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On a scale from One to NO, how arrogantly selfcentered/douchey is it to fill your iconspace with icons of yourself... and your friends... set to lyrics of a song your brother wrote... about his/your friends...?

ALTERNATE TITLE OF THIS ENTRY: I love [ profile] venefica_aura in the shady Zack way

PS: I need to share the Ceiling Cake song with everyone. I can't get to Gmail by day but trust me, I'll try to dig it out tonight ^^
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#1 - [ profile] ff_fanlisting. The archiving portion is open.

COME ON, GUYS, YOU KNOW I CAN SEE WHO SIGNED UP AND WHO DIDN'T. The idea won't really work unless lots of people sign up. I mean, it'll work for Cendri and I to track our friends, which will be sweet. But it has the potential to be way more helpful than that.

Know someone who moved to IJ or GJ? Send them over here to list their info. Know someone on who gets ignored here? Send them on over.

It's not that hard to advertise for us (HINT HINT XD), and it'll help keep everyone in touch.

- - -

#2 - KISSING BATTLE! A meme in which we all write kissing scenes with lots of characters and try to OUT-WRITE THE OTHERS. Nay is awesome.

Come on in - leave prompts, answer a prompt, or just write a kiss and see if anyone responds!

Fandom needs some light-hearted fun. XD

- - -

#3 - The Last Order, Chapter 6: Commencing System Shutdown. There are shirtless men fighting!

- - -

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I present to you [ profile] ff_fanlisting, which came forward after this discussion about fandom and potential splintering.

No, I don't really think fandom is leaving LJ. Reference my earlier post in which I declared: fandom is lazy.
ETA: Here it is - and let me reiterate that I want "people are lazy" to be declared as "SEV'S LAW".

That being said, I still think this is a cool and very useful idea. Basically, it's a central database (LJ community by tags now; later) which lists Final Fantasy authors/artists/fandom participants and everywhere on the internet they post their work - LJ, IJ, GJ, Jfen, dA,, etc. will provide an awesome interface for people who like to browse over artists/authors or fandom. It's nothing super exciting or fancy -- it's like an Internet address book, basically.

Which is cool, really.

Anyway! Join up, post comments, post suggestions (here or there); and once it opens, I'll be advertising it again to get all of your AWESOME INFORMATION. *stalks*

It is also the birth of a new tag in my series that I have a feeling I'll be using often: this is pretty much totally [ profile] venefica_aura's fault.


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