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  • Valentine's Day Meme. I've left some prompts; come on, guys, don't leave me lonely! (Other pairings you know I like such as Rydia/Quistis or Ellone/Anyone are totally fair game guyz.)

  • [ profile] ff_exchange could still use your feedback in the poll, if you want to be a part of the SUPER COOL FINAL FANTASY EXCHANGE this summer!

  • If I can figure out how to work it, there might be a porn meme in [ profile] ff_smutathon for Valentine's Day. Requires thinking though. Any interest?

- - -

JanNoWriMo -- Final Summary!

Words Written: 15,867 / 15,500 - win!
Days Written:
    - Total: 22 / 31 (71%)
    - Excepting for Ohayocon: 22 / 28 (78.5%)
Out Of Days I Wrote, Days I Wrote More Than 500 Words: 15 / 22 (68%)

Nerdy Pictoral Representation Of My Progress:

Notes on JanNoWriMo )

Goals for February:
  • Write 15,000 words, total. This is so I get ahead on [ profile] getyourwordsout in Feb, because in March I'll be drawing.

  • Finish Seifer/Irvine AU, 0tp Prompts, and get at least halfway with Beacon outline.

  • Write at least one freaking piece of porn.

Anyway! I've seen a few JanNoWriMo Summaries on the F-List, so~! Let me know how you did in the comments if I haven't talked to you yet (or just point me to the entry). :) Go our team, guys! OI!


Jan. 5th, 2009 10:20 pm
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Is it a bad thing if this Seifer/Irvine piece is already over 5000 words and looking to break, say, 20,000?

I mean, damn, self. I didn't realize you liked to write about music so much.

Today's Total: 194, but still going.
Total Word Count: 3500 / 15500
Days Written: 5 / 31
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The Last Order, Chapter 7.

You know you want to.
Because the Seifer-Xu banter and snark is absolutely priceless.
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New FFIV fic in the works, ladies and gentlemen!

Authors: [ profile] first_seventhe and [ profile] rosencrantz (Sev and Enkida)
Fandom: FFIV
Characters: Kain, Rydia, Edge, Cast
Rating: M / R
Spoilers: Whole damn game.

Summary: Heroes aren't always automatically granted a happily ever after... sometimes, winning is only the start of the battle. Kain, Rydia, Edge - and the aftermath of victory.

Part I: Penance (01)

The fic is a gift for [ profile] katmillia, or at least it started out that way. It's now the hugest, most tl;dr gift ever.

I'll be updating it in [ profile] brokenprism, and I mean it this time ;), so I probably won't post about it here every time because I don't want to spam people. Consider this your introductory post! This is basically just blatant self-promoting spam. SPAM SPAM SPAM. I know some of you on my F-List are FFIV people, so please take a read and let me know what you think. <3 THERE WILL BE PORN IN THIS STORY, LATER

Well, wow!

Mar. 6th, 2007 10:24 am
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#1: Wow, [ profile] ff_exchange takes a lot of time! XD. [ profile] bottle_of_shine, [ profile] justira, and I have been working our butts off on matching and the trials involved in it, and so far all I have to say is that I really, really hope this is going to rock, hard. I'm very (cautiously) excited about this! Everyone seems to be pleased so far and people are being really helpful about everything involved! THX GUYZ, YOU RULE.

This wouldn't be a Sev post without Sev Capslock.

#2: To whomever has my prompts for FFEX:

First of all, thank you for being an awesomesauce part of the exchange! I mean this! I love you already.

Really, the prompts I gave are things I'm curious about, so I'm not really expecting anything other than seeing someone else's take on them! And that alone will make me smile. Feel free to interpret any of them in any way you'd like. I like different and creative, as long as it's believable to the characters!

If you really want me to talk about them in more detail, well, uh ...I can always give more geekery. I will ramble on it some more! )

Like I said before, I really will be happy with anything within these prompts! Obviously I've given a lot of leeway and that is because I am not picky, and seeing other people's creativity totally makes me SQUEE. SQUEE WITH JOY!

#3: I, uh, apologize to the other comms I've been neglecting, particularly [ profile] ff_epicfic! I WILL BE BACK.

