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TOMORROW IS [ profile] hilldo'S BIRTHDAY. HE WILL BE O-L-D! ♥

I vote we all scribble him a picture in MSPaint and leave them for him in the comments. The naughtier the better. >.>
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So guess who actually got sunburnt this weekend?! If you guess me, you are correct.

Grad school, bike rides, beer making and scientific nerditude thereof, birthday parties, and more sunshine than you can shake a stick at )

Things I did not do this weekend:
  • Write any words at all.

  • [ profile] lunaticdiscord. I didn't even check my email (thx for 250+ unreads this morning guyz)


Anyway. It's beautiful here, again. I love this.
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I blame [ profile] hilldo and [ profile] bottle_of_shine for this one.

[Poll #1292470]

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Penis Text Adventures, Part IV
Rating: Well, PG-13 or R, depending on how you rate curse words and mentions of buttsex
Characters: Sir Hilldo, Grace, Kitty Kitty, orcs, an ogre, and an awkward manifestation of herpes

Summary: In which things actually happen, but still manage to be funny, at least to us. Secrets about Grace are revealed! Treasure is found! Kitty Kitty eats everything in sight! JELLO PUDDING POPS

Orc Balls make you breathe fire )

- - -

And, in an awkward abuse of my awesome paid-account powers, I present you with the Sir Hilldo Poll!

To flirt with Sir Hilldo, click here. )
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Yes, that's right! It's another ACTION-PACKED POST FROM SEV.

JanNoWriMo, my fake NaNo to make up for the fact that November always sucks a nut for writing in my personal schedule, will officially start Monday, Jan 07. Because I say so! Also because a lot of the players will be gone this weekend at Ohayocon. Although if you want to start right now, go ahead! You're awesome.

The point of JanNoWriMo is basically to write as many words as you can! I will be starting with HNtDB and [ profile] bottle_of_shine's country music cowboy bodyguard porn (NAY A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! PORN FOR YOU AS SOON AS I CAN!) and then moving into origific. There's no 50K goal; there's no 50K limit. We're just writing words. Set your own goal and come write with me; I need people to cheer me on. XD




THIS ONE'S FOR [ profile] jennyclarinet! Who is hot.

Penis Text Adventures, Part III
Rating: Well, PG-13 or R, depending on how you rate curse words and mentions of buttsex
Characters: Sir Hilldo, some shitty orcs, a mysterious girl, a surprisingly cute pet, and drunks!

Summary: In which a plot takes over and all of you invariably get bored and tell us to STFU and/or go back to being funny. Sir Hilldo defends his slut maiden's honor, amuses the townsfolk, and gets a kitty!

The Shield of +1 to Herpes )- - -

Sometimes I make me laugh.
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OK, [ profile] hilldo and I are apparently super fucking retarded. Super!

Penis Text Adventures, Part II
Rating: Well, PG-13 or R, depending on how you rate curse words and mentions of buttsex
Characters: Sir Hilldo, some shitty orcs, a mysterious girl, and a huge ass ogre

Summary: In which things actually happen and a plot appears! Fireballs, jewels, and battle! Oh, and there might have been some cucumber rape.

Yes, there's more  )

Fuck, dude. This thing is like 5000 words long and it is all going towards NaNo.
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OK, so apparently when [ profile] hilldo and I get bored (and make cock jokes), this is what happens.

Penis Text Adventures, Part I
Rating: Well, PG-13 or R, depending on how you rate curse words and mentions of buttsex
Characters: Sir Hilldo, his penis, some guards, a couple kids, a baby momma, and a PONY horse

Summary: In Which the Good Sir Hilldo wakes up naked, accepts a quest from a Fair baby momma Maiden, catches a horse using nothing but the charm of his pelvic thrusting, and kills an orc.

