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  • Today is the first day I've worked in 2012 and not had a single meeting. The next after this? 05 March. What the hell.

  • At 620 comments - and growing - I'm pretty sure this is the greatest FF Kissing Battle we've had yet. Even if you're not on a team, come on in and play!
    • I'm writing tons of Final Fantasy / Gundam Wing crossovers. SHOOT ME.

  • So I've been diagnosed with arthritis in my big toe. The injury's a long story; the tl;dr version is that I'm off any kind of high-impact stress on it for 2-3 weeks and I maybe shouldn't run very much in my future also (depends on how it "heals" (since arthritis doesn't exactly, you know, fix itself: HEY CARTILAGE. GROW BACK ALREADY)). On one hand: OH DARN I DON'T LIKE RUNNING ANYWAY. On the other hand: I am a stubborn Taurus fuck and I don't like the idea of my body winning the war against me when I'm only 30 years old. CUE ANGST AND SPACEHEARTING.

  • Oh, and I'm on goddamned prescription drugs again. AGAIN. (No drinking for 2-3 weeks? LIKE FUCK YOU SAY.)

  • It's 20 February and I have yet to do a single goddamn thing for my graduate thesis. I hate school so much.

  • Speaking of not working on grad school: !! My schedule for the next few weekends is like being PUNCHED IN THE FACE WITH AWESOME. It goes like this: DISTANT WORLDS --> BJORK (!!!!!!!!!!) --> possible trip to the plant which is shitty --> PITTSBURGHCON --> LESBIAN GARAGE SALE SHIT SHOW --> Acen --> MY GODDAMNED 30th BIRTHDAY --> Katy's graduation --> CABINCON PART I ("A HOT TUB IS NOT CAMPING"). I am really not leaving my 20s quietly.

  • I cleaned up my tags on DW this afternoon. I'm finally back under 1000. I really need to do the same on LJ, but LJ lacks the AMAZEBALLS "tag merge" tool that Dreamwidth has, for when you type a tag in just a little bit wrong and end up with 3 variants on the tag, "I am a vain fuck." (This is a true story!).

  • The word "amazeballs" was actually in TIME magazine BTW.

  • Zero ships 3x4 is one of the most hilarious things I've read all day. I would easily say "the most hilarious" on any other day but as the other things going on in my email right now are (1) a serious discussion on which crossover troll fic idea is the lube for the other and (2) the creation of an Opera in at least 14 movements about The Shit Show Of Our Lives, there's some stiff competition in my Inbox today. Nevertheless, read that shit.

  • I have not played more than a couple hours of FFXIII. Don't judge me. So far the PS3 has basically been a very expensive way to steam music and Netflix. Winning.

  • Going to rewatch some Sherlock this week. Might have intelligent thoughts about it. Might just reblog more shite on Tumblr.

And that's the news.
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[ profile] ff_kissbattle has been extended! Play, my lovelies, play!

If you write for me, you know I will try to write for you, which you know is an AWESOME trade*. So go on!

*disclaimer: right now I am writing terrible kinky non-con. So this trade may not in fact be "awesome".

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I know I'm talking a lot about the Kiss Battle, but I just added something to be helpful, so here's another update! (Thanks @ [ profile] salarta for the awesome idea.)

I went through and marked prompts with an *asterisk* for every kiss already written for a particular request. This way you can easily see which requests have already been done, which have been done multiple times, and which lonely prompts are still waiting to get some hot hot lip action.1

Don't let this stop you from writing for requests that have already been filled (i.e. Reno/Rydia)! It's just for people (like me) who are trying to make sure everybody gets as many requests filled as humanly possible.

It also helps people who might have requested a certain pairing find other places where that pairing have have already been KISSED.

I've ALSO marked the "newest" prompts with a heart ♥. A bunch of people left some awesome prompts yesterday, so if any of you are still interested in this monstrosity of fandom love, head on over and poke around to see what's new. There are also a BUNCH of unfilled prompts just waaaaiiiting to be filled.


