's house, and then next weekend I'll be in Chicago visiting [personal profile] lassarina... life is good.

+ Mood: good. Personal life: stable.


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