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So my phone's alarm didn't go off today. I don't mean I slept through it - that is frankly impossible. (My lovely sleep disorder manifests itself by making it impossible for me to sleep through anything, including a cat snore. The only ways to get me to soundly sleep are either to drug me, or to get me super drunk and put me to bed.) And it didn't come on and then get shut off, because it leaves a pop-up window behind when it does that. The alarm just didn't go. It was very strange. I woke up at 6:00 (to a "cat alarm" of Marzy frantically pawing at some portion of my body for pettings), checked the phone, rolled over, and dozed... and then leapt out of bed at 6:50 (this is 20 min later than I usually get up when I've night-showered) and scrambled to get everything together. A very distracting morning.

Although this is one of the times it's nice to be salary, not hourly. It's hard to get time off when you're salary because all you have is the vacation time the company gives you... but if you end up being 15 minutes late some morning because your phone caught the dumb, no one minds.

To make matters worse the pressure from the sinus infection has returned behind my forehead and eyebrows. Ah, sinusitis, I thought I had quit you. It feels like a chorus of tiny baby aliens are trying to press themselves out of my skull. I've dosed them with Sudafed; hopefully they will get distracted trying to make baby alien meth and leave my poor headache alone. :( My eyebrows actually hurt to touch. D:

Made it to yoga last night, which was good. I don't know whether I'm in better yoga-shape (impossible?) or if I'm just more dedicated this year, but I've really been progressing. I did Forearm Stand (Feathered Peacock Pose) last night both on and off the wall, as well as a fairly balanced Half Moon Pose (LOOK I FIND HALF MOON REALLY HARD :/ ). It was nice, and I am happily sore and stretched today. I think a lot of it is not being - afraid? - to try the advanced poses. Not that I ever was, but now I know what it's like to do inversions.

And I really need to get more icons in this Dreamwidth. FFFFFF.

Hey look! A Final Fantasy Friending Meme.


Jan. 4th, 2011 08:38 am
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So 2010 got in a few last kicks before it went out - one major one from beyond the grave, seriously, it's like the fucking ghost year that won't die. - and 2011 so far hasn't shown any super shiny progress either.

I had a great Christmas and a good New Year. And I didn't get sick. Sad when that's a plus, but it is.

My Yuletide fic was AWESOME.

Um. What else.

Marzy went in for his second checkup. News was... Better; not great. The drugs haven't yet fixed the murmur, which means it's probably a static/fixed murmur, but they are improving his heart rate. The dose has been upped again and he goes back in 3 weeks. That cat is damn lucky that I save so much money.

I seriously start class again next week. What the fuck?! LAST CLASS, HOWEVER: SERIOUSLY. The downside is, it's a 6-hour lab on Friday. 6 hours on Friday alone and estimated 10 hours of work outside. Yup, that's right, I'm basically back to working two jobs, full-time employment and part-time school. I am officially batshit. I hate myself already.


Work has exploded. I have 4 major projects with my name on them right now. Kind of uncool. Let's make January suck more, right? Ugh.

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Alive! Back in Akron! Full of delicious pumpkin pie and a fantastic feeling of happiness, general contentment with life, and holiday cheer, which has been encouraged by delightful Yuletide fic and does not dim in the slightest at the terrible prospect of a full work-day tomorrow.

I fear I should be watching the stove, rather than writing this.

Love to all. More tomorrow. Missed you. How is life?
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Yuletide is done! Hooray!

Christmas shopping is halfway done. I am done with Mary and Gramma, probably done with Mum unless I find one more thing, halfway done with Jim, and I know exactly what I'm getting Dad. Excellent progress, me. The unfortunate part is that I'm now debating spending my afternoon playing Secret of Mana with [ profile] hilldo rather than finishing up the shopping. Hmm.

Obviously there are the photos, too. (I don't mind posting it because they all know they're getting photos, they just don't know what.) I am working on those now. I'll probably post them after Christmas, because I don't think I've shared any of the California pictures yet, have I?

It's hard to believe Christmas is so soon; it feels like November and December just flew by.
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#1 -- NaNoWriMo 2008! I am seventhe on the NaNo website -- friend me! I need as many buddies as I can to encourage me, as I'm going for "50,000 words in one month" with a -8 day vacation handicap. Get ready to kick my ass, guys.

I actually finally wrote a novel synopsis, too, for anyone interested...

Overflow )

I'm kind of excited about doing this story. I think it'll be a good break from doing other projects -- they do say that you're supposed to start a new project for NaNo to make it easier on yourself, so we'll see if that's true...

#2 - [ profile] healthbloggers! Jenny and I are having fun trading links and motivating each other with workouts - come join in!

Last week I ran 5 miles, which was a super exciting milestone for me. I made up for that by skipping Sunday's workout and then totally sucking ass on the treadmill last night. Oh, and even though I've lost weight, I don't appear to be any smaller, so I had a totally superficial little crankyfit last night. It was awesome. And by awesome I mean pretty terrible.


#4 - GO PLAY FFDQ: [ profile] capslock_ff

#5 -- Did anybody else watch House last night? WTF was up with that shit?? Thirteen??? OMG???? CAN I USE MORE PUNCTUATION?????
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Stressed about politics? About your health? Here are a couple funnies to start the week off...

Weight Watchers Cards Absolute Hilarity Bonanza. Make sure to enjoy the captions on the side!

- - -

Obama on Pie We Can Believe In )

- - -

Yeah, that's all. Fun weekend; more on that later.
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I never ever thought I'd get close to 110 userpics. Then they released all the shiny DS pictures, and now I know I'm doomed. Also, I have an awesome collection of cock icons, just sayin'.

Didn't get the test back - apparently one of the professors had his eye fall out or something (retinal detachment?) and couldn't grade his portion. I'LL LET IT SLIDE, THIS TIME.

I have another test tomorrow evening. Review tonight. By the time [ profile] katmillia gets here on Thursday I will be SO ready to relax it isn't really funny.

On the plus side, taking lunch to go photograph some fall foliage at Jon's place... AND TO SEE KITTIES. EEEE, KITTIES!

[EDIT] - omg hahahaha the sev/rina/katy/balthier tag has SO MUCH MORE MEANING NOW HAHAHAHA. JUST SAYIN'.
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I am ridiculously worried about getting this test back. Ugh!

I want to post more but I am currently making up slides for a presentation on Thursday. HOORAY?

[EDIT] -- So, 50,000 words of original fiction (Seven Beacons) for NaNo, or a month's-worth of writing AU fanfic from the AU meme? Since I'm almost definitely not going to make 50K anyway (vacation = -10 days; two classes = -2 days/week, tests = omg screwed), maybe I should just write ridiculous Pirate AUs?


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