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  • Valentine's Day Meme. I've left some prompts; come on, guys, don't leave me lonely! (Other pairings you know I like such as Rydia/Quistis or Ellone/Anyone are totally fair game guyz.)

  • [ profile] ff_exchange could still use your feedback in the poll, if you want to be a part of the SUPER COOL FINAL FANTASY EXCHANGE this summer!

  • If I can figure out how to work it, there might be a porn meme in [ profile] ff_smutathon for Valentine's Day. Requires thinking though. Any interest?

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JanNoWriMo -- Final Summary!

Words Written: 15,867 / 15,500 - win!
Days Written:
    - Total: 22 / 31 (71%)
    - Excepting for Ohayocon: 22 / 28 (78.5%)
Out Of Days I Wrote, Days I Wrote More Than 500 Words: 15 / 22 (68%)

Nerdy Pictoral Representation Of My Progress:

Notes on JanNoWriMo )

Goals for February:
  • Write 15,000 words, total. This is so I get ahead on [ profile] getyourwordsout in Feb, because in March I'll be drawing.

  • Finish Seifer/Irvine AU, 0tp Prompts, and get at least halfway with Beacon outline.

  • Write at least one freaking piece of porn.

Anyway! I've seen a few JanNoWriMo Summaries on the F-List, so~! Let me know how you did in the comments if I haven't talked to you yet (or just point me to the entry). :) Go our team, guys! OI!
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Weekend with [ profile] lassarina in Chicago: Excellent!

Friday night I made really good time... until I made a lazy stop for food and put myself directly in the beginning of rush-hour traffic. Note to self: YOU ARE AN IDIOT; when making good time on the road, don't ruin it! Anyway, after fighting the mobs of traffic, I got the Meglet, we got the Natalie, and then hit Chipotle. We then returned and basically denned for the night weekend, save a trip out to the Cheesecake Factory, because there is not one near me which means I like to go whenever possible (as I am trying to eat every delicious-looking item on their menu one by one!).

We watched the cutscenes from Lost Odyssey; while I'm not sure I have a really firm grasp on the entire game/plotline from the cutscenes, I can probably pick it up with an FAQ or game script. It was pretty and shiny, and had a lot of pretty awesome characters. I also got Persona 3! We started it but didn't get far at all -- I'm looking forward to picking that one up at home.

Edited to add: Also, Meg's cat molested me in my sleep. Trufax!!

Other than that, there was various fic-writing and lots of delicious drinks to be had. Meg and Nat introduced me to raspberry lambic, and as I am just getting involved in the brewing process here (a beginning brewmistress, to be sure) I'm now kind of curiously poking at recipes.

In other news, apparently when there is no traffic, the drive from me to Chicago actually only takes 5.5 hours, including a stop for food and gas. This probably means that I drive WAY too fast*. I blame [ profile] hilldo for distracting me on the phone for the last hour of the drive, which pretty much flew by. Stay tuned for our awesome future projects, guys. After we beat Secret of Mana, of course. There are vampires and wigs and crime-solving. stfu.

In other news, I am a bit ahead for JanNoWriMo; as I've already failed at the write-every-day goal, it looks like my new goal is just to write as many words as freaking possible. I wrote over 1000 words of Seifer/Irvine at Meglet's alone; as it was over the course of an evening I actually split it up to cover Saturday/Sunday (we were up pretty late on Sunday!) to be fairer.

NOW comes the fun of getting ready for Ohayocon! It looks like I will be unable to join [ profile] drakonlily this weekend for prep so I am trying to make a list of all the things I need to remember to bring and/or buy myself this weekend in whatever spare time I have. Help me out here, guys (esp Jana, Katy, Drakon, Becky):


I'm pretty excited for this convention, and also excited to be bringing people back home for the always-awesome Super Bowl party!

Anyway. Another totally crammed beginning-of-the-week for me. I hate my new Mon-Tues-Wed schedule, but hey, what can you do. Other than bitch about it a bit and then just man up.

* meaning 50 miles per hour AND SAFE, of course

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Since last time lots of people made fun of my MSPaint skillz, I present you with a much cooler EXCEL chart:


Word Count: 5050 / 15500
Days I've Written: 8 / 12 (ouch)
Number Of Words I Am "Behind": ~500, 1000 if I do not write today


Jan. 5th, 2009 10:20 pm
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Is it a bad thing if this Seifer/Irvine piece is already over 5000 words and looking to break, say, 20,000?

I mean, damn, self. I didn't realize you liked to write about music so much.

Today's Total: 194, but still going.
Total Word Count: 3500 / 15500
Days Written: 5 / 31
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3306 words total! Most of them are Irvine Country Singer AU! I astound myself!
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Daily Total: 540 words. Nothing super, but above target! I am pleased.

