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busy busy weekend:

  1. Doing a bunch of work on the house. I lazed around in a depressive exhausted funk on Friday reading waste of space fanfiction and then it suddenly hit me that, like, I'm moving into this fucking house in two fucking weeks and I have a fuckload of work to do. So Saturday: sanded, mudded, sanded, taped and first coat primed the downstairs bathroom, taped the upstairs study; Sunday: spent copious time at Lowe's gettinc carpet samples and a measurement arranged, second coat of primer, tore up carpet in master BD, planted some flowers, got ready to steam clean the greatroom carpets. ughhhHHHHHH I haven't even like thought about packing (every time I think about peeking around that particular corner anxiety is like "sshhhhh baby don't do it" so I haven't)

    The list of things to still be done is horrendous. The master BD needs painted (and the ceilings go up to 13' so like fuck I'm doing that myself - meeting w a painter Fri) and then new carpet (at least I got that started.....?), the study needs painted, the downstairs fucking bathroom needs fixed the fuck up and painted aqnd reassembled (side note: I have named the downstairs bathroom Voldemort because it's been such a huge heinous pain in the arse that on Sunday I referred to it as the room that shall not be named, hence we can now use the phrase, "I'm gonna go poop in Voldemort." Ladies and gentlemen, this is what it's like to be 31 years old?). Oh and fucking Kilz the spot in the basement that's got a bit of mold on it in the shelves, fuck, I had literally forgotten about that. And that's all not including packing fuck my actual life and not including the 40 things that are on the list once I am actually living there.

    My advice is to never buy a house. My advice is to start drinking heavily.

  2. Second set of injections on Thursday. Very eager to get there. The neck/shoulder/back ~situation~ is still better than it was pre-injection but do you know what hurts a lot when you've got a herniated disc in your neck? stuff like painting or you know sanding a fucking wall and stuff like that. Ugh my entire body. Thursday will at least be a day of drugged-up bliss. And hopefully it will knock even more of the pain out, so that I'm close to OK to go for actual moving weekend fffuuuuuUUUCK

  3. I did actually beat FFIII. I also started FFIV. There was an odd overlap week and I am sure anyone following my Tumblr is hella confused. I need to make some posts to [community profile] moogle_university here.

  4. Matching for DOINK! is done. Should be going out soon~~~!

  5. I don't want to talk about work.

The end!
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this chapter better entitled: The Joys Of Closing, or: Cuyahoga Falls, Get Yer Shit Together

so my new house gets its utilities from Cuyahoga Falls*. Over the weekend I was chatting via email with my real estate agent and on Mon she sent me a reminder saying, you should remember to set up utilities to transfer into your name on Thursday when we close.

[Time out: I'M CLOSING ON THURSDAY. AS OF THURSDAY I HAVE BOUGHT A HOUSE. THE HOUSE IS MINE. OH MY GOD. I keep forgetting this and then remembering it at horrible times; I've spent the last three days having big gay freakouts in a variety of flavors (fuck! Awesome! Oh my god! WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING!, it's party time!, when the fuck am I going to move, etc.)]

So Monday I call the Cuyahoga Falls utilities office. and they're like, you have to come in person to set that up. Really? Seriously? In 2013 I have to actually show up in your freaking office in person to get utilities transferred to my--- okay, whatever, sure. Bring photo ID, a check to pay your deposit, and the papers from the bank. We haven't closed yet, I say; closing is on Thursday. It's okay, says the phone guy; bring the copy of the contract and the papers from the bank.

So I took off 2 hours of "personal business/emergency" time for this morning and planned to sleep in a bit and head right to CF when they opened.

Except that of course when I actually get there the woman is like "you haven't closed yet? We can't set this up until you've closed."

"I have a copy of the signed contract," I say.

"Yeah, but we have to know that everything went through and the house is yours before you do that. That's just the way that we operate. You'll have to come back on Thursday."


First: so I can't close until I have utilities transferred --> but I can't transfer utilities until the house closes --> oookay so how do house then???

Second: okay, this one is much more personal, but: My time is my most valued and valuable resource in my life. Doubly so the time that I have off of work. So to have two hours of my off-work time wasted by this bullshittery is really frustrating on a level it shouldn't be: it's just two hours, it's just errands, the real estate agents can call the office and work out whatever, it isn't a big deal -- except that it triggers this deep feeling of horribly stressed anger in me, that two hours that could have been a respite from my job have been wasted on administrative bureaucratic bullshittery because people can't get their shit together when telling me things on the phone.

I just. GAH! It isn't a big deal. It's a very small deal. But I am still pissed.

*I don't really feel weird posting this online - most of you know generally where I live, and lots of houses get utilities from CF so it isn't too much of a giveaway - and ideally someone from CF will find this via the Googles and have a great change of heart and decide to be so much more helpful in the future and also send me a fruit basket and an apology, so the town name stays. Don't fucking stalk me though.
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A quick update while I've got a few seconds'-worth of a breather here at lunch.

