Mar. 17th, 2014 08:42 am
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Can we. please. have. mostly-constant. temperatures. More than five days in a row.

Lady Fibromyalgia-Arthritis Johnson thanks you.

In other nonsensible news, I may be considering signing up for a triathlon. A baby triathlon - sprint triathlon category: swim 0.5 mi, bike 15 mi, run 3.1 mi. I don't know why the prospect is so appealing -- it isn't like this body is running low on pain and exhaustion and thus has to pick up some more at the triathlon training store. This is a good idea, Sev, said no one. However, the thought of doing something stupid and violent appeals to me. It's cool.
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The Pen Is Mightier (2422 words) by seventhe, Vrazdova
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Final Fantasy III
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Arc/Alus Restor
Characters: Arc (Final Fantasy III), Alus Restor, Refia (Final Fantasy III)
Additional Tags: Epistolary, Crack Treated Seriously, Sexting Via Mognet, Ostentatious Erotic Love Letters, Aged Up Till It's Not Creepy, Pen15 Club, talkinboutmypenis

Arc and Alus exchange letters wherein they attempt to discover the purpose of a mysterious gift from Refia. Things escalate quickly.

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Somewhere in the back of my brain I've got a big 2013 New Year's Resolutions post brewing, but this is not that post. This is just a public announcement, because I figure it's fitting that one of my first actual actions of the new year has been registering for my remaining 4 credits of graduate research at the University of Akron.

I figure that since the general desire to finish my thesis and get all gradumitated and get this over and done with hasn't been enough motivation for me to actually do it, maybe the $1800 I just shelled out in tuition credits will be. :/

I mean it this year, folks. I know I've been saying it for a while, but I actually mean it this year. I'm done with this shit. I need to finish. I'm so tired of having the shadow of this hanging over my head and getting in the way of my actual life.

I will get my masters in 2013. Fuck it.
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- with a delightfully complimentary assortment of the family I love, the family they've chosen (my sister-in-law and her parents), and the family I've chosen (my close friends)

- making everyone - extended family and friends included - take the Myers-Briggs test and getting to pontificate wildly and very nerdily about what everyone's results mean all night long

- continuously eating and drinking far too much, including the green bean casserole I made from scratch after a shame grocery pilgrimage that's really its own sordid tale

- playing two very, very drunk games of Settlers of Catan

- doing three Tarot readings that were so scarily accurate and meaningful that everyone in the room was substantially freaked out and I'm actually a little afraid to touch my deck right now

- sitting outside in a graveyard looking at the sky and drinking Dark & Stormy from a flask while being snowed on and shooting the shit with an important friend, until we couldn't feel our butts, before coming home at 5am to cuddle for warmth with my roomie

- meeting my parents at Taco Bell before we all went our separate ways because holiday traditions are important, yo

- coming home through the snow and cold to the most gratuitous bagel-egg-cheese sandwich in the world, a warm bath, and a bed covered in blankets and cats who missed me and can't wait to sit on my feet

I'm not always the happiest / most optimistic / most upbeat person, especially recently. But even with everything else going on, I'm officially thankful that this is my life.
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So! In the upcoming year of 2013, [personal profile] lassarina and I will be playing through each Final Fantasy game, in order! One game every month! Moving on at the end of every month! And we'll be blogging our thoughts, our meta, our deconstructions and fannish feels - and once a month I will, apparently, be drunk!live!blogging something horrible - and recording everything here: [community profile] moogle_university, as a public record of our gamer cred (for Rina) / shame (for me).

I've posted an intro here, if you want to know a little bit about my reasons for doing this project and how excited I am to have had this awesome idea. I invite anybody who wants to watch/join the comm -- part of what I love about Final Fantasy is the community built out of its fannish love, so everybody's welcome. It would be awesome if people helped to spur us on or even asked questions as we got the project rolling.

So, yeah. That's a thing.
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There are two preludes to this story:

(1) So Rydia still fights with the boys occasionally; this is worse at the townhouse, because with all of us - and Becky - there, space is pretty limited, meaning Rydia doesn't have a very good "safe haven" she can run to when she just doesn't want to be bothered with their bullshittery. They get along fine most of the time; it's really just when one gets in her all up in her space (it's usually Marzy), or when sometimes they (read: Marzy) interpret her as playful, and try to bat at her tail or boop her nose. She'll howl and hiss and sometimes swat. Depending on how they reply, it can continue, although usually they get the message and leave her alone.

