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I'm spammy today, guys, sorry.

I've been thinking about NaNoWriMo this year, as always. I'd write Beacon, like I always do, and probably make a lot of progress on it. But again, we're going on a Thanksgiving vacation, and as amazing as I am I don't think I can write the required 50,000 words in 20 days. I didn't last year, and I didn't the year before. And ILU NaNo, but I'm not giving up my vacation this year.

So I thought... why not do something different? I've been wanting to draw more, and I've been wanting to get into Beacon. So I thought, maybe I'll draw, one page of Beacon every day. Not totally FINISH like through the computer and everything, but draw in the sketchbook, one page of the comic every day. If I get behind, I'll draw two pages. At the end, I'll have a start, and I can scan them in and start working on them in Photoshop while I (hopefully) continue the story. The other benefit is that a sketchbook could come on vacation with me, technically. (I'm not sure whether I'd stick to it, but there's a chance.)

On the one hand, writing, yay! Getting back into it, getting more story down. On the other hand, drawing! Finally making myself draw daily to get better.

So I can't decide. And because my batch totally F-ed up and I'm cranky, I figured I'd write a poll on it. What do you guys think?

[Poll #1275003]
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So, I'm ready to admit both victory and defeat on NaNo. I didn't make 50,000 words in the month of November, so technically it's not a victory. But here's how I did:

Final word count: 32,411 / 50,000
Completed: 65%
Days in Sev's NaNo: 15

So, honestly, I think that if I had actually had the entire month to write it, I would have been able to complete it. I wrote over 2,000 words/day on average, which is pretty impressive, and more than enough to complete NaNo as a whole. I know technically I still have OMG THREE DAYS but I'm still catching up on the work I missed on vacation and all and it's not going to happen.

Better than last year, and enough that I declare I could have won if not for my vacation. But dude! Priorities!!

*sets to work on Christmas fic post*
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Words: 13,555
Percentage: 27%
Words today: 3416

Words per day I have to write to get this thing done on time, eliminating days I'm on vacation: ~3000.
Panic mode: On.


Nov. 3rd, 2006 03:28 pm
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Another worthless update:


I am 20% done.

Thank goodness. It is break time.

NaNo post

Nov. 3rd, 2006 10:29 am
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I am at home, I have a pot of coffee in the kitchen and a mug of pumpkin-spiced coffee right next to me, and I have the entire day to write NaNo (except for cleaning the shit in my house for when [ profile] drakonlily comes). I am on my comfy couch with my laptop on and the sun shining. I am at ~5200 words and should only get higher - which I will need, as my NaNO is like only 16 days long.

I only have one complaint.

Dear Rydia,

It is impossible for me to write - AT ALL - when you are continuously trying to climb into my lap and curl up. On top of the laptop. I love you, dearkitty, but ...must you choose NOW for a cuddleattack?

There, sit next to me and keep my leg warm. Much better.



Oct. 25th, 2006 08:23 am
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NaNoWriMo Meme: Stealed from [ profile] lassarina and [ profile] katmillia.

Novel Title: Seven Beacons
Estimated length: Long. Fucking long.
Your writing experience: Since childhood. Ha. Lots of absurdly long fanfiction since 7th grade.
Your genre: Fantasy
New genre? Or old favorite?: Old favourite. Stick with what you like!
Other genres of your novel: Action/Adventure, Mystery/Suspense, Drama, Science
Gonna publish?: I WISH

Cliches/archetypes you're including (not necessarily a bad thing!): Ragtag group of random heroes saving the world, mysterious boy with sooper speshul powers, hell - everyone with sooper speshul powers, airships squee!
Cliches/archetypes you're avoiding: One-dimensional characters, male/female archetypes (can we say male white mage?), saving the world always works out in the end, magic not having any scientific explanation
Theme(s)/Issue(s) discussed: Overcoming weaknesses of all kinds for a greater good, strength in the face of huge adversity, religion vs spirituality vs faith, science is a good thing!, when you're trying to save the world make sure you know what you're doing
What we (the readers) will learn: Um, I'm just hoping that the story will rock your ass off.

Main character(s): Morgan DeLumens, Flash Hermes, Armenise Prynne, Nerea Levia, Ashain, Dianali Noir, Forte Pyrus, Rafe
Secondary characters: Herman, Kina, Nimo, Dyina, Raissa, Mentany, Daive, etc...
Protagonist(s): All, really, but Part One: Morgan and Part Two: Ashain
Antagonist(s): Rafe, the Extari, the Seven Sins, the world...
What does your protagonist(s) or main character(s) want most in the world?: Oh hell. They all want something different, really. To generalize ... In Part I they want to end the war; in Part II they need to save the world.

Setting: fantasy planet, ~1000 years after a huge war which destroyed most civilization, and in the midst of another war which has been going on for ~60 years.
Is the setting static or does it shift: It will shift as the characters meet each other and travel.
Is a place/culture/real-world environment? (Which): Ha! Hahaha! Um, no, it's all made up, to the point where it's governed by imaginary laws of thermodynamics!

Main Conflict: In Part I the main conflict is the war between the North and the South and how the East fits into it; in Part II the main conflict is a good-and-evil, save-the-world battle.
Sub Conflicts: Alllll kinds. So much of the story is the individual characters overcoming their internal weaknesses.
Obstacles in the journey: Loyalties, technologies, beliefs, secrets and mystery
Expected resolution(s): Well, I'm pretty sure they save the world the second time, because they sure fuck it up good the first time.

Summary of plot: There's been war between the North and the South for over sixty years, but it's not what it seems: a secret is discovered which could unravel the truth behind the conflict. A handful of people contain the information needed to piece together this puzzle, and at the center of it stand two men, both with no past and no name.

Tagline (a one-sentence slogan that sums up the tone and premise of your novel): READ MY STORY, I'LL WRITE YOU PORN! Um. Kidding. I'll think of one later.


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