And everyone else, really. I don't think I need to say again how much I love my F-List, do I??

1This is only for comments that are (a) replies to a request post and (b) LABELED IN THE HEADER. The complete list will be out at the end of the meme.
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Fandom: taking back Valentine's Day since 2008!

So last year [ profile] bottle_of_shine had a Kissing Battle. The last edition is here (EDITED TO ADD: this is the old battle, not the current one!). It was a lot of fun and might be known around FF-fandom circles as the best Meme ever**.

Pretty much everyone I know is stressed about something, too, so this round of the Kiss Meme Battle honestly couldn't have better timing. (I love you guys) This round is about feeling good, it's about love, and it's also about seeing who can write the most kissy drabbles and ficlets in one week!

Final Fantasy Kissing Battle: Valentine's Edition!***
Happening right here in this very entry

This portion of the rules I borrow from Nay, because she explained it well.
  - Kissing. Of any sort, even if it happens to be platonic. Otherwise known as: gen kisses are okay!
  - Put the fandom and pairing in the header of comments with kiss fic! SERIOUSLY. This makes it 300% easier for people to browse (and for me to compile).
Limitations: above the belt (this isn't about porn) and Final Fantasy only (crossovers are cool).

There are many ways to play! Write kisses and post them as comments. Make a list of requests and hope someone will fill them. Write other people's requests and hope they do the same back. (Requests can be filled more than once.) Find other good kisses and squee! EDIT - You can request anonymously, if you want!

This is about love and feeling good and that kind of stuff so people who are stupid about it will get my steel-toes in their ass. WITH LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥

I'm thinking about a week for this, so whoever writes the most kisses in that time wins!

Let the Kissing Battle begin!
Feel free to pimp and invite people! THERE'S LOVE FOR EVERYONE.

*Don't lie to me. You hate it, you know you hate it, and you love to hate it. You love to complain about how stupid of a holiday it is. Single, committed, married, playing the field, porn star, straight, gay, bi, curious, into donkeys - we all have a hate-on for Valentine's Day, and we all compete with each other over the size of our Valentine's-Day-hating cock. I've had it. ENOUGH. THE HATE STOPS HERE! FILL THE WORLD WITH MOTHER FUCKING LOVE, YOU FUCKING COCK BITCHES.

**it might also not. I may have made that part up.

***the name of this color is "Dark Hard Magenta." HAHAHA. HARD. i am such a loser. Also, I hope it's as annoying on YOUR screen as it is on MINE.

Updated: ~1:00pm 02-18-08

♥ Each *asterisk* represents one kiss already written for that request. It certainly does not mean you can't write another - it's really for people who are trying to make sure everyone gets their fair share of the kisses.
It's only based off of kisses with labeled comment headers. If you forgot to label your kiss, reply to it with a comment WITH THE PAIRING IN THE HEADER and I'll try to update you.
♥ Newest requests are at the bottom of each list, labeled with a heart. ("New" simply means "the most recent people I've added".)

Again, if you don't want your name on your request, feel free to comment anonymously.

Garland/Sara*, Arylon/Elf Prince, Jim/Kope, Light Warrior/Anyone - [ profile] ovo_lexa

Paul/Leila, Maria/Guy - [ profile] ovo_lexa

Ingus/Sara* - [ profile] kristinmachina
Dorga/Unne - [ profile] ovo_lexa
Arc/Alus, Cid/Mrs. Cid - [ profile] rosehiptea