What do you do when work is really, really boring? )

P.S. If we've made you laugh let us know, because we'll be doing this all week and I'd rather know not to post it if no one thinks we're funny at all.

and then

Mar. 29th, 2007 01:37 pm
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and then Christine from across the hall decided to take Jeff and I to the ice cream social. That's right, [ profile] hilldo, guess what I am eating right now. Hint: it has brownies, vanilla ice cream, caramel, and whipped cream on the top. Hint #2: it is better than cake

...And today gets a little bit better.
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So! The Live Ends had a show this Saturday at a Halloween Party. And it was awesome. It was probably the best show we've ever played, crowd-wise. Granted, it was for a costume party, so there were already a lot of people there, and they were already in the mood to dance. But we definitely went over well. We had a lot of songs from the anniversary party we played that were more dance-y songs, and it was really cool to have a crowd of people dancing to our stuff and singing along at the top of their lungs. We debuted about an hour's worth of new stuff, including two new songs I sing that I was really nervous about. I don't have a remarkable voice - my pitch is excellent but my voice itself is only so-so. But I think they went over relatively well.

Plus we dressed up as cowboys. That was totally hot. There were some other good costumes - [ profile] hilldo's Blatz Girl made an appearance, and [ profile] jennyclarinet came as the devil with a really useful pitchfork - and I got to watch a friend totally mack on an older woman as well as the phenomenon known as Fat Cop. Also, there were like three people dressed as bees. I HATE BEES, WHAT THE FUCK?! There was like a fat bee, a normal bee, and then a Sexy Bee. It was absolutely horrible. BEES SUCK AND IT MAKES A HORRIBLE COSTUME K?

In other news, my fantasy football team had a really horrible week. Delhomme got me a rockin' -2 points. Marvin Harrison only got me like 4 points. WHAT THE FUCK. It's really annoying, because I have a team of players who should be really good - Rudi Fucking Johnson, anybody? - but it's almost like BECAUSE they're well-known players they get all the coverage and never get shit. Plus, I keep getting boned by Joey Galloway, and in the bad way. (In the butt!)

While most of the other teams get double-digit points on shit. Why isn't Antonio Gates racking up like 20 points a week?! (FUCK YOU, RIVERS!!) C'mon, really -- c'mon.

So, anyway. Stupid fantasy team. I really don't know what to do with them - it's like, how do you justify sitting Rudi Johnson for, say, Willie Parker? (The Steelers' total suck notwithstanding.) Gay ass fantasy game anyway.

So, yeah. And NaNoWriMo starts on Wednesday OMFG. Work had to pick now to get all busy-like, huh?!
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October who?!

First things first: Manly Request Week is officially over. WOW. I'd never expected (1) to get that many or (2) that they would take so long. You can browse the finished collection here or browse by character in [ profile] brokenprism's tags here.

I'm actually pleased with most of them. "Garage" (for [ profile] bottle_of_shine) is rushed and I know it, but that's what happens when you write at work and you know you only have 20min to finish this piece and then you have to go home; however, the idea was good, and it may be expanded on, mostly because Seifer is now eating my brains. "Duties" (for [ profile] scribe_protra) suffers from voice issues as well, but I've identified my problem there (which mostly involved starting with a piece from last year rather than starting from scratch! but ah well), so I think I've learned something!

Sigh. So now I have October to catch up on claims, work on "Shine Like Gold" and "How Not To Date Blondes", and plan out NaNo for November!


In other news, [ profile] hilldo, is it true that every other member of the J-Squad got a piece on Friday night but you? HEE.


So really. Where did September go? And why'd it go so freaking fast?!
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(1) [ profile] hilldo wants to make fun of my tags, eh? SO THERE.

(2) How Not To Date Blondes. First chapter up! Collab with [ profile] rosencrantz. Our attempt at making sense of a potential Quistis/Zell relationship. So far, packed with humor (we hope).

x-posted at [ profile] brokenprism too

(3) I got boned in fantasy football this week.

I'm really glad the Saints won, though. You could feel the energy in that stadium through the TV. It was awesome.

But, yeah. Boned. Completely. Fuck, I need a new QB. And all my consistent studly men got boned too! RUDI JOHNSON, I'M LOOKING AT YOU. TOOL.


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