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who doesn't like lists. if you don't like lists you are at the wrong journal.

I've made a "Words and Workouts" pact with [personal profile] justira. Our goals are low, but meaningful: 1500 words per week; 3 workouts per week. We will have lovely charts to share. I mean to stick to this - both of them. Here are some thoughts...

  • So, I am in fact wordsing again. The shameful part is that it's Harry Potter fic. HP is like my shame comfort fandom - when I am ill, I browse AO3 and look for fics with high kudos and pairings that I like, no fucking regrets. I was ill for like 93% of last week which meant I read a lot of trash. I am now writing HP trash. I don't even give a fuck. It's words and I will have fun, even if HP fandom is beyond the grave.
  • If I can get moving again with the writing, I want to work on original stuff this year, but I also want to get back to dabbling in fandom - prompt memes and the like. I miss the sense of connection that comes with fannish writing. Hang me.
  • Right now my workout goals are more about consistency than actual workouts. I want to focus on swimming first - that's my best and favorite sport, and why not do a workout that I actually enjoy? After that, I'd like to go back to yoga, then running and biking. Of course there's weightlifting and punching the bag in there too - I'll make a plan once I've shown that I can stick to 3x/wk for more than, say, one wk.

My other lofty goals for 2016 include:

  • Start fucking going to bed on time. I want to get up earlier in the mornings but (a) I am so lazy and (b) I tend to sulk about my life late at night and stay up until, say, 01:00 in a snit of because I can which doesn't work so well when you want to get up at 06:00. If I could get my arse in bed between 22:00-23:00 I could get up earlier and either get to work earlier (to leave earlier) or have some time in the morning just for me. Either one sounds better than the usual snooze-button-festival party-of-one I have going on in my bed for an hour and a half every goddamn morning. That's such a waste of time.
  • Half hour of chores every night. This is hard to keep up with because of fibro - some days I come home and crawl into bed and get up 4 hours later to eat a pop tart before returning to blankets. However, this leads to having to spend all of a weekend day catching up on chores that have slipped (dishes, laundry, mail/bills) which is equally exhausting. 30mins is reasonable on all but the worst evenings and should allow me to have more relaxing time on weekends, which is good for fibro.
  • Learn to chill about work. I will never not be platonically married to this place or this job, but getting stressed leads to high interaction costs leads to overstimulation leads to me being too exhausted to fucking blink. I'm already working to set this year up as an improvement - more support, more help, less projects overall - so I need to keep to that course.
  • Empty my life. I have too much going on, and too many things taking up space (physical and mental). It's time to clean it out.

More specific goals will have to wait until I have brains to deal with them.

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...that requires some backstory:

I've an original fiction world in which I've already planned at least a trilogy and a short story. The premise is easy: vampires and werewolves in space! The manifestation is more complex: lesbian werewolves and a genderqueer/genderfun vampire travel space looking for new planets with their magical were/vamp/magical girl pilot! The details are even more complicated: how do other planets, moons, suns, stars affect Earth-based fantasy archetypes? It's fantasy space trash, but with a purpose!

The world is, so far, in my head. Would anyone be interested in leaving me silly prompts to play with this month? I don't necessarily expect anyone to be interested in original fiction / original fic verse (although if you are -- awesome!!), but prompts would help me flesh everything out and get warmed up to writing! I will obviously post everything although of course no one is required to read & respond & comment or anything.

If you'd like to help, please prompt away!


Mar. 17th, 2014 08:42 am
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Can we. please. have. mostly-constant. temperatures. More than five days in a row.

Lady Fibromyalgia-Arthritis Johnson thanks you.

In other nonsensible news, I may be considering signing up for a triathlon. A baby triathlon - sprint triathlon category: swim 0.5 mi, bike 15 mi, run 3.1 mi. I don't know why the prospect is so appealing -- it isn't like this body is running low on pain and exhaustion and thus has to pick up some more at the triathlon training store. This is a good idea, Sev, said no one. However, the thought of doing something stupid and violent appeals to me. It's cool.

shame space

Mar. 4th, 2014 09:19 pm
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So it's time to embarrass myself! I have started myself an art blog, to try to learn how to draw better, and I am owning up to it because I need you guys to help motivate me.

