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I have really mixed feelings about the holidays. I generally enjoy them - somebody who likes sparkly lights, glittery shit, and slightly gaudy decorations as much as I do will always be partial to secular Christmas - hols with my family are a crazy, fun, over-the-top drunken bacchanalia of good feelings like love and nostalgia and being completely hammered. Overall it's a positive experience -- we've figured out a good balance between the gracious, graceful, good-feelings side of gift-giving without straying too much into commercial consumerism or ungrateful demanding, and we have fun with it, which is valuable, and pretty awesome.

But it's also just hard for me. Any season this intense is going to be difficult on my introverted, homebody self: traveling, socializing, family events, people everywhere when all you want to do is go to the grocery and buy some fucking milk, parking lots full and idiots behind the wheel, crowds, noise: overstimulation, excess, a feeling of community that's forced and frustrating. It wears me down. Doesn't help that it's another thing my family gets very into, and while I get into it as much as I can, I often don't have the reserves to engage at the level they do for the length of time and the extent they do, and it's another example of just not being able to keep up with my family on a purely social level. I need breaks from it all. Overstimulation is exhausting and it's bad for me.

Plus traveling and extended family and stuff that should be fun but ends up feeling like a chore: story of the season.

This has been a hard run for me, the end of this year. I'm just exhausted. I've taken a couple days to just be at home in my apartment alone with my cats and the snow, so that I can hopefully recharge my batteries enough to make it through the upcoming bits in a good way rather than a bad way. It's snowing and I have almost all my gifts ready to go and I'm lounging around with coffee and in a bathrobe trying to relax and find some kind of christmas spirit.

Happy hols, everybody.


Dec. 15th, 2012 12:06 pm
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if anyone is left wondering where I went and/or why I fell off the face of the earth, I just got back from the plant (aka Midgar) -- I flew down on Monday, worked some 15-hour shifts, came back late on Thursday, and basically have slept since then, almost straight through.

I'm so behind on everything -- because of life, but this plant trip didn't help. it's fucking 10 days until Christmas, only one week until I head up to my parents' house, and the holidays are kind of like a ten pound load of stress in a five pound bag anyway: plus I still have to work (most of) this week, and I have a ton of shit to finish up before the year ends and the holidays kick in and all, and just: aaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuggggghhhhhhhhhhh

If you've emailed me and I haven't replied, this is why. If you've commented and I'm ignoring you, this is why. If I don't get to it soon, well, uh, I'm the Avatar. Deal with it

Off to try to be productive~
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- with a delightfully complimentary assortment of the family I love, the family they've chosen (my sister-in-law and her parents), and the family I've chosen (my close friends)

- making everyone - extended family and friends included - take the Myers-Briggs test and getting to pontificate wildly and very nerdily about what everyone's results mean all night long

- continuously eating and drinking far too much, including the green bean casserole I made from scratch after a shame grocery pilgrimage that's really its own sordid tale

- playing two very, very drunk games of Settlers of Catan

- doing three Tarot readings that were so scarily accurate and meaningful that everyone in the room was substantially freaked out and I'm actually a little afraid to touch my deck right now

- sitting outside in a graveyard looking at the sky and drinking Dark & Stormy from a flask while being snowed on and shooting the shit with an important friend, until we couldn't feel our butts, before coming home at 5am to cuddle for warmth with my roomie

- meeting my parents at Taco Bell before we all went our separate ways because holiday traditions are important, yo

- coming home through the snow and cold to the most gratuitous bagel-egg-cheese sandwich in the world, a warm bath, and a bed covered in blankets and cats who missed me and can't wait to sit on my feet

I'm not always the happiest / most optimistic / most upbeat person, especially recently. But even with everything else going on, I'm officially thankful that this is my life.
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I am totally stealing this from [personal profile] lassarina because, hey, why not.

- By "12 Days" I mean that I will run this tiny meme until 12 January. It's more than 12 Days, but that's how Christmas runs, sucka.
- By "Promptmas" I mean that you leave me prompts. Or a bunch of prompts, and I will choose the one I fancy the most. And I'll write it! For you!

- I make no promises on length: but if you know what I like, you know what to give me to tempt me to a higher word count.
- If you leave one prompt, I'll do my best. If you want to leave multiple prompts, I'll pick one or two that I really like and go to town. It's up to you!
- I am open to prompts from any fandom you know I'm in. If you are iffy on a fandom, leave me multiple prompts in multiple fandoms to choose from! I am open to any themes and any genres from G to PRON.
- this is open to anyone! Even if I've just met you!
- I make no promises on whether I will write your fic sober.

And, uh, Happy Holidays~.


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