#4: My prompts for FFEX delight me to an inordinate amount. If I can find the time I will be writing at least two of them, if not all three. They are delicious.

Poll Time!

Jan. 15th, 2007 12:24 pm
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It's about writing, specifically endings and resolutions.

Follow the fake cut!

It'd be cool to get some input from different people in different fandoms, so - yeah, please do it.
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Hey guys, it's that holiday time again. Y'all know how much I love Christmas and the holidays season in general, so this is for any of you, whether you celebrate anything or not - or if you just want gifties. These are for you guys! Feel free to ask for anything! including hot sex! I had a couple different ideas spurred by different discussions, so - that's why the post is so damn long.

Giftie Number One: Fic Request

Simple. Request a fic. Ask for whatever you'd like. Fun, OTPs, crack you wish existed, AUs, anything.

Give me the following information:
  • Fandom (I will write for Final Fantasy IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2. I am no good with FFVII canon past AC. Also will do crossovers.)
  • Characters or pairing (I have no problem with het, slash, femme, crack, or genfic and character studies - just be kind XD)
  • Situation / Prompt / Genre (By this I mean: Do you want smut? Do you want happy fluff? Snark? Humour? Angst? Crack? Plot? No Plot? Bananas? Would you like fries with that?)

    I'll write you something about 1000 words (probably over, knowing me) fulfilling your request. The writing will take place during January, probably, and I'm a first-come, first-served woman.

  • Giftie Number Two: Feedback Request

    This is something I came up with after discussions with [ profile] bottle_of_shine and [ profile] lassarina. There's a lot of talk about feedback and concrit in this fandom, and where it is and how to get it. So one of the other things I'll be volunteering to do is deliver comments / feedback / beta-ing / concrit. I'm talking everything from grammar/structure to characterization and mood -- whatever you'd like, I'll do my best to deliver on.

    My fandoms are listed above - I'm pretty dorkily anal on all of them (except maaaaaybe V). I will also review original!fic (although I would ask that you don't throw me in the middle of your NaNoWriMo-verse, at least without warning - i.e., short plz.). If you'd like some thorough concrit on something in December/January - long, short, a series of drabbles, a bunch of chapters, one thing, many things - I'm available. This can be my Christmas gift to you. Also, if you know someone who doesn't know me but has been looking for concrit - send them my way! I'm willing to share the holiday love with strangers.

    This request is meant for people looking to get actual concrit and feedback. If you're looking for brainless praise - well, if that's what you really want for the holidays, I can give you that, but please - serious requesters only.

    Gifties for me

    I've seen this going around as a semi-fandom-meme -- what would you like to see for Christmas? Well, since I am selfish and love gifts as well, I've got a couple lists. The first is fic I'd love to receive as a gift. The second is fic I'm dying to write, and if it tickles your fancy, why not request it and give me an excuse. (You'll notice the two lists coincide occasionally, hee!)

    Fic I would love to see )

    Fic I would love to write )

    So. Feel free to request anything you want - I'm putting no limit on it for now, but remember that I am not entirely made of internets. If you've got a wishlist of your own and you'd like to just link me to that, leave it in a comment.


    Oct. 15th, 2006 10:01 am
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    GO check [ profile] brokenprism or for the latest installment of "How Not to Date Blondes". This is the best one yet. I literally giggled through the entire writing process.

    Also, if anyone here is still reading "Shine Like Gold" (and hell, it's okay if you're not, I'm barely reading the damn thing), there's a new chapter up at, Chapter 15: The Cracks in the Ice.

    It's mostly fluff, but it serves its purpose. After writing HNtDB with Enkida, I've gotten the bug for writing long multi-chaptered fic again. However, I insisted to myself that I finish SLG first. It's hard to pick up a story after not touching it for a year, dude! But I did. I'll wrap it up, and then I'll be able to continue on some of those other projects (all the shit Rina has bunnied me for, mostly).

    SO, yes. Also, in better mood than last night. Thanks to those who left happy words.
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    (1) [ profile] hilldo wants to make fun of my tags, eh? SO THERE.

    (2) How Not To Date Blondes. First chapter up! Collab with [ profile] rosencrantz. Our attempt at making sense of a potential Quistis/Zell relationship. So far, packed with humor (we hope).

    x-posted at [ profile] brokenprism too

    (3) I got boned in fantasy football this week.

