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So! In the upcoming year of 2013, [personal profile] lassarina and I will be playing through each Final Fantasy game, in order! One game every month! Moving on at the end of every month! And we'll be blogging our thoughts, our meta, our deconstructions and fannish feels - and once a month I will, apparently, be drunk!live!blogging something horrible - and recording everything here: [community profile] moogle_university, as a public record of our gamer cred (for Rina) / shame (for me).

I've posted an intro here, if you want to know a little bit about my reasons for doing this project and how excited I am to have had this awesome idea. I invite anybody who wants to watch/join the comm -- part of what I love about Final Fantasy is the community built out of its fannish love, so everybody's welcome. It would be awesome if people helped to spur us on or even asked questions as we got the project rolling.

So, yeah. That's a thing.


Oct. 10th, 2012 04:20 pm
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As of tonight, I am off to NYC/NYCC for a horrifying/fabulous weekend. (horrifabulous?) I'm going to a convention on ankles that can't walk or stand for more than 5-10 minutes without feeling like stabbing bruises, with a lingering cough that both sounds and feels like I'm hauling the grossest parts of my lungs up through my throat, on no less than 7 prescriptions (4 of which say, dude, don't drink alcohol)--

--and it's going to be awesome. Or, I might die, but hey.

See y'all.

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As of tomorrow evening I will be drunk at Ohayocon. My itinerary includes:
  • Battleshots

  • FF Roller Derby Rydia, part of the Zeromus Haters roller derby team

  • being drunk

  • (drunk) (gay stylist) (spaghetti making) Trowa, from Gundam Wing

  • gluing sparkly shit on everyone who stands still long enough to let me

  • getting to curl Becky's hair :D

  • possibly seducing Quatre's voice actor with Katy

  • drinking an entire beer penis

  • a round of Snirvines (this year's shot)

  • Mongolian Fucking Barbecue

  • cuddling

  • lots of compromising photos posted to our live photo feed

  • creepersharking

  • HOPEFULLY partying with Hot Leia and Hot Tifa and Hot Cloud and Hard Gay

I'll have my phone for email and texts, but I will very likely be drunk or sleeping, so. Contact at your own risk, fools. Otherwise, I will get back to all of you on Monday when I am hung the fuck over sober and back at work.



Dec. 15th, 2011 02:10 pm
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So due to the fact that I've been scrupulously saving up vacation time (since I had to spend a lot of it earlier this year in order to pass/survive lab*) -- and also due to the fact that I just purchased 4 days of vacation via a cut in my Christmas paycheck** -- I am now officially out of work*** until 03 JANUARY, 2012.

I'm sure it won't be as relaxing as I'd like - holidays never are, no offense Christmas - so it isn't really a 'vacation', but I'll tell you this, I am going to do my damndest to relax and enjoy the fuck out of this time off.

* fucking lab
** aka taking unpaid time off. I am trying not to think about this; holidays are already expensive and I'm sure when it rolls into my bank account I'll have a good sob, but the cost seemed worth it right now
*** I have a meeting I can't miss on Tuesday morning. It's okay, I'll still be in town and I don't mind coming in then since it means I can leave early today.

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Go vote today! ♥
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Livejournal friends: Please don't post comments you make on my private (FLocked) entries to Facebook or Twitter.

The entries I lock, I lock for a reason.

Just in case I have to say it: Don't repost. Don't make this stuff public. Don't send it to somebody not on my filter and discuss (or laugh, or gossip, or whatever). Just in case I have to say it - which I shouldn't, and if you do that, you're losing my respect, really - but if I do, consider it said.

I realize that the overlap between Sev and Jessy diminishes pretty much daily, but: I control that; you don't. Please don't make that choice for me. I really won't be happy. And I reserve the right to remove you in whatever way I need to if you're douchey like that.

I'm hoping Livejournal makes this an opt-out because it just seems like an awful move - not to mention that if you tweet every single comment you make I'm defriending you for simple spam reasons more than anything - but until then, please let my wishes stand as journal policy.

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Off to Columbus tonight for Ohayocon. Will still have email if you need me, but responses may be garbled and drunken. If this amuses you, please email me with the words "PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN" and you'll receive a photo of the nearest pair of boobies.

I mean what.

I realize I owe a more personal post letting everybody know how I am and how I've been, but this post is not that post.

♥ to everyone who can't come; we'll miss you!

♥ and a leghumping to everyone I'll see in a few hours!
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Off to my brother's wedding. Love to all.
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[ profile] churched is waiting for me at the bus station. [ profile] drakonlily is dancing around our awesomely huge and beautiful hotel rooms (probably naked) RIGHT NOW. The back of my car is stuffed with alcohol and blankets! Tons of crazy LJers are converging on Columbus as we speak! There is a hotel bar waiting to be drunk completely out of dark beer!


Leave a message; talk to you all Monday.

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I am officially off on vacation until Friday, November 28th.

Huge thanks go to the excellent [ profile] jennyclarinet for taking care of my kitty.

Best thoughts to Katy, because that just sucks.

Leave a message, and I'll return your comment in a week. Happy Thanksgiving, guys. :)
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Gone for the weekend. Leave me a message.

I totally expect snippets of "FF IN SPACE" in my Inbox when I return.

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If I'm more unavailable than usual this weekend, it's because I am off in Chicago, finally beating FFXII and drinking copious amounts of wine with the lovely [ profile] lassarina!

expect drunken texts Talk to you all next week!
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Well, in 24 hours my plane will be landing in Baltimore. So I guess this is the official notification post...

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I am actually checked in for my flight.

Public announcement: Will be away from the internets until Sunday, 13 July. Please leave a message!

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Dear everybody, I have no idea what is in the livejournal water recently, or whether it is an LJ Full Moon, or what, but I want you all to know I love everybody and just want the world to be a happy fun place full of rainbows and unicorns that poop puppies.

I'll be over here in my stress-ball. If I've been a dumbass please forgive me, I have been working 14-hour days. If you have been a dumbass, I forgive you; I probably haven't even noticed. I love you all and I don't want people to be mad and I'm going to hide in a corner and work and study.

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Will be away from the internets until Friday, 28 December.


Leave comments here.

Happy Holidays!

♥ - Sev


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