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On a scale from One to NO, how arrogantly selfcentered/douchey is it to fill your iconspace with icons of yourself... and your friends... set to lyrics of a song your brother wrote... about his/your friends...?

ALTERNATE TITLE OF THIS ENTRY: I love [ profile] venefica_aura in the shady Zack way

PS: I need to share the Ceiling Cake song with everyone. I can't get to Gmail by day but trust me, I'll try to dig it out tonight ^^
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[ profile] churched is waiting for me at the bus station. [ profile] drakonlily is dancing around our awesomely huge and beautiful hotel rooms (probably naked) RIGHT NOW. The back of my car is stuffed with alcohol and blankets! Tons of crazy LJers are converging on Columbus as we speak! There is a hotel bar waiting to be drunk completely out of dark beer!


Leave a message; talk to you all Monday.

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Weekend with [ profile] lassarina in Chicago: Excellent!

Friday night I made really good time... until I made a lazy stop for food and put myself directly in the beginning of rush-hour traffic. Note to self: YOU ARE AN IDIOT; when making good time on the road, don't ruin it! Anyway, after fighting the mobs of traffic, I got the Meglet, we got the Natalie, and then hit Chipotle. We then returned and basically denned for the night weekend, save a trip out to the Cheesecake Factory, because there is not one near me which means I like to go whenever possible (as I am trying to eat every delicious-looking item on their menu one by one!).

We watched the cutscenes from Lost Odyssey; while I'm not sure I have a really firm grasp on the entire game/plotline from the cutscenes, I can probably pick it up with an FAQ or game script. It was pretty and shiny, and had a lot of pretty awesome characters. I also got Persona 3! We started it but didn't get far at all -- I'm looking forward to picking that one up at home.

Edited to add: Also, Meg's cat molested me in my sleep. Trufax!!

Other than that, there was various fic-writing and lots of delicious drinks to be had. Meg and Nat introduced me to raspberry lambic, and as I am just getting involved in the brewing process here (a beginning brewmistress, to be sure) I'm now kind of curiously poking at recipes.

In other news, apparently when there is no traffic, the drive from me to Chicago actually only takes 5.5 hours, including a stop for food and gas. This probably means that I drive WAY too fast*. I blame [ profile] hilldo for distracting me on the phone for the last hour of the drive, which pretty much flew by. Stay tuned for our awesome future projects, guys. After we beat Secret of Mana, of course. There are vampires and wigs and crime-solving. stfu.

In other news, I am a bit ahead for JanNoWriMo; as I've already failed at the write-every-day goal, it looks like my new goal is just to write as many words as freaking possible. I wrote over 1000 words of Seifer/Irvine at Meglet's alone; as it was over the course of an evening I actually split it up to cover Saturday/Sunday (we were up pretty late on Sunday!) to be fairer.

NOW comes the fun of getting ready for Ohayocon! It looks like I will be unable to join [ profile] drakonlily this weekend for prep so I am trying to make a list of all the things I need to remember to bring and/or buy myself this weekend in whatever spare time I have. Help me out here, guys (esp Jana, Katy, Drakon, Becky):


I'm pretty excited for this convention, and also excited to be bringing people back home for the always-awesome Super Bowl party!

Anyway. Another totally crammed beginning-of-the-week for me. I hate my new Mon-Tues-Wed schedule, but hey, what can you do. Other than bitch about it a bit and then just man up.

* meaning 50 miles per hour AND SAFE, of course

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Up at 8-ish on a weekend to study for Tuesday's final. Ugh. This is just about my only chance to study, with [ profile] safety_caesars in this weekend for DRAGONFORCE. It's open-book, open-notes, but I missed a class from vacation, so I really need to review. Badly.

Still sick. I finally feel like myself, only myself with a terrible cough and runny nose, so there's that. This flu has been like a punch in the gut after such an awesome vacation. Apparently everyone else at work is sick, though, out for over a week at a time. So here's hoping this is the end of it... I haven't been this sick in years.

I have a kitty curled up behind me to keep me warm. :)

Went to the mall last night to drop off Goldbug (he is making a bad noise) and use our Bravo coupon (um... YUM). I got some tasty lip balm at The Body Shop -- it was a threepack, cranberry / vanilla / something orange-citrusy. They're delicious. I am addicted. I'm actually not eating them because they smell so tasty. Win. I also bought two pairs of shoes because the store was going out of business and they were cheaper than one normal pair... I couldn't help it.

Ohayocon: apparently I am going to be Celes (again), Rydia to [ profile] drakonlily's Rosa, AND Steampunk Cruella DeVille. If that isn't an awesome idea what is. [ profile] irish_ais has hilariously sweet ideas.

May be going to see both Rina AND Katy early next year. I am pretty excited. ♥

Need to stop blowing my nose.

(edit) oh, and hey, hit up [ profile] dumbdailypoll!


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