    I'm really glad the Saints won, though. You could feel the energy in that stadium through the TV. It was awesome.

    But, yeah. Boned. Completely. Fuck, I need a new QB. And all my consistent studly men got boned too! RUDI JOHNSON, I'M LOOKING AT YOU. TOOL.
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    Note: this entry is fandom-only.

    I'm probably going to hate myself for this, but - whatever.

    So I've realized that I only mostly write female characters. This is probably because I like them best. However, I've decided that I need a bit of practice writing male characters, since writing them (other than Irvine, apparently) kind of scares me. So! This is where I hire other rabid fannits to present me with plotbunnies, plz.

    Comment with a request. I write Final Fantasy fic based on any games from IV - X2. (Keep in mind, my fellow FFVII-girls, that my knowledge of BC/DoC/anything that's not game or AC is shaky at best.) Your request has to have a dude in it because this is the whole point. I will take a character or a pairing (and technically, the pairing can be hetero or homo, your choice). I will also take a setting, or a situation, or some other kind of prompt. I am not picky. I am asking for fun things. You can make as many requests as you want, really. Um, start with two?

    will write you a (probably) 200-500 word ficlet based on your prompts. (Unless my brains run away with me, in which case you will get a novelette and can feel free to beat me with it.) This will be done this week in the order that they are submitted. I have a fairly boring week ahead of me, so this should be fun.

    Even though they're short ficlets, I'd still appreciate hearing about it if I get any male mannerisms/characterization/etc right or wrong. The whole point of this thing is for my own good - to help me become more comfortable with guyspeak.

    So, c'mon. Somebody give me something.
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    [ profile] ff_smutathon.

    This began because [ profile] lassarina, [ profile] katmillia, and I were discussing how (1) FFIV has no smut to speak of, and (2) we've all thought about writing it but never have.

    It somehow spawned into this community designed to stimulate and catch all kinds of FF-related kinky writing, along with challenges.

    Anyway, August's fandom is FFIV of course, and there are a couple suggestive themes, so if anyone feels like writing some smut for [ profile] katmillia for her birthday, PLEASE DO.
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    0 Made an extensive list of current works / plotbunnies over in [ profile] brokenprism. I need to write more. A lot more. AND I NEED TO STOP HAVING SUCH CRACKALICIOUS PLOTBUNNIES THANK YOU VERY MUCH [ profile] lassarina. I am going to need more claims just to take care of all these crazy ideas.

    0 I like peaches.

    0 I currently really, really, really want to write more Beacon. However, it's going to have to wait. I've had too much work today to write, and I really have to practice tonight (we're up to four new songs a week, so I should totally be churning out the practicing).

    0 My brother is coming to visit me this weekend! YEY! Saturday we've got a huge jam session planned with a bunch of my friends, and then we're going out on Justin's boat for a late-night swim. FREAKING AWESOME. It will be the coolness. PLUS GRILLING. I LOVE GRILLED THINGS.

    0 Sunday we're recording a new demo. Our old one features our ex-drummer and one extra guitarist who is no longer with us, so it's about time. Plus I've learned a lot about Cakewalk:SONAR and recording in general, so it should be way better. Again, I have to practice.

    0 Why am I not motivated to write any of these ideas? I know what will happen -- I'll get home, spend like three hours reading TIME and eating dinner, and then maybe play for like 20min. And I won't write at all. Laaaaaazie.

    0 Fiona Apple is pretty awesome.

    0 ...that's about all I've got.
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    OK, so Jim and I have been working on the Beacon timeline a whole fuckton in the past couple days. It makes me drool. I love this project so freaking much. We have done such awesome things with these characters and this plot - it's the best plot ever - and I'm just so excited about the way we work together and the things we've come up with.

    It's a shame it won't ever really become an RPG, because it'd be the best thing ever.

    It's also a shame that I can't really draw, because it would also make a great webcomic. I'd love to start it, because it would help me learn to draw good (and do other things good too). I just have all this ambition and no followthrough. I can just never find the time, or the willpower.

    Ah well. I can write, and I do write, so at least the story will get realized in that way.

    So, I think I'm off to write another chapter.