Cecil/Rosa*, Cecil & young Rydia* - [ profile] venefica_aura
Edge/Kain - [ profile] katmillia
Rosa/Rydia, Edge/Kain/Rydia - [ profile] first_seventhe
Edge/Rydia*, Kain/Rydia*, Kain/Valvalicia/Golbez/Rosa (any comb.)* - [ profile] lassarina
Edward/Anna** - [ profile] ovo_lexa
Rosa/Edge**, Rosa/Palom*, Anna (as Rosa)/Edward*, Rosa/Sylph - [ profile] salarta
Porom/Edward, Porom/Anyone* - [ profile] shiny_glor_chan
Rydia/Asura*, Kain/Rosa, Kain/Cecil, Edward/young!Rydia, Palom/Porom* - [ profile] eerian_sadow
Cecil/Kain/Rosa - [ profile] wakka_luver
Yang/anyone** - [ profile] fanaticalone

Syldra & Faris* - [ profile] ovo_lexa
Reina/Faris* - [ profile] salarta

Setzer/Celes* - [ profile] astrangerenters
Maduin/Madeline* - [ profile] deadshrimpblues
Terra/Anyone*, Locke/Celes - [ profile] first_seventhe
Celes/Leo* - [ profile] aesriella
Locke/Celes, Leo/Celes* - [ profile] lassarina
Terra/Celes/Kefka - [ profile] salarta
Sabin/Cyan* - [ profile] jianna
Cyan/Terra - [ profile] rosehiptea

FFVII and assorted
Tseng/Elena - [ profile] irish_ais
Tifa/Elena*, Reno/Aeris*, Lucrecia/Ifalna** - [ profile] venefica_aura
Veld/Ifalna*, Veld/Lucrecia, Vincent/Ifalna* - [ profile] astralavator
Cid/Shera**, Rude/Elena*, Tifa/Barret*, Chocobo Joe/Esther, Ilfalna/Elmyra* - [ profile] deadshrimpblues
Tifa/Barret, Tifa/Rude, Yuffie/Reno - [ profile] first_seventhe
Vincent/Tifa* - [ profile] rhianna_aurora
Vincent/Cloud* - [ profile] kristinmachina
Cid/Vincent, Cloud/Zack, Cloud/Sephiroth, Sephiroth/Zack, Zack/Aeris, Reno/Rude, Rufus/Reno - [ profile] jameva
Zack/Aeris, Reno/Rude, Tseng/Elena - [ profile] lassarina
Tifa/Scarlet - [ profile] salarta
Tifa/Vincent, Tifa/Veld*, Tifa/Tseng, Tifa/Reno, Tifa/Sephiroth - [ profile] is_bel
Vincent/Elena*, Aeris/Elena*, Reeve/Tifa, Anna/Veld* - [ profile] tijuana_pirate
Vincent/Cloud*, (AC) Marlene & Denzel - [ profile] solitaryjane
Any combo: Cloud, Reno, Zack, Sephiroth, Rufus, Angeal, Genesis - [ profile] jenovas_boy
Tifa/Vincent - [ profile] sarasa_cat
Cid/Loz, Cait Sith/Red XIII*, Aerith/Cait Sith* - [ profile] wakka_luver
Cloud/Tifa, Loz/Tifa, Yuffie/Vincent, Yuffie/Cloud* - [ profile] anime_angel_ash
Cloud/Barret*/a> - [ profile] firefly99
Zack/Tifa, Zack/Cloud, Rude/Tifa - [ profile] fiorieart
Reno/Rude/Elena* - [ profile] fanaticalone

