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So! The Live Ends had a show this Saturday at a Halloween Party. And it was awesome. It was probably the best show we've ever played, crowd-wise. Granted, it was for a costume party, so there were already a lot of people there, and they were already in the mood to dance. But we definitely went over well. We had a lot of songs from the anniversary party we played that were more dance-y songs, and it was really cool to have a crowd of people dancing to our stuff and singing along at the top of their lungs. We debuted about an hour's worth of new stuff, including two new songs I sing that I was really nervous about. I don't have a remarkable voice - my pitch is excellent but my voice itself is only so-so. But I think they went over relatively well.

Plus we dressed up as cowboys. That was totally hot. There were some other good costumes - [ profile] hilldo's Blatz Girl made an appearance, and [ profile] jennyclarinet came as the devil with a really useful pitchfork - and I got to watch a friend totally mack on an older woman as well as the phenomenon known as Fat Cop. Also, there were like three people dressed as bees. I HATE BEES, WHAT THE FUCK?! There was like a fat bee, a normal bee, and then a Sexy Bee. It was absolutely horrible. BEES SUCK AND IT MAKES A HORRIBLE COSTUME K?

In other news, my fantasy football team had a really horrible week. Delhomme got me a rockin' -2 points. Marvin Harrison only got me like 4 points. WHAT THE FUCK. It's really annoying, because I have a team of players who should be really good - Rudi Fucking Johnson, anybody? - but it's almost like BECAUSE they're well-known players they get all the coverage and never get shit. Plus, I keep getting boned by Joey Galloway, and in the bad way. (In the butt!)

While most of the other teams get double-digit points on shit. Why isn't Antonio Gates racking up like 20 points a week?! (FUCK YOU, RIVERS!!) C'mon, really -- c'mon.

So, anyway. Stupid fantasy team. I really don't know what to do with them - it's like, how do you justify sitting Rudi Johnson for, say, Willie Parker? (The Steelers' total suck notwithstanding.) Gay ass fantasy game anyway.

So, yeah. And NaNoWriMo starts on Wednesday OMFG. Work had to pick now to get all busy-like, huh?!
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(1) [ profile] hilldo wants to make fun of my tags, eh? SO THERE.

(2) How Not To Date Blondes. First chapter up! Collab with [ profile] rosencrantz. Our attempt at making sense of a potential Quistis/Zell relationship. So far, packed with humor (we hope).

x-posted at [ profile] brokenprism too

(3) I got boned in fantasy football this week.

I'm really glad the Saints won, though. You could feel the energy in that stadium through the TV. It was awesome.

But, yeah. Boned. Completely. Fuck, I need a new QB. And all my consistent studly men got boned too! RUDI JOHNSON, I'M LOOKING AT YOU. TOOL.
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First things first, I stole this writing meme from [ profile] lassarina.

How do you write, and other random things )

Secondly, I think I just got screwed on fantasy football. Somebody picked up Chad Pennington before me, and I wanted him liek woah. Now I'm eyeing Byron Leftwich. Somebody suggest a good fantasy QB that probably hasn't been snagged yet? (I'm also watching Smith. Who's better?)


Thirdly, I need to write! I have a new Quistis/Zell collab with [ profile] rosencrantz, the FFIV HS AU with [ profile] lassarina and [ profile] katmillia, and I'm STILL FINISHING MANLY REQUEST WEEK. And that doesn't involve all the claims I haven't touched! Squee, work. Go away!
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Well, I pulled through in my first week of fantasy football - got a win (Head-to-Head league), although my points were atrocious.

My fantasy football ramble, cut for those of you who don't care! )


And, today I think I will be bored. So amuse me, fandom!

I was reading [ profile] fanficrants and got to the "Which pairings do you hate?" portion. And I started thinking, and listing by game anything that might totally turn me off. There wasn't much.

Fandom ramble! )

So - any pairing comments? Plz to be amusing Sev today.


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