    (I love my job. It's not that I have nothing to do - oh trust me, I sure fucking do - but it's that those things are all like, running batches. To make a batch of polymer there are a bunch of steps, and some of the steps take a set amount of time, like "wait until you reach this temperature" or "charge this much monomer at this rate". Which is perfect for writing - it gives me a bunch of 20-min breaks throughout the day, so I can churn out drabbleistic crap and still be productive at work!)
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    I appear to be slowly but surely working my way back into writing - despite someone who takes up all my at-home time! - mostly due to assorted challenges and comms and such, but also because I've discovered the trick to writing at work. (My job has a lot of 10-15 minute down-times, which, if you can avoid being a scatterbrain, ends up being perfect wordvomit time, and that's what I started [ profile] brokenprism for.) And I'm starting to feel the urge to launch something multichaptered again.

    Although first, I must finish SLG. Liek woah. Stupid, stupid me.

    I've been struck with plotbunnies for FFIV, FFVI, FFVIII, and FFX; and I still have a ton of one-shot FFVII-fic running around my head; and that doesn't include the crossover of doom that I am dying to rewrite just to prove that my teenaged ideas weren't entirely shite. I need to learn to finish my stupid projects first and start new ones second. Damns!

    In other, unrelated news: I think the 100 Cans of Blatz party is going to be postponed for the moment, mostly because we haven't come up with enough friends to drink 100 cans of Blatz in one evening. So I have a feeling we'll all just be going to the Dugout for Jeff's birthday. Unless [ profile] hilldo wants to loan his house out for a barbecue? HINT HINT.
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    Those of you who may not scroll [ profile] fanficrants while at work:

    [ profile] fanficmakeover. I don't know whether or not it will work at all, because it's new, but it's looking for members and helpers (FF FANDOM FRIENDS I AM LOOKING AT YOU). I've volunteered for Final Fantasy editing (since it is my only fandom SHUT UP). Also, [ profile] bottle_of_shine, you may want to pimp this in [ profile] ff_press, if it has not already been pimped.


    Not as useful but more fun: [ profile] writemoreplease -- for all those "write more" rants. Sadly it has given me plotbunny ideas I don't think I can handle at the moment BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE. It's Ellone inside either Squall or Laguna's head while ... uh ... Squall/Laguna and/or Laguna/Squall. OMG VOYEURISTIC INCEST AND PSEUDO-INCEST FTW.

    Sev = Loser.
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    So this is cool.

    I got an email this morning from a fan who wants to translate the "Warming Up" series into Italian!


    She also said nice things about the series, which always makes me feel super awesome.

    She also had an interesting comment about my writing style which I assume would never have been noticed otherwise by a native-English speaker, as we tend to gloss over things like that: apparently I tend to repeat words, mainly simple words like "said" and "says". This is the kind of thing that probably sticks out a lot in a translation, but most other readers would miss and/or not comment on (unless doing real beta-work, which I kindasortadon'tdo). So that's awesome, as well - something I may never have thought of had she not come along to translate!

    (I'm not really sure how true it is as I haven't read my own work in a while, but it's something I'll keep in mind as I continue to write. I am just easily amused.)

    Also, it makes me want to get back to "Warming Up"...


    Jun. 12th, 2006 02:27 pm
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    I write too much at work. Holy crap. They need to stop giving me desk-related things to do.

    [ profile] brokenprism
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    Well, just for fun, lookie what I got. [ profile] brokenprism. My very own purty fic-writing journal. Mostly because I've been writing short little spurts for my claim at [ profile] mount_ordeals (Rydia) and am thinking of picking up something else at [ profile] fated_children (possibly Quistis/Rinoa. OMG) and I want to keep track of all of it in the same place. Also because ficjournals are pretty.

    All that'll be in there right now is my Rydia stuff, but I'll throw some more stuff in. I'm getting into these drabble-ish little pieces ...

    P.S. I stealed this icon from somewhere yesterday and just got distracted before I could mark who it was from since I am at work, people! - if it's yours, tell me plz cause I LOVE IT.

    I'm going to see the Charlie Hunter Trio tonight!! OMG Charlie Hunter is so freaking good. OMG OMG OMG. They are so amazing.


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