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Look, guys, this week has already been a veritable shitbasket of awful presents from Mother Life, but there's one thing I am totes looking forward to more than sleep, yes that is a true statement (as this thing will stand in the way of my sleep for like a month or two) and that thing is:

DOINK 2010: a brand-new round of Final Fantasy Exchange ♥ ♥

Seriously! I am watching these prompts roll in and plotting as to which diabolical pairing I'm going to adopt as my own and write 20,000 words for this time. This year: there are really good prompts, guys! I DO NOT LIE.

Also: SWEET NEW FORM. I do not think I could praise this form more if it were giving me a neck massage at this very moment. This form is as sexy as Shemar Moore. This form is as awesome as espresso. You know you want to sign up just for the form.

We have [ profile] ff_exchange and [community profile] ff_exchange for your pleasure this year; introductory post for signups is here.

If you want to help/participate but don't want to play, there are two really awesome ways you can sign up to be part of these shenanigans! The first is to sign up to be one of our non-participant pinch hitters - there's no commitment; you're just adding your name to an email list of people we will appeal to in cases of emergency: you decide what you do/don't do. The second is to sign up to be an on-call beta volunteer; there will be more about that coming soon, but let me know if you're interested so I can specifically point you that way. :)

GUYS. When we decided to do a 2010 round I was like "ohgod" and "what the shit were we thinking" but now that is it here I am bouncing around like the world's most hyperactive kitten. This only proves that I am not all there in the head (I IMMEDIATELY REGRET THIS DECISION) but I kind of don't care because yay! FFEX!

In celebration, I'm going to go back to last round and read a bunch of things I didn't get to read (seriously: I don't think I read anything except my own gift; sorry to everyone I love who wanted comments, lol) and post some recs to show just how awesome we are. YOU are; it's fandom that makes this thing so fantastic *single emo tear* I AM A GIGANTIC LOSER, AND DON'T CARE.

More on Awesome Weekend of WineCon and recs tomorrow, but I wanted to get this out tonight.
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  • Valentine's Day Meme. I've left some prompts; come on, guys, don't leave me lonely! (Other pairings you know I like such as Rydia/Quistis or Ellone/Anyone are totally fair game guyz.)

  • [ profile] ff_exchange could still use your feedback in the poll, if you want to be a part of the SUPER COOL FINAL FANTASY EXCHANGE this summer!

  • If I can figure out how to work it, there might be a porn meme in [ profile] ff_smutathon for Valentine's Day. Requires thinking though. Any interest?

- - -

JanNoWriMo -- Final Summary!

Words Written: 15,867 / 15,500 - win!
Days Written:
    - Total: 22 / 31 (71%)
    - Excepting for Ohayocon: 22 / 28 (78.5%)
Out Of Days I Wrote, Days I Wrote More Than 500 Words: 15 / 22 (68%)

Nerdy Pictoral Representation Of My Progress:

Notes on JanNoWriMo )

Goals for February:
  • Write 15,000 words, total. This is so I get ahead on [ profile] getyourwordsout in Feb, because in March I'll be drawing.

  • Finish Seifer/Irvine AU, 0tp Prompts, and get at least halfway with Beacon outline.

  • Write at least one freaking piece of porn.

Anyway! I've seen a few JanNoWriMo Summaries on the F-List, so~! Let me know how you did in the comments if I haven't talked to you yet (or just point me to the entry). :) Go our team, guys! OI!


Mar. 23rd, 2007 11:37 pm
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I! I will be honest!!

Sev Status = Panic!

Good: over 1300 words written, and I like them!

Even worse: I want to write another one of my prompts, too!!


Well, wow!

Mar. 6th, 2007 10:24 am
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#1: Wow, [ profile] ff_exchange takes a lot of time! XD. [ profile] bottle_of_shine, [ profile] justira, and I have been working our butts off on matching and the trials involved in it, and so far all I have to say is that I really, really hope this is going to rock, hard. I'm very (cautiously) excited about this! Everyone seems to be pleased so far and people are being really helpful about everything involved! THX GUYZ, YOU RULE.

This wouldn't be a Sev post without Sev Capslock.

#2: To whomever has my prompts for FFEX:

First of all, thank you for being an awesomesauce part of the exchange! I mean this! I love you already.

Really, the prompts I gave are things I'm curious about, so I'm not really expecting anything other than seeing someone else's take on them! And that alone will make me smile. Feel free to interpret any of them in any way you'd like. I like different and creative, as long as it's believable to the characters!

If you really want me to talk about them in more detail, well, uh ...I can always give more geekery. I will ramble on it some more! )

Like I said before, I really will be happy with anything within these prompts! Obviously I've given a lot of leeway and that is because I am not picky, and seeing other people's creativity totally makes me SQUEE. SQUEE WITH JOY!

#3: I, uh, apologize to the other comms I've been neglecting, particularly [ profile] ff_epicfic! I WILL BE BACK.

#4: My prompts for FFEX delight me to an inordinate amount. If I can find the time I will be writing at least two of them, if not all three. They are delicious.
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[ profile] ff_exchange! TOMORROW is the last day to sign up! I finally did, so now I feel a little more justified in trying to rope you all into it! All three mods signed up; it can't be that time-consuming, now can it?

ask me again on friday when i'm high on caffeine from doing matchups all night
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ALRIGHT GUYS. I know a lot of you have seen this on your FList already, so forgive me if you have. But those of you who may have not? [ profile] ff_exchange!

It's a fanwork exchange-a-thon! You fill out a little form saying what you want to get, and what you're willing to give, and we'll match you up! You've got an entire month to work on your gift (fic, art, whatever you'd like). A MONTH. THAT'S NOT BAD GUYS.

SO? Well, since [ profile] bottle_of_shine, [ profile] justira, and I have worked so hard on this, OBVIOUSLY I want you guys to all sign up for it! The more people we have, the larger pool we have to pull from, and the more likely everybody is to get their top request. Plus, it's going to be fun and awesome. FUN AND AWESOME. What's better than that?

And if you don't think you can participate - if the deadline scares you, or you're nervous about writing gifts, or whatever - you know what you could do? Advertise this yourself. Drop a line in a Final Fantasy community where you're a member or a mod. Try to get some other friends involved in this. Like I said, the more the merrier.

**Especially fans of the earlier games, because certain communities *cough* have been meanieheads about letting us advertise.

ANYWAY! Yes, [ profile] ff_exchange. You should go anyway to see Ira's absolutely adorable arts. But c'mon?


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