It isn't anything bad, although I don't like when it happens. It's just a feline assertion of boundaries. Rydia is made of cranky cat hate, anyway.

(Side note: how come I can't just hiss and swat when somebody comes into my space and bothers me? KIA SOUL I AM LOOKING AT YOU)

(2) There's a pack of stray cats that live out by the dumpster. I saw them for the first time a couple months ago: there's a little wild patch of brush and bushes and stuff leading into the woods behind the dumpster, and they chill in there. There's a mom and at least 3? 4? kittens, mostly black and grey, and some of them are fluffos; the kittens are not kittens, they're at least ~6 months old, but they still follow the mum like a pack. They seem pretty feral; they looked curious about me, but certainly didn't want to come out of the wild brush and investigate.

So last night about 4:30 I was awakened by the howl-snarl-hiss of Rydia and Marzy getting into it. Gee, thanks, cats. I rolled over. But it didn't stop: suddenly there was just howling, that low warbling mournful-angry-painful deep howl that cats do. By the time I had gathered my poor sleep-stiff brains together I'd realized that it probably wasn't Rydia, because it sounded like it was coming from outside (I have my window open pretty much forever). I went to the window. It sure sounded like a very unhappy cat. Now I'm picturing a cat run over by a car or something awful. So I got out of bed and went downstairs - subtly checking to make sure it wasn't any of my cats - and then slipped outside.

Right in front of the neighbor's townhouse are two of the ferals: the black one and another one that was hiding under a car that I couldn't see. Neither one would approach me, although they kind of sat and stared. They'd at least stopped howling - maybe one was a lady in heat; maybe I'd interrupted cat sex - and eventually kind of slunk off, which made me feel better because hopefully neither one was injured.

So I have a new goal now. My goal is to befriend the dumpster kittens... enough that I can take them in to get them all fixed. I'll pay, I don't mind (although I'll take donations!), and I'm pretty sure they're feral enough that they won't want to live with people anyway - they can go right back to the dumpster. I just hadn't really thought about it until last night, but I want to make sure they're taken care of, so that there aren't suddenly 40 dumpster kittens next spring.
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Week #4 of Sev's Half-Marathon Training Plan:

Tempo RunLong RunEasy Recovery Runtotaltarget
Week #13.07 mi 5.4 mi 3.2 mi11.67 mi11 mi
Week #23.5 mi 4.85 mi 3.64 mi12 mi12 mi
Week #34 mi 6.6 mi 3.3 mi13.9 mi13.3 mi
Week #43.87 mi 7.5 mi 3.3 mi14.67 mi14.6 mi

This was a pretty bad week for running. I had no energy anywhere; every single run felt like a giant slog rather than a workout of any kind. I was super lethargic and none of the runs felt good at all.

I kept my pace slow and thus my asthma under control, so I will count that as a win, or a partial win.

Part of the slow feeling was due to my needing new shoes (and then getting new shoes - I don't sprint in new shoes until I've run in them once or twice), which hopefully I've taken care of. I also plan to start doing the long run on Sundays. Doing it on Friday - after however many hours of lab - is starting to be a pretty bad idea.

Week #5 goals:
  • 16 miles total

  • 90 minute long run, >8 miles slow.

I am pretty sure my body's telling me that I need a rest week. I need to hang on until next weekend, the 18th, because that's when I'll be going to my parents' house to celebrate my dad's birthday (which was in February). I can take a rest week then.
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You know, I don't REALLY believe in astrology. Really. But at times like this - when everyone around me is having a shit time of it, and I mean a really shit time; when lives and relationships and emotions and loves and friends are all down, depressed, wrecked and dying -- when it's like everyone I know has something awful happen on almost the same day, within the same week --- look, I start to get fuckin' suspicious of the stars and the planets and the damn moon moving through Scorpio.

♥ to everyone I know.

I am posting this from my new place. I have internets. I still lack half my stuff. Priorities, I has them?
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On Running A Lot, Honoring Your Body, Donuts, and Why BMI Is Bullshit: A Workout Manifesto, Possibly The First Of Many Long Rambles Unless I am Mass Defriended )

To be continued, as thoughts appear.

[EDIT] As a precursor to a post I'll write later, I'll just throw this out there: think about girls who look like Tifa, or like Tifa would look like in real life: ass-kicking muscles. Strong thighs, big shoulders. I could totally get into that. Who picked "skinny" as the default connotation for "healthy"???


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