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So, I initially said I was going to do a mini-Nano. Well. I kind of intended to work on an original story I'd already started. Then, Becky and I were going to work on ~shame novels~. Now, I have no idea what I'm going to do. And it's November 1st!

I do want to work on my original stories. I really do. But at this point I'm not sure it'll carry me through the month.

So hey! Leave me some prompts.

Like always, I make no guarantee that they're going to get written at all. (See for reference: I took prompts last year, and they did erupt into words, but none of them ever got finished.)

So no guarantees and no promises and maybe I'll just end up trolling those prompts from last year because some of them are still awesome (BALLS AND SPAGHETTI, ANYONE??), but if you have any new ideas, or revamps of old ideas, throw them at me

25,000 words i swear it will happen
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I saw Distant Worlds last Friday, and it was amazing. I'd heard from a lot of people that it was going to be really good, but I had kind of been trying to keep reasonable expectations and all. It was just unbelievable, though, like on a lot of levels: this is the music from a series of games I have been playing for over 20 years now, well over half my life, and I listened to them in a gorgeous ballroom-type setting thing surrounded by people from the internet that I met through these games who are now some of my closest and best friends in the world. It's a little mind-blowing when I put it that way. No wonder I got a bit emotional.

The show opened with the Opening: Bombing Mission from FFVII, and that was definitely a "get chills" type thing: [personal profile] novel_machinist and [personal profile] crankyoldman were the first people I met in person through fandom, [mumble] years ago, and we all met through FFVII and cosplayed really shitty Turks at our first convention and there they were sitting right in front of me: LULZ, to put it in the vernacular. Can I use any more colons: WE'LL FIND OUT.

Other highlights of the show for me:
  • The fucking battle music from FFVIII. What the everloving fuck: why did this make me cry? But it did. I think it was the moment I realized they were using the footage from the scene in Dollet where they're running from that giant monster and Quistis fucks it up with the machine gun so that Squall can escape. I have unhealthy feelings about this game.

  • On that note: EYES ON ME. HOLY JESUS. Sobfest over basically a Squall/Rinoa songvid. I absolutely loved that singer.

  • and on that note: MAN WITH THE MACHINE GUN. Will I ever not love this song in its entirely? JFMC.

  • There were two pieces from FFIX, and even though that wasn't my favorite game, I'd forgotten (a) how poignant and pretty the music is and (b) that the game can still pack an emotional punch with some of those visuals.

  • FFIV's Theme Of Love. It's a beautiful song from my favorite game. I probably would have liked a little more music from FFIV - they did a medley from I-III that was amazing and made me tear up a little, and it would have been nice to see the same for FFIV; it has the kind of very repetitive music I think would be suited for a medley. Then again I'm a little prejudiced about this game.

  • Zanarkand. Fucking Zanarkand. I cried so hard at this one. The visuals were just really well done - people cry, and Yuna dances - and personally I think it's top five one of the most beautifully emotional songs in the entire FF series.

  • THE OPERA FROM FFVI. I wasn't sure how this was going to play out, but I was hopeful, and it was absolutely amazing. The singers were phenomenal, and they put little clips of the Opera House from the game up in-between the singing parts, and I got pretty emotional seeing Locke running around in the rafters and Edgar and Sabin sitting in the chairs ("Why is everyone singing?") and all of that. Again, nostalgia time: my brother Jim and I pooled all our money to buy FFVI (FFIII!) when it came out and we played the hell out of it and we still joke about it. My brother: came to the Distant Worlds concert. I'd already been crying, but I sobbed at the fricking opera.
    (Side note: am I the only old person one who still wants to say, "Oh my hero / so far away now / will I ever see your smile"? I know they re-wrote/re-translated the opera in other releases of the game and in FFVI Advance and all, but the original translation will always be the one in my head.

  • Terra's Theme is still like top three pieces of music forever, although they ruined it a little by playing credits through it. Maybe I'm just bitter because MY FAVORITE.

  • The entire crowd singing SEPH-I-ROTH was a really good note to end on: I've never really been able to adore Sephiroth like most of the fandom, but One Winged Angel is still awesome music, and having the crowd sing was an awesome way to end on a good note with a badass game and a badass villain without taking itself too seriously. It was pretty awesome.

The rest of the weekend was an exhausting blur of internet friends and alcohol. Just take a look at this: [ profile] safety_caesars and [personal profile] ser_pounce_alot and I drove out on Thursday to pick up [personal profile] deadcellredux and [profile] notraffic, then met [personal profile] justira and [personal profile] novel_machinist on Friday and [personal profile] crankyoldman late Fri / early Sat. That's a lot of Final Fantasy. And a lot of booze.

