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In absolutely no order at all:

  • Had a pretty good weekend full of friends, fireworks, and drunkenness. Got chased by the cops (yes, we are all 30 years old), did some amazing karaoke with [ profile] safety_caesars as Edgar and Locke, watched Lithium play an awesome show, and sewed. A lot.

  • Finished my Azula costume for our Avatar group at Otakon 2011. The costume's functionally finished - I need to give it a good smoothing over (tightening hems, adding fancier trim, some flashy buttons for fun, etc) but at the moment I could wear it and be okay with it. A good afternoon's attention to the details will make it very awesome. Still to do:
    • Wig
    • Bitty Collar (the piece right around her neck; I've done the two more floppy collars already)
    • Ribbon / trim for the boots (I have boots)
    • Fancier gold trim or buttons for the bigger collars; gold trim or fabric paint for the symbols on her ~loincloth~
    • General Smoothing and Touch-Ups

  • Made decent headway on my Porom costume (again for Otakon 2011). I have most of the materials in hand; it's mostly just a matter of construction, as it's one of those great costumes which a) defies real-world physics and b) isn't even canonically consistent if you compare the art to the FMV to the sprite. Go Squeenix. You jerks. This costume is going to be really, really hard to pee in.

  • Started Dragon Age as a distraction. It is a successful one.

  • Realized there are only 12 weeks until the Akron Marathon Relay! At which I would like to be A LOT FASTER >.> So, I have constructed a training plan with the help of SmartCoach on The plan is pretty interesting!~ It looks very in-depth, telling me pacings for my intervals and tempos and stuff like that, and even though I still hate running I'm kind of excited to try it and see if it works. For $15 I can get a month of access to the "Master Training Plan" on their website, and I am thinking about doing that too, because $15 isn't that much for a month and I could just print it all out at the end of the month. I have really been lazy about running recently, although part of it has been letting this awful tendonitis thing heal itself, so I can't take all of the blame entirely.

  • Mostly: yup awesome

How was everyone else's weekend?
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And, while I am talking about games, here you go: Sev's Review of FFIV OGC and the FFIV Interlude (and) First Thoughts on The After Years from FFIV Complete Collection for the PSP.

Review of FFIV, insignificant spoilers for the Interlude )

The After Years )
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More spoilers here for Ceodore's Tale and, uh, Cecil's Tale? Whatever the first thing is.

Read more... )
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Yup, so I'm playing The After Years - not drunk this time! Success? - and instead of spamming my Twitter to infinity and beyond, thoughts shall go... Here.

Read more... )


Dec. 4th, 2009 08:02 pm
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Has anyone actually beaten FFIV: The After Years yet? (Or whatever's out at this point?) Any idea how long it should take to beat?
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WHAT THE HELL WHY DO I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME SO BADLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Up since 8:30! First model of polymer melts has been reviewed! I am now ready for delicious, delicious presents.


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