Squall/Rinoa*, Seifer/Zell, Seifer/Quistis, Seifer/Xu, Seifer/Fujin, Irvine/Selphie*, Cid/Edea** - [ profile] irish_ais
Seifer/Squall, Rinoa/Ellone*, Fujin/Xu*, Cid/Edea* - [ profile] venefica_aura
Squall/Ellone* - [ profile] katmillia
Squall/Quistis*, Irvine/Quistis* - [ profile] astrangerenters
Selphie/Seifer*, Irvine/His Hat** - [ profile] achenar
Quistis/Zell*, Seifer/Zell, Quistis/Laguna*, Selphie/Seifer, Irvine/Anyone* - [ profile] first_seventhe
Irvine/Rinoa** - [ profile] rhianna_aurora
Seifer/Zell, Irvine/Squall* - [ profile] dior_anghel
Quistis/Xu*, Xu/Nida, Quistis & Angelo***, Quistis/Bobo/Zell - [ profile] aesriella
Quistis/Shiva* - [ profile] aesriella
Seifer/Zell, Irvine/Selphie - [ profile] jameva
Seifer/Irvine!*, Seifer/Squall - [ profile] lassarina
Seifer/Ma Dincht*, Seifer/Raijin*, Seifer/Xu*, Seifer/Fujin, Selphie/Edea, Xu/Martine, Xu/Zell, Zell/Fujin, Zell/Irvine*, Zell/Chocobo - [ profile] siva630
Edea/Quistis - [ profile] salarta
Quistis/Irvine* - [ profile] solitaryjane
Quistis/Squall - [ profile] owlmoose
Seifer/Zell - [ profile] not_cynical
Edea/Laguna* - [ profile] mrsteninch
Squall/Rinoa, Seifer/Zell, Xu/Martine*, Irvine/Seifer - [ profile] bottle_of_shine
Ultimecia/Anyone*, Ifrit/Shiva* - [ profile] wakka_luver
Selphie/Irvine, Zell/Library Girl*, Seifer/Xu*, Seifer/Rinoa*, Raine/Laguna - [ profile] anime_angel_ash
Quistis/Odin*, Zell/Quistis, Squall/Zell*, Squall/Nida, Seifer/Nida, Cid/Dr. Kadowaki* - [ profile] fiorieart
Zell/Selphie/Irvine* - [ profile] fanaticalone

Beatrix/Steiner, Beatrix/Garnet* - [ profile] aesriella
Kuja/Zidane, Zidane/Garnet - [ profile] jameva
Freya/Amarant, x7 - [ profile] siva630
Garnet/Beatrix - [ profile] salarta
Steiner/Beatrix, Freya/Fratley, Vivi/anybody - [ profile] owlmoose
Zidane/Garnet, Eiko/Vivi* - [ profile] anime_angel_ash
Freya/Zidane* - [ profile] fanaticalone

Lulu/Rikku, Tidus/Rikku, Yuna/Auron or Yuna & Auron* - [ profile] venefica_aura
Auron/Rikku**, Baralai/Gippal, Yuna/Baralai* - [ profile] katmillia
Wakka/Rikku*, Lulu/Rikku*, Yuna/Anyone* - [ profile] first_seventhe
Gippal/Baralai - [ profile] dior_anghel
Lulu/Chappu - [ profile] aesriella
Auron/Jecht*, Lulu/Auron - [ profile] jameva
Lulu/Auron*, Nooj/Paine - [ profile] lassarina
Yuna/Kimahri, Rikku/Wakka*, Wakka/Lulu, Wakka/Yuna - [ profile] siva630
Lulu/Doll, Lulu/Leblanc, Elma/Lucil - [ profile] salarta
Kimahri/Rikku, Braska & young Yuna, young Yuna / young Auron - [ profile] eerian_sadow
Lulu/Luzzu, Yuna/Isaaru, Buddy/Anybody*, Paine/Nooj! - [ profile] owlmoose
Auron/Braska, Auron/Jecht, Tidus/Yuna, Baralai/Gippal*, Paine/Nooj*, BARALAI/ISAARU - [ profile] not_cynical
Auron/Belgemine, Shelinda/A Chocobo - [ profile] mrsteninch
Auron/Braska, Dona/Bartello*, Baralai/Gippal*, Shinra/Pacce, Buddy/Brother, Yuna/Beclem* - [ profile] bottle_of_shine
Braska/Jecht* - [ profile] jianna
Kimahri/Moogle - [ profile] wakka_luver
Gippal/Yuna, Paine/Rikku, Nooj/Lucil, Beclem/Elma, Isaaru/Belgemine* - [ profile] pink_rapid
Tidua/Yuna, Wakka/Lulu, Nooj/Lucil, LeBlanc/Gippal, Paine/Baralai, Braska/Yuna's mother*, Jecht/Tidus' mother* - [ profile] anime_angel_ash
Lulu/Wakka/Luzzu - [ profile] fanaticalone
Wakka/Tidus - [ profile] rosehiptea