All I want to learn how to do is doodle on my iPad. So these will not - will never - be works of art. I just want to learn how to do fun shit on my stupid tablet.

feymarch-library is officially open for y'all to submit asks for any FF character, and I will draw a response. I make no promises on quality, only on responding. The more (ridiculous) asks you submit, the longer I will be motivated to draw. So y'know go at it and stuff.
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It's official and announced. I'm now Seventhe P Dragomire, Operations Manager.

what the hell have I gotten into

[also -- I need a good tag for this. Accepting suggestions for new position tag(s) immediately.]


May. 31st, 2013 09:32 pm
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I've ended up sick with a fever - guess that's why this week has been so bloody painful and achy and weird - and I will be on my ass for most of tomorrow. Keep the prompts coming. Haven't scared me off yet.

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Somewhere in the back of my brain I've got a big 2013 New Year's Resolutions post brewing, but this is not that post. This is just a public announcement, because I figure it's fitting that one of my first actual actions of the new year has been registering for my remaining 4 credits of graduate research at the University of Akron.

I figure that since the general desire to finish my thesis and get all gradumitated and get this over and done with hasn't been enough motivation for me to actually do it, maybe the $1800 I just shelled out in tuition credits will be. :/

I mean it this year, folks. I know I've been saying it for a while, but I actually mean it this year. I'm done with this shit. I need to finish. I'm so tired of having the shadow of this hanging over my head and getting in the way of my actual life.

I will get my masters in 2013. Fuck it.
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So! In the upcoming year of 2013, [personal profile] lassarina and I will be playing through each Final Fantasy game, in order! One game every month! Moving on at the end of every month! And we'll be blogging our thoughts, our meta, our deconstructions and fannish feels - and once a month I will, apparently, be drunk!live!blogging something horrible - and recording everything here: [community profile] moogle_university, as a public record of our gamer cred (for Rina) / shame (for me).

I've posted an intro here, if you want to know a little bit about my reasons for doing this project and how excited I am to have had this awesome idea. I invite anybody who wants to watch/join the comm -- part of what I love about Final Fantasy is the community built out of its fannish love, so everybody's welcome. It would be awesome if people helped to spur us on or even asked questions as we got the project rolling.

So, yeah. That's a thing.


Aug. 6th, 2012 05:34 pm
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So despite the ridiculous number of emails blowin' up mah phone today, this has seriously been one of the busiest AND most productive days I've had in, probably, 5 weeks.

I wrote two reports. I organized some stuff. I cleaned out the gremlins growing in my reactor after shutdown. I was "approved" to spend $5K on shit for my lab. i ran a batch. I answered important emails.

I'm never going to another meeting again.

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Okay, so today was supposed to be ~the day~, but my job accidentally an 8 hour meeting (8:00-4:00), so. I won't be going through the works until after 4:00pm (Ohio time), probably much later -- so if you're almost done you've got until then to post!

If someone doesn't have a gift by then, I'll either pinch hit myself or call in a friend. This doesn't mean you're out of the claim-a-thon - feel free to post your assignment whenever - but that way I can be sure everyone has at least one thing before I reveal.

And now off to caffeinate myself before this 8-hour extravaganza
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So I compiled everybody's claim-a-thon picks and ran the code this morning. It's done! It was, uh, not flawless. HOWEVER, I have it worked out so that everyone gets an assignment and everyone gets a gift. There are going to be a couple double-ups and a couple covers, but hey, you knew that going into this, lol.

Rambling about the results )

So. I'll be sending out emails today with everybody's claim! I have to send them from my phone because job blocks Gmail, so they will all be simple and boring. Please forgive. If you haven't gotten anything by tonight, check your spam folder, and then email me if there's still nothing.

