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So I ran the Pittsburgh Half Marathon on Sunday!

Before I went into the race, I had decided that my goal times were 2:20 (low end) and 2:10 (high end) - I would have been perfectly happy with the low-end time, about a 10:40 mile, and the high-end goal (a 10:00 mile) was for if I felt really good going into the race.

Well, I'm not really sure I felt all that good, but I pushed really, really hard, and I pretty much made my high-end goal time for myself. 13.1 miles in 2:10:56 was my official finishing time.

yes, I am still a little weird sharing my real name online (even though like 75% of you probably know it anyway)

[HM] Pittsburgh Half Marathon by seventhe on Garmin Connect

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I haven't taken a week off of running since January 1st.

I am really proud of [ profile] jennyclarinet and I -- we talked about doing this while dressed in togas and drinking Four Loko!, and look what it turned into. Without Jenny I probably wouldn't have been able to stick with this, but knowing that Jenny was training hard and that we were going to do this together (even though we didn't run together) made me stick to my training plan during the hardest semester I've ever had, when it would have been really easy to quit. I had Denis training too, and I knew Jim would be playing, so there was a lot motivating me to keep up the work. It certainly wasn't easy, but hey, if I can work a full-time job that makes me endure 11-hour days and hold a full-time graduate semester workload and train for a half marathon...

And that's the story of how I ran 13.1 miles. My legs hate me now. The end!
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So I have three cats. Let me get this out there first: I love cats. I have always loved cats; I love dogs too - I don't think you have to like one or the other; some people do but there are plenty of us who like both - but my lifestyle isn't really appropriate for a dog. I work 10-hour days and I'm already out of the house for 11.5 hours straight because of it; add in grad school, the gym, and the errands it takes to be a damn adult, and it's easy for me to be out of the house for 14 hours. That's only an average day. That isn't fair to do to any dog - dogs take a lot of commitment and responsibility (to get a good dog, anyway) and that just isn't feasible. So, I have three cats.

I love my cats.

I love cats in general. They are affectionate and friendly, but not clingy or needy - just like me. They want things when they want them and no one can really convince them otherwise, unless it's food - just like me. They actually need space and alone time and will be sure to get it whenever necessary - just like me. They are fuzzy and cute and make adorable noises, which I am not and don't, but hey, a girl can't do everything.

I love pets and I talk to mine all the time, like people. Because I come from crazystock, the cats talk back (yes, they all have 'voices'). They all have personalities, they all have habits, and they all have places in my heart.

So these are my cats. Lots of photos, guys, made small for easy access! )

I know my photos are old -- I think they max out at 6 months, and they are so much bigger now; I want to take a video (HAPPY KITTY VIDEO, Y/Y?) and even if I can't I'll try to get some of the photos off of my phone so that you can at least see how freaking gigantic the kittens are now. WHY DO KITTENS GROW. :(

They're small and cute and so very adorably MINE, and I am so very glad that I can provide a good home to three cats who really needed it. "Cat dreams do some true" is what Jeff and I say to them, and it's so very true. They are the luckiest fuckers in the entire world.

And those are my cats!

EDIT: I came upstairs after reading this post, and Marzy had knocked every single bottle of vitamins off of my dresser and onto the ground (that's like 5 bottles) and Porter was sleeping in a laundry basket. That should tell you everything you need to know.

This is part of my 30 Days of Posting meme - feel free to check out the schedule of posting and contribute if there are any spaces! DW || LJ
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Last night I ran 4.5 miles. Without stopping. That's 45 min of straight running. At ~6.0mph. That's a personal record for distance.

And I did it instead of going out to the bar.

Days like this I confuse myself.

Anyway, \o/ ! Go me.

The rest of this post is attn: [ profile] jennyclarinet, [ profile] hilldo, and I guess any other runners:

1) I saw a bunch of shirtless Cavs players on the news this morning and thought of you. (For others: Jenny and I spent a good amount of time once at a J-Squad party googling "Wally Szczerbiak shirtless" and "LeBron James penis".)

2) The Akron Marathon. Saturday, September 26th. There are a few options we could do: marathon (hell no), half marathon (also probably a hell no), or a Team Relay, which sounds the most interesting to me.

The Team Relay needs 5 runners. Each runner runs a small section of the marathon, and then passes off a snap bracelet to the next runner. Each section is a different length, so you can have people of all different levels running together:

First3.5 mi
Second5.7 mi
Third6.3 mi
Fourth3.1 mi
Fifth7.6 mi

We'd have until September, so whoever decided to pick up the longer legs of the run would have plenty of time to train. Plus, with me, Jeff, James, and Jenny running, we will need one more person... September is plenty of time to train for the shortest leg, that being 3.1mi. The Couch-To-5K program would do that in plenty of time. (That is, unless we get Melissa to run that long leg for us; then we're golden. Haha.)

Now for the bad news. First of all, we'd have to be there at 7am on a Saturday. Blech. Second, registration is $36 per person. Now, most 5Ks cost money to register; it looks like $20-$40 online depending on the race. But still, that's money we'd have to pay for the race. Akron Marathon is a non-profit organization, and their charity benefits "local fitness" from what I can tell; not a bad thing, but I'd hoped to pick a race that targeted a more specific charity. (Of course, Jeff's response is "Look up the course and we can run it together for free on our own day." Umm...kind of defeats the point.)

The other bad thing is that we'd all be running separately, instead of being able to run together and pace each other. However, the plus side of that is that we could say the J-Squad ran a marathon. XD

We have until August to register, so there's plenty of time to think about it... what do you guys think?
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Yes, that's right! It's another ACTION-PACKED POST FROM SEV.

JanNoWriMo, my fake NaNo to make up for the fact that November always sucks a nut for writing in my personal schedule, will officially start Monday, Jan 07. Because I say so! Also because a lot of the players will be gone this weekend at Ohayocon. Although if you want to start right now, go ahead! You're awesome.

The point of JanNoWriMo is basically to write as many words as you can! I will be starting with HNtDB and [ profile] bottle_of_shine's country music cowboy bodyguard porn (NAY A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! PORN FOR YOU AS SOON AS I CAN!) and then moving into origific. There's no 50K goal; there's no 50K limit. We're just writing words. Set your own goal and come write with me; I need people to cheer me on. XD




THIS ONE'S FOR [ profile] jennyclarinet! Who is hot.

Penis Text Adventures, Part III
Rating: Well, PG-13 or R, depending on how you rate curse words and mentions of buttsex
Characters: Sir Hilldo, some shitty orcs, a mysterious girl, a surprisingly cute pet, and drunks!

Summary: In which a plot takes over and all of you invariably get bored and tell us to STFU and/or go back to being funny. Sir Hilldo defends his slut maiden's honor, amuses the townsfolk, and gets a kitty!

The Shield of +1 to Herpes )- - -

Sometimes I make me laugh.


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