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1. Swim 30 min of laps.

2. Come home. Have leftover crab cake and copious wine from a box.

3. Play FFVI and live blog it on Twitter.

4. Get defriended on Twitter.

5. Eventually, eat a brownie.
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OK, so the Kiss Meme is so much delicious, delicious WIN. I am falling in love with my F-List all over again! I'm crying from laughter! You guys ROCK.

I've updated the list with people's requests, and I've also started a section for "Character / Inanimate Object" since it seems to be so popular this round! Go on over and take a peek -- there's still plenty to write, and plenty of time to TURN THE BATTLE AROUND IN YOUR FAVOR.

- - -

In other news, class got canceled today because of the weather (yay!) and pretty much everyone left early from work, so I did as well. :) It sucks a little, because with class canceled I don't have to work late and I could have gotten to the gym on time - but I decided not to go to the gym because I was afraid the weather would only get worse. It was pretty crappy around work, and the roads were alright until I got closer to home, at which point they blew and I watched a ton of people slide out of their lanes. Freezing rain on top of lots of snow for the LOSE.

I've already gotten my homework re-copied for tomorrow, which means I can take some time tonight to screw around online Kiss Battle WHAT since I'll be busy at work almost all day tomorrow.

I'm also a little peeved at myself, because I apparently can't read a damn calendar, and the weekend I was thinking about seeing the Meglet is, actually, Easter. Way to fucking win, self. (Hey, another use for the "I am a robotard" tag!!) So now I have to try and find another clear weekend. Stupid Sev. Have I mentioned that I hate class? I may not be free again until MAY. FUCKITALL.

This is a pretty funny tag combination. Am I pleased? Am I pissed? HA HA. YOU DECIDE.

hell yeah

Nov. 1st, 2007 05:46 pm
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LJ spam. As of tonight I has a [ profile] katmillia in my house.




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