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THE OTAKON PHOTOS ARE IN. I've been waiting to post all the pictures together in one big massive love-fest, because this year was just FANTASTIC. I'm including my favorites here (basically, the terrible and hilarious ones, as well as photoshoot ones that are just awesome) and I highly suggest you all look at them, especially if you like FFVI, but also if you need a GOOD LAUGH and some AWESOME COSPLAY in your life. And who doesn't?

I haven't yet uploaded [ profile] yi_sen's shots of the Braska/Auron/Jecht PHOTOBOMBING, so, uh. Those will be later.


FFVI Photoshoot and Outtakes! )

And now, the out-takes:

FFVI Continues... )

The FFVI photoshoot is here, and the outtakes (and the rest of my photos) can be found here. There are some really good solo shots in the photog's album, and there are some more funny bar shots in my album, whichever you prefer. ;)

Seriously, I had the world's shittiest day today, and this made my life. I LOVE YOU GUYS.
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Otakon: Why LJ is apparently one gigantic incestuous circle of awesome .

A Recap by Sev

Otakon 2009 )
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[ profile] safety_caesars and [ profile] drakonlily are on their way here for the massive Otakon-preparing shenanigans of BWE. Becky is already surrounded by weirdos on the Greyhound! Kas is already in need of a trip to the bar!

At least they will not mind if I have a bit of stuff to do for FFEX. I can bribe Becky with a peek at CD prompts or something. *shoots self for poor planning*


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