Mar. 25th, 2013 07:53 am
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It's that weird overlap time where you are moving and you know you are moving, but you haven't yet; the place you're in now becomes less home by default, just a feeling, but there's nothing yet to take its place. For a Taurus like me - grounded by the places I feel safe - this is a very strange and uncomfortable feeling.

I'm working on making the place feel like my home in my head though, so that once I get there, I will feel settled. Took the cats and had a sleepover party on Friday (Marzy had an absolute blast; Porter was pretty terrified and spent the first ~15min hiding under the laundry tub, but eventually warmed up to it. Rydia, showing once again that she truly is my familiar, somehow felt out which room was the master bedroom and spent most of her time lounging under my window); spent all yesterday afternoon putting up a first coat of paint in Becky's room. Going to spend time this week taking vacation from work to paint the other bedrooms, tear up the master BD carpet, fix a leaky sink etc.

I'm calling it the Feymarch. Although it also goes by Castle Gaylord (which is actually a more fitting name when you realize what an absolute dork I am for interior decorating. My dining room is going to be straight out of fucking Rivendell, you may all defriend me immediately.), but the Feymarch is fitting for a place that feels like it's out in the middle of nowhere.

Hard to believe I'm going to be living there in less than a month. When in the absolute fuck am I going to pack?

My moods are still, honestly, all over the goddamn place. I'm excited about it, but then I reach a point where I'm preemptively overwhelmed and just don't want to think about it - and then I start bouncing off all the other angles: I want credit for doing something this awesome all by myself; I don't want anybody else knowing or talking or helping because this is mine; I want to have a million parties; I want to be there alone forever. I swear my depression-brain is a manic depressive these days. I could deal with it when it was straightforward depression brain. I seriously don't know how to operate with manic depressive headbees.

But it's mine. If you're an address person and you'd like my new address, fire me an email -- I'd love to get some cute moving-in mail. :D
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There are two preludes to this story:

(1) So Rydia still fights with the boys occasionally; this is worse at the townhouse, because with all of us - and Becky - there, space is pretty limited, meaning Rydia doesn't have a very good "safe haven" she can run to when she just doesn't want to be bothered with their bullshittery. They get along fine most of the time; it's really just when one gets in her all up in her space (it's usually Marzy), or when sometimes they (read: Marzy) interpret her as playful, and try to bat at her tail or boop her nose. She'll howl and hiss and sometimes swat. Depending on how they reply, it can continue, although usually they get the message and leave her alone.

It isn't anything bad, although I don't like when it happens. It's just a feline assertion of boundaries. Rydia is made of cranky cat hate, anyway.

(Side note: how come I can't just hiss and swat when somebody comes into my space and bothers me? KIA SOUL I AM LOOKING AT YOU)

(2) There's a pack of stray cats that live out by the dumpster. I saw them for the first time a couple months ago: there's a little wild patch of brush and bushes and stuff leading into the woods behind the dumpster, and they chill in there. There's a mom and at least 3? 4? kittens, mostly black and grey, and some of them are fluffos; the kittens are not kittens, they're at least ~6 months old, but they still follow the mum like a pack. They seem pretty feral; they looked curious about me, but certainly didn't want to come out of the wild brush and investigate.

So last night about 4:30 I was awakened by the howl-snarl-hiss of Rydia and Marzy getting into it. Gee, thanks, cats. I rolled over. But it didn't stop: suddenly there was just howling, that low warbling mournful-angry-painful deep howl that cats do. By the time I had gathered my poor sleep-stiff brains together I'd realized that it probably wasn't Rydia, because it sounded like it was coming from outside (I have my window open pretty much forever). I went to the window. It sure sounded like a very unhappy cat. Now I'm picturing a cat run over by a car or something awful. So I got out of bed and went downstairs - subtly checking to make sure it wasn't any of my cats - and then slipped outside.

Right in front of the neighbor's townhouse are two of the ferals: the black one and another one that was hiding under a car that I couldn't see. Neither one would approach me, although they kind of sat and stared. They'd at least stopped howling - maybe one was a lady in heat; maybe I'd interrupted cat sex - and eventually kind of slunk off, which made me feel better because hopefully neither one was injured.

So I have a new goal now. My goal is to befriend the dumpster kittens... enough that I can take them in to get them all fixed. I'll pay, I don't mind (although I'll take donations!), and I'm pretty sure they're feral enough that they won't want to live with people anyway - they can go right back to the dumpster. I just hadn't really thought about it until last night, but I want to make sure they're taken care of, so that there aren't suddenly 40 dumpster kittens next spring.
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So I have three cats. Let me get this out there first: I love cats. I have always loved cats; I love dogs too - I don't think you have to like one or the other; some people do but there are plenty of us who like both - but my lifestyle isn't really appropriate for a dog. I work 10-hour days and I'm already out of the house for 11.5 hours straight because of it; add in grad school, the gym, and the errands it takes to be a damn adult, and it's easy for me to be out of the house for 14 hours. That's only an average day. That isn't fair to do to any dog - dogs take a lot of commitment and responsibility (to get a good dog, anyway) and that just isn't feasible. So, I have three cats.

I love my cats.

I love cats in general. They are affectionate and friendly, but not clingy or needy - just like me. They want things when they want them and no one can really convince them otherwise, unless it's food - just like me. They actually need space and alone time and will be sure to get it whenever necessary - just like me. They are fuzzy and cute and make adorable noises, which I am not and don't, but hey, a girl can't do everything.

I love pets and I talk to mine all the time, like people. Because I come from crazystock, the cats talk back (yes, they all have 'voices'). They all have personalities, they all have habits, and they all have places in my heart.