Overall Total: 540. XD

Work In Progress: as-yet-untitled FFVIII AU in which Irvine is a country singer and Seifer is hired as his bodyguard. This is more fun to write than I thought. I should write crack more often.

Daily Snippet )

This obviously may not make the final cut; I'm just trying to write right now. :)

How about you guys? Progress?
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Last January, I tried something I cunningly called "JanNoWriMo" -- since I often fail at NaNoWriMo in November -- during which I intended to "write a lot". It didn't work, partially because I lack organizational skill and partially because I lack motivation. This year, I'm trying to fix both.

The Idea
I want to write something, every day, for the entire month of January. More specifically, my goal is to write at least 500 words every day in January of 2009, which gives me a month-long target over 15,000 words. While I'd like to hit 500 per day, I will be satisfied with a 100-word drabble or even a few sentences on a currently-existing project, if that's all I get. So, for me personally, my goals are the following, ranked by priority!:
  1. Write something, every day, in January.

  2. Write over 15,000 words total in January.

  3. Write at least 500 words a day.
If I can get to #3, that's great. But I'll be satisfied if I only hit #1. These three goals are, in a nutshell, the concept behind JanNoWriMo 2009.

To my surprise, people expressed interest in doing this crazy thing with me. Hooray for people! Yay! JanNoWriMo = PARTY TIME.

Some people prefer structure when working towards a deadline; I know I do, because it helps me to be specific rather than general. So, I've provided some structure, in the form of steps, because I like lists. PLUS A CALENDAR! Because I am clearly in charge awesome.

Keep in mind, however, that what I've included under the cut isn't a "set of rules": there are no rules. I'm not "in charge" of anything. You can do with your JanNoWriMo whatever you want to, and I'll still be happy that you played along!

JanNoWriMo 2009 Participation Happy Fun Time )
As a final note on participation, this is open to everyone -- fanfiction, original work, poetry, whatever you'd like, as long as it's "writing" in some form! And feel free to invite others; all of my JanNoWriMo posts will be totally public. Again: not in charge of anything; I'm just the organizer.

I haven't yet decided what to promise for February, but there will at least be a wrap-up post of everyone who participated and how many days/words we each actually wrote! Ideally I'd like to have a big spammo link day where I post links to everyone's January work and we all go around and review each other in a big self-insert circle-jerk um just like my fantasies!!!1 and stuff, but some people may not be ready to post WIP stuff, so I'm undecided on that. However, I'll definitely be spreading some recognition and congratulations for everybody. And you know that's what you all want: my undying pantsless love.

Apology... the non-writers on my F-List. There's going to be a lot of flailing and posting about this in January. However, the writing itself will all be over at [ profile] brokenprism, so at least you won't be exposed to my terrible House/Wilson/Me/Wilson Again fantasies. I mean uh. what? that's a joke. Then again, if you've ever thought about writing, even just as a hobby... why not try it? You're invited, too!

It's already December 29th. Those of us who consider ourselves writers -- don't we all have "write more" as a New Year's Resolution? This is an easy way to keep it. Easy AND fun. Easy and fun, and awesome! Easy, fun, awesome, and totally doable.

To keep this semi-official, just drop me a comment if you're planning on doing anything for JanNoWriMo (no matter how small), so I know whose journals I need to stalk! Otherwise, get planning, because January 1st is only a few days away!

- - -

Sev's Personal Rules For JanNoWriMo 2009, plus Things I Plan To Write )



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Yes, that's right! It's another ACTION-PACKED POST FROM SEV.

JanNoWriMo, my fake NaNo to make up for the fact that November always sucks a nut for writing in my personal schedule, will officially start Monday, Jan 07. Because I say so! Also because a lot of the players will be gone this weekend at Ohayocon. Although if you want to start right now, go ahead! You're awesome.

The point of JanNoWriMo is basically to write as many words as you can! I will be starting with HNtDB and [ profile] bottle_of_shine's country music cowboy bodyguard porn (NAY A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! PORN FOR YOU AS SOON AS I CAN!) and then moving into origific. There's no 50K goal; there's no 50K limit. We're just writing words. Set your own goal and come write with me; I need people to cheer me on. XD




THIS ONE'S FOR [ profile] jennyclarinet! Who is hot.

Penis Text Adventures, Part III
Rating: Well, PG-13 or R, depending on how you rate curse words and mentions of buttsex
Characters: Sir Hilldo, some shitty orcs, a mysterious girl, a surprisingly cute pet, and drunks!

Summary: In which a plot takes over and all of you invariably get bored and tell us to STFU and/or go back to being funny. Sir Hilldo defends his slut maiden's honor, amuses the townsfolk, and gets a kitty!

The Shield of +1 to Herpes )- - -

Sometimes I make me laugh.


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