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I am stealing [personal profile] novel_machinist's story game because they are fun!

Here's the deal: comment here and I'll write you into the story. If you want to leave a hint or two, go ahead; I'll run with it.

Setting: Vampire colony under the sea. A shipment of vital medical supplies is late, missing, or otherwise gone. Certain people have been tasked to find it.
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[personal profile] novel_machinist is trying to pull together some resources to help younger graduates feel better about finding jobs and more confident about the things that they do! This is a(n) small LOL RIGHT essay I've pulled together to help share my own experiences with interviewing and hiring. I hope it helps someone!

The information here is a lot about me and my experiences. I come across as a really grumpy asshole. But guess what! That's who is interviewing you. I don't come to work to make BFFs, I come to get shit done. I recruit in the same way. Lots of other people do too. Here's the list of ~secret~ things we're really looking for, and how you can make even a grumpy buttface like me want to bring you into my company. SPOILER: They're not so secret.

Some Information On Interviewing From The Other Side Of The Table, or: What Too Much Of Sev's Job Has Become and How You Can Hopefully Make My Life Easier When I'm Hiring. )

All of this advice can be boiled down to the following: We want to hire someone who wants to be hired by us for this specific job. We are not looking for people who want "a job", "any job". We're a puzzle piece looking for a piece that fits well, that improves us, not just any piece that's close enough. Your job is to use the interview time to determine whether or not you are a good fit, and if you are, to show me why you're the best puzzle piece out there. Because there are a lot of other puzzle pieces very similar to you, and if I don't see that tiny two-pixel difference between you and the last person I spoke to, I may throw you both into the "meh" pile.

I win at analogies forever.

Enjoy. And good luck. And if you have questions, or you want to hear the horror stories, just ask.

...Also I pick on Taco Bell a lot in this and I want to make it perfectly clear that it's just an example and I love me some shameful 3:30am TBell just like every other engineer in the world.
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I am a day behind, yes, but this weekend has been super busy -- cleaning the house for a party and packing/cleaning to move, HONK is due on Sunday, and just LOTS OF THINGS, OKAY. I'll continue to post, no worries. If we're a day behind, I think you'll live.

So [personal profile] novel_machinist / [ profile] drakonlily asked me to post about boobies.


I love boobs.

I understand not everyone does - this is okay! (More for me!) I understand that some people fall into the [ profile] astrangerenters category of "I like boobs, but I don't want to MBRBMRBBRBRBRBMBRMBR *MOTORBOAT SOUND AND MOTION*" - this is also okay! I realize that some people who have them are not entirely fans, because they can be annoying and they can hurt and hurt you and sometimes they just don't feel like yours, right, cause you don't feel entirely girl, and they're not for everyone - to these people, I will say, I am so sorry, and I hope you find an awesome way to deal with them and make them yours.

But me? Boobs are beautiful. They're great.

Aesthetically, I find them very pleasing. I like the curves they make, and whether it's a small subtle curve from a small cup or a grandiose curve from an F cup, I usually find that boobs grow to fit the body they're coming from, and that, I find very flattering. They look great under anything: sweaters, button-down shirts (hot), tank tops (hot), turtlenecks (yes hot). Tuck them into a dress; throw them under a t-shirt. However you like to dress them, it suits them.

And again, those who have boobs? They usually look good. You know how to dress them. You might be worrying: Is this short too tight? No, they look good. Is this too loose? No, they look good. I don't want to look like I'm flaunting. No, you don't, I promise; it's very subtle, and I am loving it. I DO want to look like I'm flaunting. I'm sorry, what? I couldn't hear you OVER THE FABULOSITY. LOOK AT ME. NOW BACK TO THE BOOBS. NOW BACK TO ME.


Again, I find that breasts grow to suit the bodies they come from, and so, I'm not sure there's a "right size" for me, because I enjoy boobs as attached to the person they belong to? So yes, if you were wondering: yours suit you. (I've looked!)

Now, you might say, Sev: what about YOUR boobs?

Well. MINE. Yes, I love mine, too. I like bras; I know they are not for everyone, but I do not like the feeling of walking around my lab and climbing on things with out support. When I'm at home, I like the tank tops with the shelves - it's like half of a bra, comfy but not constricting (and healthy, too, right Becky?). I really, really don't like strapless bras; I'll wear them for fancy occasions if I MUST, but I am very much not a fan. When I am in the mood, I like to flaunt mine (you may know this). I enjoy a nice tank top or a dress, or a tank under a cute sweater.

I have a freckle on mine, which I use as guidance as to whether or not I am showing appropriate or risque amounts of cleavage! The boob freckle is a great guideline. (PS: Drakon and I have almost the exact same chest. We even have a matching boob freckle.)

One of my favorite things to do with them is wear necklaces that dip into my cleavage (what?). I think it looks super hot, and it feels fun. XD


This is part of my 30 Days of Posting meme - feel free to check out the schedule of posting! My month is full, but if any of the posts make you want to ask for something else, go ahead and leave a comment anyway! DW || LJ


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