Basch/Ashe* - [ profile] katmillia
Balthier/Ashe**, Drace/Gabranth - [ profile] astrangerenters
Penelo/Larsa/Vaan - [ profile] achenar
Vaan/Ashe - [ profile] astralavator
Balthier/Vaan*, Balthier/Fran - [ profile] kristinmachina
Fran/Balthier - [ profile] aesriella
Balthier/Fran, Balthier/Basch*, Basch/Vossler* - [ profile] jameva
Balthier/Ashe*, Gabranth/Drace*, Gabranth/Ffamran**, Vayne/Ashe* - [ profile] lassarina
Larsa/Penelo**, Vayne/Drace**, Fran/Vaan* - [ profile] mariagoner
Balthier/Vaan, Balthier/Basch, Ashe/Al-Cid* - [ profile] not_cynical
Basch/Ashe, Basch & Noah*, Noah/Penelo**, Ffamran/Fran* - [ profile] aorin107
Fran/Penelo - [ profile] mrsteninch
Drace/Gabranth*, Penelo/Basch**, Venat/Dr.Cid - [ profile] sarasa_cat
Reks/Penelo* - [ profile] mariagoner
Ondore/Drace, Balthier/Penelo, Basch/Fran, OLD DALAN/HOOKAH* - [ profile] pink_rapid
Al-Cid/Ashe, Vaan/Ashe, Larsa/Penelo - [ profile] anime_angel_ash
Vayne/Larsa, Vayne/Gabranth, Zargabaath/Zecht, Gabranth/Zecht - [ profile] manic_intent

Revenant Wings
Lluyd/Filo, Penelo/Velis, Fran/Mydia - [ profile] kristinmachina
llyud/Filo, Kytes/Filo*, Llyud/Penelo/Vaan, Kytes/Filo/Llyud - [ profile] shiny_glor_chan

Reno/Rydia****, Quistis/Rydia, Squall/Cloud - [ profile] katmillia
Basch/Celes* - [ profile] astrangerenters
Quistis/Rydia** - [ profile] first_seventhe
Ferris/Setzer, Edgar/Ashe* - [ profile] kristinmachina
Auron/Celes, Ashe/Celes, Zack/Rydia - [ profile] lassarina
Rosa/Edea*, Rosa/Kefka - [ profile] salarta
Ultros/Balthier!!* - [ profile] sarasa_cat
Faris/Leila* - [ profile] shiny_glor_chan
Balthier/Mustadio, Balthier/Zalbaag, Balthier/Cidolfus Orlandeau - [ profile] manic_intent
Rude/Fujin - [ profile] fanaticalone

Sir Hilldo / Kitty Kitty by [ profile] hilldo

I am not going to be able to keep track of all of these, so feel free to just respond to the entry with any kisses these prompts might inspire!

Already requested:
   - Irvine/Hat (all over the place)
   - Lulu/Doll

   - Sabin/His Too Sweet Fists Of Fury
   - FF7 Cid/Pack of Cigarettes
   - FF7 Cid/The Highwind
   - Wakka/Blitzball
   - Reno/Nightstick
   - Kadaj/Jenova bits
   - Cloud/Cell Phone
   - Cloud/Fenrir
   - Squall/Triple Triad Cards
   - Shinra/CommSphere
   - Leblanc/Nooj's Glasses(/other parts)
   - Balthier/The Strahl
   - Yuffie/Materia
   - Rikku/Auron's Sake Jug
   - Seifer/Quistis/Quistis' Whip



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