It was a great weekend and an amazing show. Coming back to a day of meetings starting at 5AM (the day; 6:20 for the workday) was kind of like a punch in the face.
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As of tomorrow evening I will be drunk at Ohayocon. My itinerary includes:
  • Battleshots

  • FF Roller Derby Rydia, part of the Zeromus Haters roller derby team

  • being drunk

  • (drunk) (gay stylist) (spaghetti making) Trowa, from Gundam Wing

  • gluing sparkly shit on everyone who stands still long enough to let me

  • getting to curl Becky's hair :D

  • possibly seducing Quatre's voice actor with Katy

  • drinking an entire beer penis

  • a round of Snirvines (this year's shot)

  • Mongolian Fucking Barbecue

  • cuddling

  • lots of compromising photos posted to our live photo feed

  • creepersharking

  • HOPEFULLY partying with Hot Leia and Hot Tifa and Hot Cloud and Hard Gay

I'll have my phone for email and texts, but I will very likely be drunk or sleeping, so. Contact at your own risk, fools. Otherwise, I will get back to all of you on Monday when I am hung the fuck over sober and back at work.

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So [ profile] safety_caesars got me to watch Gundam Wing with her, when we first moved in together. I need to talk about this a little bit because it will sort of set the stage for all of the future flailing that's going to happen here. She and I rewatched Evangelion back in May/June-ish while I was caring for the Weasley Kittens, and it was really fun and interesting to just rewatch old animes and flail and talk about them. (For a mental image that should basically cover all of "us rewatching Eva", please picture the two of us drunk as fuck, buried under blankets (yes it was May), clinging to each other in a state of terrified and desperate cathartic mindfuck as we scream at the creepified disgustingness that is all of the Evas -- and then, three seconds later, engage in hilarious debate about how we hate every character a little, and breasts. The end.)

Anyway. We had rewatched all of Avatar: The Last Airbender, we had watched some other stuff, and Becky says to me, do you want to watch Gundam Wing? Sure, I said. I was just a tiny bit too old to catch it at the time it was out on Toonami -- and this will become very important: I missed the entire first incarnation of the fandom as a whole. I didn't really know a lot about it except that there were boys and robots and it was back from the 90s. Becky said she had liked it a lot and was interested in seeing how it stacked up now; I said, hey, it was popular and even if I don't get into it, I'll be glad that I watched it. So we started watching eps during dinner (and often after dinner, into the second bottle of wine, because we make really good life choices).

Here's how that rewatch went.
  • First ~1/3 of the show: huh, this is alright… it's kind of confusing and complicated for a kids' show and I'm having trouble keeping track of who is where and what is which, but I like these cutefaced characters a lot. It's fun! More wine please.

  • Second ~1/3 of the show: Okay, these characters are actually really awesome; I'm still not sure how much of the story I'm picking up here, and every time I think I have it under control somebody switches sides or changes positions or otherwise mindfucks me, but I'll keep watching for PRETTY, AMAZING BOYS IN ROBOTS. I can see why people liked this, I get it.


  • after the last episode: *Becky and I just staring at each other and repeating, "Oh my fucking god," for about twenty minutes*

So of course I wanted to dive right into the fandom – never mind that it hasn't existed for like 10 years, jerks – but I realized the very first time I sat down to write shameporn anything that I definitely hadn't caught enough of the details of the backstories to really feel great writing anything more than, I don't know, clown blowjobs really dumb stuff. And I was finding other people who were all about a tiny little fandom revival – not just [ profile] safety_caesars but [ profile] katmillia, and then I met [ profile] notraffic and it all went downhill towards the SHAME TRAIN – but I was like, oh god oh god what the fuck happened in Luxembourg? Where the fuck was that in the show. I don't even know. And I knew that Becky didn't want to rewatch it again, right away (and duh, she knows what happened), which was cool, so originally I thought maybe I'd just read up on stuff online, get episode recaps or read the GW wiki or something like that.

Then I remembered that
  1. I run a lot every week, and it's on a treadmill now because it's cold
  2. I have an iPad
  3. Running is boring
  4. Running to Gundam Wing would be less boring
  5. I could watch the episodes with the English voices and learn something about the dub, too

So I now have the series on my iPad, and I watch 1-2 episodes every time I run, depending on the length of the run. :D The English dub is pretty different than what's in my head, and it's also easier to run with headphones and English – it can be hard to read subtitles when I'm doing sprint intervals – and I don't really give any fucks that I'm watching a kid's cartoon in a public gym, whooooops.

So anyway, let's talk about my feelings on episodes 01-05.

GW Rewatch 01-05: Go! )

I'm running tomorrow and probably Friday, so I'll share my thoughts as I go.

ALSO: need to obtain some GD Gundam Wing icons omg
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Jessy: Do you all blow dick? YOU DO.
Becky: YOU blow dick.
Jessy: Only if you ask nicely.
Katy: Not unless you are Quatre.
Jessy: Quatre doesn't even ask.
Katy: He just drops his pants and is like "Master Quatre needs servicing."
Becky: My dick needs a tune-up, gotta go get some service done.
Jessy: On my little Gundam.
Becky: Sandrock Jr.
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yes, that's correct. We are drinking and rewatching (hey, I only watched the subtitled one!) and here you go.



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