I would like to do the posting on AO3. I am pretty sure everybody here has an AO3 account, and I actually think it will be more fun because: We can do a partial reveal. Look, my journal/FL/Circle is like a big incestuous clusterfuck already, so I think it might be fun to do a two-step reveal? Gifts would go live whenever they were posted, but they'd be anonymous, and then when everybody's was up we could reveal authors and have an author party? IS EVERYBODY OKAY WITH THIS?

Cause I set up a collection here that you can post to. Whenever you're ready. Right now it's all locked up / unrevealed, but if everybody is okay with the double reveal, I'll open it up so that it will show gifts but not authors right now. :D

EDIT -- Okay, so everyone has gotten an "assignment" claim, in email, but! If you are really into any of the other prompts and you want to write them anyway, email me and I'll send on that person's information so that you can write a surprise gift too!

I told you this was a super casual thing. XD
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But it's cool. SIGN UP HERE to play in the summer Claim-a-thon. Next two weeks! Short and sweet! No fucks, just fic!
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ALRIGHT COOL. there are enough people down with a claim-a-thon trial that I think it will be worth trying. So! If you want to play here is how it's gonna work:

- for right now, Final Fantasy and fanfic only. If this works, I'll open it up to more stuff in a trial round II.
- has to be at least a Drabble (100 words), can be as long as you'd like.
- if you submit prompts, you're committing yourself to choosing prompts, too, and writing a thing. It means please be around the Internet (and this journal haha) for the next two weeks or so.
- ANYBODY CAN PLAY. as long as you are a) laid back b) flexible because this code might actually suck and c) willing to step up and write fun shit for other people.

- I'll leave sign-ups open until like Monday, unless there are suddenly too many people signed up (haha). I'll post when I close them.
- All the prompts will be posted Monday or Tuesday in this journal. Either way, I'll give until Friday for people to reply and claim 3 they'd be interested in filling. I'll take the weekend to poke at my code, and you should have an email from me with your claim by NEXT WEEKEND Sunday or Monday (8-9 July).
- you can post any time after that! As soon as you want/need. I haven't decided how to do posting/reveals -- hopefully everyone playing has an AO3 account and we can do it that way?? I can make a little collection?
- for anyone who doesn't have a thing by the following weekend, I'll write for you, or I'll call in a friend. THIS IS A LOW KEY GAME, GUYS.


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I'm always surprised at how many hours there actually are in a day.

I really shouldn't be, because I've experienced this phenomenon once before, when I was still working my full-time long-day 40-hr-week job and also attending a 20-30-hr-week graduate lab class: if you literally spend every spare minute you have doing something, it's a lot of work. (And I mean it. Sometimes I see people posting, "I'm soooo busy~!" but if I've seen you posting 10K in fic in the last week, or reblogging tons of stuff on Tumblr, or otherwise hobbying-- maybe you're busy, but that isn't actually spending every legitimate moment you have on work-like things. I realize this makes me a judgmental ass and I'm sorry.)

But really, I'm still continually surprised at how much you can actually work in one day. Because I have basically spent every free hour I have had in the last 7 days helping to basically remodel a basement which is my responsibility to fix. I don't even have time to tell you everything handyman that I've done. But I'm just still for whatever reason surprised at how BUSY you can actually get. When you come home from work at 6:15 and change and eat and then drive up to the house at 7:00 and work until 11:00 and then come home and make a lunch and do the dishes and go to bed at 12 and get up at 6:30 and go to work at 7:30 and then do it all over again, for an entire week? I mean it, there is busy and then there is, "life sat on me." They aren't even really in the same order of magnitude.

Had I known the level of fucked this problem was, I wouldn't have started it now. But you don't know what's under the carpet until you pull up the carpet.

I thought I was busy before. Turns out, there were plenty of hours in my day that could be filled up with things that make me miserable.

I am stressed as fuck, I have gotten absolutely nothing done this week, my exchange ends this weekend, I am leaving tomorrow afternoon and I have not yet finished packing. This week has been just awful.