(edit) QUICK UPDATE ACTUAL LOL i have managed to turn "quick lunch update" into gigantic emotional tl;dr diatribe god I am the best/worst blogger in the history of the internet

I've been excessively shitty lately. My workload - not just job but life, because apparently the amount of general bullshittery around me increases directly proportional to my stress load due to specific work bullshittery - has been godawful. I actually started typing out a list of the many things I'm trying to handle right now but deleted it because a) it was depressing me and b) it sounded like I'm playing Stress And Workload I Am The Busiest Ever Olympics which isn't ever really what I want to sound like. Suffice to say I was up to item 12 before I stopped, and that hadn't even covered work; if you'd like to play Olympics with me I guarantee I will win, which actually means I lose, I think.

additional rambles that got long )
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I saw Distant Worlds last Friday, and it was amazing. I'd heard from a lot of people that it was going to be really good, but I had kind of been trying to keep reasonable expectations and all. It was just unbelievable, though, like on a lot of levels: this is the music from a series of games I have been playing for over 20 years now, well over half my life, and I listened to them in a gorgeous ballroom-type setting thing surrounded by people from the internet that I met through these games who are now some of my closest and best friends in the world. It's a little mind-blowing when I put it that way. No wonder I got a bit emotional.

The show opened with the Opening: Bombing Mission from FFVII, and that was definitely a "get chills" type thing: [personal profile] novel_machinist and [personal profile] crankyoldman were the first people I met in person through fandom, [mumble] years ago, and we all met through FFVII and cosplayed really shitty Turks at our first convention and there they were sitting right in front of me: LULZ, to put it in the vernacular. Can I use any more colons: WE'LL FIND OUT.

Other highlights of the show for me:
  • The fucking battle music from FFVIII. What the everloving fuck: why did this make me cry? But it did. I think it was the moment I realized they were using the footage from the scene in Dollet where they're running from that giant monster and Quistis fucks it up with the machine gun so that Squall can escape. I have unhealthy feelings about this game.

  • On that note: EYES ON ME. HOLY JESUS. Sobfest over basically a Squall/Rinoa songvid. I absolutely loved that singer.

  • and on that note: MAN WITH THE MACHINE GUN. Will I ever not love this song in its entirely? JFMC.

  • There were two pieces from FFIX, and even though that wasn't my favorite game, I'd forgotten (a) how poignant and pretty the music is and (b) that the game can still pack an emotional punch with some of those visuals.

  • FFIV's Theme Of Love. It's a beautiful song from my favorite game. I probably would have liked a little more music from FFIV - they did a medley from I-III that was amazing and made me tear up a little, and it would have been nice to see the same for FFIV; it has the kind of very repetitive music I think would be suited for a medley. Then again I'm a little prejudiced about this game.

  • Zanarkand. Fucking Zanarkand. I cried so hard at this one. The visuals were just really well done - people cry, and Yuna dances - and personally I think it's top five one of the most beautifully emotional songs in the entire FF series.

  • THE OPERA FROM FFVI. I wasn't sure how this was going to play out, but I was hopeful, and it was absolutely amazing. The singers were phenomenal, and they put little clips of the Opera House from the game up in-between the singing parts, and I got pretty emotional seeing Locke running around in the rafters and Edgar and Sabin sitting in the chairs ("Why is everyone singing?") and all of that. Again, nostalgia time: my brother Jim and I pooled all our money to buy FFVI (FFIII!) when it came out and we played the hell out of it and we still joke about it. My brother: came to the Distant Worlds concert. I'd already been crying, but I sobbed at the fricking opera.
    (Side note: am I the only old person one who still wants to say, "Oh my hero / so far away now / will I ever see your smile"? I know they re-wrote/re-translated the opera in other releases of the game and in FFVI Advance and all, but the original translation will always be the one in my head.

  • Terra's Theme is still like top three pieces of music forever, although they ruined it a little by playing credits through it. Maybe I'm just bitter because MY FAVORITE.

  • The entire crowd singing SEPH-I-ROTH was a really good note to end on: I've never really been able to adore Sephiroth like most of the fandom, but One Winged Angel is still awesome music, and having the crowd sing was an awesome way to end on a good note with a badass game and a badass villain without taking itself too seriously. It was pretty awesome.

The rest of the weekend was an exhausting blur of internet friends and alcohol. Just take a look at this: [ profile] safety_caesars and [personal profile] ser_pounce_alot and I drove out on Thursday to pick up [personal profile] deadcellredux and [profile] notraffic, then met [personal profile] justira and [personal profile] novel_machinist on Friday and [personal profile] crankyoldman late Fri / early Sat. That's a lot of Final Fantasy. And a lot of booze.

