Jun. 6th, 2009 11:11 am
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[ profile] ff_exchange, ROUND 2, OPEN FOR SIGNUPS.

Yes, that's right. I'm insane! But I love fandom.

Come on over, sign up, and pimp the hell out of it. People who advertise for it or bring friends in might get extra Chocobo Down for me, I am just saying. I will remember at the end of the round. Really.

♥ ♥


Jan. 29th, 2008 10:12 am
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There's a Rinoa fan-work-a-thon, here. Leave your prompts and ogle over some of the ones already posted! Rinoa needs more fandom love and less catty hate, y'know.

[ profile] venefica_aura, one of my prompts is mainly your fault, and I am expecting you to pick up on it. ( #2.)

Come on over and give [ profile] shanaqui some help in celebrating Rinoa! XD

God, I love fandom some days. *is a loser*
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I present to you [ profile] ff_fanlisting, which came forward after this discussion about fandom and potential splintering.

No, I don't really think fandom is leaving LJ. Reference my earlier post in which I declared: fandom is lazy.
ETA: Here it is - and let me reiterate that I want "people are lazy" to be declared as "SEV'S LAW".

That being said, I still think this is a cool and very useful idea. Basically, it's a central database (LJ community by tags now; later) which lists Final Fantasy authors/artists/fandom participants and everywhere on the internet they post their work - LJ, IJ, GJ, Jfen, dA,, etc. will provide an awesome interface for people who like to browse over artists/authors or fandom. It's nothing super exciting or fancy -- it's like an Internet address book, basically.

Which is cool, really.

Anyway! Join up, post comments, post suggestions (here or there); and once it opens, I'll be advertising it again to get all of your AWESOME INFORMATION. *stalks*

It is also the birth of a new tag in my series that I have a feeling I'll be using often: this is pretty much totally [ profile] venefica_aura's fault.


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