So these are my cats. Lots of photos, guys, made small for easy access! )

I know my photos are old -- I think they max out at 6 months, and they are so much bigger now; I want to take a video (HAPPY KITTY VIDEO, Y/Y?) and even if I can't I'll try to get some of the photos off of my phone so that you can at least see how freaking gigantic the kittens are now. WHY DO KITTENS GROW. :(

They're small and cute and so very adorably MINE, and I am so very glad that I can provide a good home to three cats who really needed it. "Cat dreams do some true" is what Jeff and I say to them, and it's so very true. They are the luckiest fuckers in the entire world.

And those are my cats!

EDIT: I came upstairs after reading this post, and Marzy had knocked every single bottle of vitamins off of my dresser and onto the ground (that's like 5 bottles) and Porter was sleeping in a laundry basket. That should tell you everything you need to know.

This is part of my 30 Days of Posting meme - feel free to check out the schedule of posting and contribute if there are any spaces! DW || LJ
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Rydia caught a mouse last night.

And left it lying neatly on the floor beside my coat and school bag.

She is so sweet. I am so proud.
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Up at 8-ish on a weekend to study for Tuesday's final. Ugh. This is just about my only chance to study, with [ profile] safety_caesars in this weekend for DRAGONFORCE. It's open-book, open-notes, but I missed a class from vacation, so I really need to review. Badly.

Still sick. I finally feel like myself, only myself with a terrible cough and runny nose, so there's that. This flu has been like a punch in the gut after such an awesome vacation. Apparently everyone else at work is sick, though, out for over a week at a time. So here's hoping this is the end of it... I haven't been this sick in years.

I have a kitty curled up behind me to keep me warm. :)

Went to the mall last night to drop off Goldbug (he is making a bad noise) and use our Bravo coupon (um... YUM). I got some tasty lip balm at The Body Shop -- it was a threepack, cranberry / vanilla / something orange-citrusy. They're delicious. I am addicted. I'm actually not eating them because they smell so tasty. Win. I also bought two pairs of shoes because the store was going out of business and they were cheaper than one normal pair... I couldn't help it.

Ohayocon: apparently I am going to be Celes (again), Rydia to [ profile] drakonlily's Rosa, AND Steampunk Cruella DeVille. If that isn't an awesome idea what is. [ profile] irish_ais has hilariously sweet ideas.

May be going to see both Rina AND Katy early next year. I am pretty excited. ♥

Need to stop blowing my nose.

(edit) oh, and hey, hit up [ profile] dumbdailypoll!
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Also: "Undead Journal"? HAHAHA I LOVE IT. I am so lame!

From [ profile] owlmoose and [ profile] bottle_of_shine: If you are reading this, post a picture of a cat in your journal. (Your cat, or someone else's. But preferably yours! If possible.)

I lack recent pictures of my cat )
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Well, sigh. We had Bogdog practice tonight, which was actually pretty good considering the fact that we haven't played together in over a month. And the plan was to go hit the Dugout afterwards. However, towards the end of practice I developed a massive headache - the kind that sort of stabs you behind the eye? I get those often, or often enough to know the only thing that makes it go away is Advil and Quiet.

So anyway, I stayed home while the boys went out to do their karaoke thing. Luckily for me, I felt alright enough to try some drawing, although I can't seem to commit to anything tonight for longer than 5 min. It was nice to be drawing again though. IMO, every little bit counts.

Anyway, here are tonight's sketches: Agrias from FFT, for [ profile] cockeyed_art, and FFIV's Rydia and Rosa, because I just felt like sketching them. None are fantastic but Rosa turned out ridiculously cute and I kind of want to squish her.

I practice sketching a lot on notes in class - I've been practicing a lot this semester, haha - and I'm starting to get my art-related "groove" back. When Katy and I bought our tablets last ...what, August?, I really hadn't been seriously drawing in like forever, and I could tell when I sat down. Now I'm not saying I'm a fantastic artist (as you can see), but it has really taken me a lot of time and a lot of practice to get back to the place where I'm like, yeah, okay, that looks like a face and that looks like a person and that mostly looks like I want it to, I guess.

Sketching can be difficult for me. Sometimes I'll be doodling on paper and the next thing I know I've drawn an almost-perfect Quistis that I really like, but those are few and far between. Usually sketches (read: shit in the margins of my polymer science notes - hey, it makes studying fun!) come out looking somehow fugly or fucktarded, like the eyes are uneven or the hair's all fug or something's just wrong. And I sketch too. I'm not like [ profile] katmillia who can draw a perfect line in her sketchbook and also makes me want to vomit from jealousy and the pretty. I draw like 300 lines to get the curve of a face right. And by right I mean CLOSE ENOUGH

Since what I really want to do is develop tablet skills, too, what I'm trying to do is basically to do low-pressure, nice-and-lazy, fun sort of sketches (like these) to help me develop the tablet-eye coordination I so desperately need.

I mean... I don't know. This is lame of me but with all the thinking I've been doing the last few months about how I spend my time and what that means, I've realized that I don't want my 20s to pass me by without putting some serious effort into actually learning to draw. It's all about [ profile] seven_beacons, in the end -- I want to get Beacon into art form, somehow, even if it's just illustrations to a written piece, whatever. Ideally I want it to be a comic. And if I'm going to work this hard on a LAME ASS DEGREE, I can try to put a little bit of time and effort into "art studying" to help me get better.

This entry got long, and my headache is coming back. Time for more water and, probably, bed.

edit: my cat is absolutely the cutest thing ever. I'm finishing up this entry and she's sitting RIGHT next to the desk chair, staring at me. every time I look down at her she either meows or squeaks at me, like hey mom, pet me please. five minutes ago she actually got up on her back legs to bat me in the chair all pay attention to me!!! I think I'm going to go let her cuddle with me in bed. Rydiakitty, I heart you.


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