It was a great weekend and an amazing show. Coming back to a day of meetings starting at 5AM (the day; 6:20 for the workday) was kind of like a punch in the face.
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So I injured my left calf (inner lower leg and inner ankle area, to be both specific and general) while training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. I realized sometime the week of 25 April; the week of 3 May I made the decision to stop training in order to make it to the Half. I ran twice after that decision: once on 8 May when I raced a 5K, and once on 15 May when I ran the actual half. Since then, I haven't run at all. Not only have I been too busy with life and kittens, but I also really just wanted to heal up whatever had hurt itself during my training.

This week Tuesday I decided to go out for a nice easy run to get back into things. And I could immediately feel the injury. I ran ~3 miles, and it was brutal for a lot of reasons - heat, allergies, asthma - but underneath all of it was the growing concern that this injury hasn't gone away. That's 6 weeks off of training, and almost 4 off of running entirely. That's enough that I got worries about it. So today I went to my doctor to talk about it.

He thinks I might have a stress fracture! Or tendonitis. Or a stress fracture with tendonitis.

I had to go get x-rays! That was fun. And expensive. :/

I am on anti-inflammatory drugs! For at least a month if not two! I can't drink on them! Balls.

I will seriously kick my own ass if I ran a half marathon on a stress fracture without knowing. I will kick my own ass with my good leg.

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This semester I'm taking my last class - a 3-credit Polymer Science lab, that runs for 6 hours on Friday, 9-3. *CUE GROANING*

At the very first class - a safety and syllabus overview - the professor introduced us to the class by saying: "This is the worst class you're going to take in your entire PhD." Which I am sure is a great way to start off the semester with high morale!

Basically, we run experiments on lab days, and reports - big honking 10-20 page reports with error analysis (and not the good HONKing either) - are due two weeks after the lab, rolling. So on Week 1 I will do Lab 1. On Week 2 I will be writing Report 1 and doing Lab 2. On Week 3 I will be finishing and turning in Report 1, writing Report 2, and doing Lab 3. This continues until the end of the semester, or until I die, whichever comes first.

Have I mentioned that they make grad students take this class by itself because it's so much work? FULL TIME grad students, that is. So this semester? I'm carrying a FULL TIME workload. With just this one class. Remember: I have a job! A hard one! It's already full time!*

On top of this GREAT AND EFFICIENT schedule come the following two awesome points:
  1. They are trying to redo the lab experiments, to improve them. However, this means that the new ones last year? NONE OF THEM WORKED. Students got to choose between (a) working extra in the lab to get good data or (b) attempting to write a 10-20 page lab report and answering all assignment questions with bad data. That's a lose-lose situation to me, but do they care? Apparently not, because the prof doesn't seem to think many of the labs this year will be much better. Great. Glad we care about quality.

  2. They've apparently run out of second-(or-greater-)year students on assistantships supported by the department, so. My TAs and teachers and lab assistants? Are the students in the class.
    Just think about this one for a long second here. The students taking the class right now... will be teaching the class. And taking it. As they teach it.
    These are first-year students. They've only been through the first half of the core - our first 5 courses**. That's it.
    So these first-year students will be coming on Monday, learning about the lab and setting it up, and then teaching it to us. While they also do it.
    I don't pity them and I won't blame them for doing a shit job; that's a shit situation to be in. But I am also Not Very Excited for the amount of help (read: zero) I'll have on these labs.

I just. University of Akron, you may consider this an official public notice: YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG, GUYS.

I'm not looking forward to this.

It's my last class, and with that in mind, I'm going to just shoulder on through until May. I'm basically making myself harshly limit the amount of time I spend socializing or traveling or doing other stuff, and I'm looking at my schedule to trim out things. I can survive this, and it'll be worth it when it's done.

My plan is: I am going to save Thursday and Friday nights all for homeworking and lab reporting. This means no more weekend-long trips, not until May (except for a very few rare exceptions, like Ohayocon and a birthday or two). Only one night per weekend for socializing or hanging out. If I get behind on things, I will take a half day of vacation to work on them, rather than stay up all night. I can't afford to get sick this semester because there aren't any lab makeups I can attend (seeing as I work). I'm going to have to be pre-emptively careful, not just careful. Or else this is going to suck, a lot.

So: yay. And, uh, sorry to those of you who I hang out with in real life, but I really do need to make myself do this. It isn't that I don't love you! I promise. Really. in my pants.

On the plus side, this is the last semester you'll hear me whining about class.

* If we factor in travel time - JUST travel time, not errands or the gym or anything else I will be doing during the week - I'll be pulling 55 hour weeks. If I count nothing but work and school and driving there and back. :/ That also doesn't include homework time or, you know, anything like eating or chores (adulthood is its own part-time job (ADULTHOOD SUCKS)).
** Yes, the UAkron PolySci core is frigging ridic. The first semester is 5 courses. Who does that. No wonder this damn degree has taken me 4 years.


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