Some day I will turn this experience into a "Handyman How-To" post because I've actually learned a lot of fun shit. Today is not that day.

- - -

I just printed out all my itineraries and reservations and flight info and blah blah and it's basically a short novel, I've killed a tree doing it, it weighs more than my laptop, etc etc.

This trip-- I am not even looking forward to it. i'll be honest. Work is so awful right now, and there are a bunch of due dates WHILE I AM GONE, so I have to work ON my trip, and just. ugh ugh ugh first world problems etc but.

I carry my stress in my shoulders and neck, and I nearly can't drive a car right now. I am pretty sure my back is about to leave me for another woman.

Whirlwind tour of the US is as follows:
- to Boise this weekend for my cousin's wedding
- fly to Vegas Mon with family, night in Vegas
- drive to Grand Canyon Tues, two nights in GC
-- work due Wednesday, have to work Mon and Tues to submit Wed
- return to Vegas on Thurs, night in Vegas
- Fri, fly directly to Houston, spend weekend weeping in a pillow fort
- Sun, pick up Japanese BFF at airport and head off to the plant
- Mon, tour of plant with guest
- Tues-Wed, work at the plant
-- work due Tues, will have to work the previous week to compile it
- Thurs, return home

- THE FOLLOWING MONDAY, submit a report of the work I did on the plant trip to the Overlords because
- THAT WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY, our biannual meeting with the Overlords begins

- probably every day forever: cry into beer, from stress and frustration

- date of freedom: 20 June
- 21 June: lose self in Diablo III for three consecutive days

I am trying for serenity now and I'm not sure I'll make it. OH GOOD. When can I give up on everything and be a crazy cat lady hermit hobo who never goes anywhere?

ON THE PLUS SIDE, I now have an app on my phone that can send a postcard photo from anywhere for $0.99, so if you want a really dumb postcard from Vegas or the Grand Canyon, email me your address.

ADDITIONALLY ON THE PLUS SIDE, I've written 4 Korra drabbles in the past few days. On my phone. While in meetings or otherwise working. Seeing as I haven't written a thing since December, this is cool.

I HAD ANOTHER PLUS but I have forgotten it so.
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Last year, Katy, Jeff, and I ran a 5K. I know it was in early May because a) I remember it as a week before my half marathon which was 15 May; and b) I wore the shirt from it today and checked the date and yes it was like 8 May 2011. I've been intending to run it again this year, but, assuming it would be in early May again, I figured I had time to kick it back into running.



Please keep in mind that I haven't run -- have barely worked out -- since the first week in February, when my toe almost broke off. I've been healing. Doctor's orders. (and in all fairness i hadnt really been working out too much before that due to holidays and laziness, so... I am really not in good shape right now, my friends.) So I have absolutely zero base to build on here. I wasn't even really sure I COULD STILL RUN 3 MILES.

So I decided to try. Because that's a great idea with no base and recovering from an injury that still hurts and when I'm already an asthmatic cripple who hates running anyway. I decided to try AND TO DO IT WITH INTERVALS. cause great ideas are great. Don't look at me like that.

and here, i'll just copy this from my email to Katy, because I'm lazy:

>> So last year I ran the 5k in 28:10

>> Just now I got to 28 minutes and I STILL HAD A HALF MILE TO GO

>> final time 33:20 and that's on a treadmill... Aka no hills or people or anything

>> On one hand I'm pretty proud that I just pulled a 5k out of my ass when I legitimately haven't run an inch since the first week of February

>> On the other hand, JESUS CHRIST

So. I've got two things to ask of y'all.

1). If I post tomorrow that my toe hurts, do not let me run this shit. Do not let me run at all. Comment and say "I told you so." Comment and say I told ME so. Bring your friends. I don't care. Rip on me hard enough that I don't try to run this if my toe is still being arthritic and painful.
2) if I am not in severe pain tomorrow, help keep me motivated? Because I haven't run in forever and it's going to be hard to be positive when I'm so much slower than last year even though I know I can rationalize all the reasons.

And now, to bed.
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Yeah, why not. I did one of these a long time ago and really enjoyed it. (Oh, look! Here it is. 2008, oh my frigging god.) And since I'm not doing NaNoWriMo this year I figured it would be a fun thing to do. In the interest of, you know, writing something. Anything. All the things.

Here's how we play!
   --> You leave a comment with a fandom, a character or pairing, and five words or short prompts.
   --> I will write sentences for your prompts.
   --> Everyone wins!
   --> I will be doing this for the next couple days only, so if you miss out, sorry. Although if you leave awesome prompts I'll try to get to them anyway.

All the usual fandoms and then some:
  • Final Fantasy: IV, IV: TAY, V, VI, VII/AC/etc, VIII, IX, X/X2, XII, Dissidia sure why not

  • Games: Chrono Trigger, uh do I play anything else

  • Shows: Criminal Minds; Firefly; Avatar: The Last Airbender; Gundam Wing SURE WHY NOT

  • Books: the Dresden Files; the Vorkosigan Saga; the Kushiel books; the Mercy Thompson books; the Hunger Games; uh


  • Any other stuff you might know I like
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Every year we want to do a little something to keep Doink happy and active during its off-season. Usually we try to encourage people to create Chocobo Down -- look at that prompt list -- but this year we're trying a little something extra.

It's a team-based challenge: CHOCOBO RACING.

Basically you sign up to be on a team, and any Chocobo Down you create will give your team points. Every month we'll have a theme, and if you create Chocobo Down that fits the theme, you get even more points for your team!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo if you want to play, read up on how it works, and then you can sign up for your team here (DW) or here (LJ) - you only have to sign up once.

[personal profile] renay is the captain of TEAM TONBERRY, and I am the captain of TEAM CACTUAR. I'm just saying. You don't have to be on Team Cactuar. That's not why I'm posting this at all. Of course. Nope. You can be on whatever team you want. Really.

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I have run about 212 miles in 2011. According to my Garmin FR-60, treadmills, GMap Pedometer, and my own records.

That's a lot!

On Sunday, I'll be running 13.1 miles in one go, at the Pittsburgh Marathon. I've worked really hard for this race, but I also hurt myself, so I'm trying to come up with some goals that are reasonable. At the beginning of the year, I had a set of goals, but as my training has changed (and my injuries have set in and not gone away), well. I know (barring serious unforeseen problems, of course!) I will be able to finish under 2:30 (that's an 11:30/mile avg), and I know I won't be able to finish under 2:00 (that's a 9:10/mile avg). So.

I did some thinking, and some math, and some looking at my past runs, and here is what I am going for:

Low End Goal
  • Finish the half marathon in 2:20. (10:41/mile pace average)

High End Goal
  • Finish the half marathon in 2:10. (9:55/mile pace average)

There are a lot of factors that can come into play here: it's supposed to rain Sunday morning. I'm going to need to stop for water. I might have to go to the bathroom, who knows. My calves are still sore. I don't know how those things will affect me, and really, the difference between my two goals is only 10 minutes -- over 2 hours, that's not a huge difference, so I think I'll be happy either way. The "low end goal" will still be pretty awesome for me.

I plan to start out slow, at a 10:30/mile pace - reasonably slow, but not so slow that I'll have a ton of time to make up if I feel okay and decide to go for the faster time. There's a pacing group for 2:15, however, and I am still mentally debating whether I want to run with them - it would put me right in-between my two goal times, and it might be easier to stick with a group. But I really don't like running with other people, sometimes; if I start to falter I get frustrated and that actually triggers my asthma. So I may start out without them and then if I catch up to them, hey, cool... I can't decide.

I'll be getting on the road tomorrow to pick up my stuff at the expo, and then I'll be sleeping at my brother's to be up at like 4 am the next day. But I'll be checking my phone, so if you've got any motivation or love to send me, I'd love to have it! :P


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