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For anyone who isn't watching M-U, I'm already having an interesting experience with FFI.

You can also watch me liveblog my thoughts in most classy fashion in the #sevplaysffi tag on Tumblr.

For the record -- and as I discuss in the M-U post -- I'm also simultaneously trying to play The World Ends With You and Dragon Age (I've been lent the PS3 version and am curious to see whether I enjoy it more on that system with that interface, or if I should stick with the computer).

Should be an interesting January.
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So, my friends! I have a PS3. I have had a PS3 for a year. It is the most expensive Netflix-streaming device in the history of electronics. I only own one game for it and that is FFXIII (at least I have beaten that *SHAME FOREVER*). Pretty much [ profile] safety_caesars and I use it to watch horrible things on Netflix and the single BluRay that's in this house right now (Sherlock) which isn't even mine and, you know what, this is embarrassing enough. I'll stop.

Anyway. I'm looking for some video game recs for PS3.

I thought about FFXIII-2, but for secret reasons that are secret I am actually looking for something slightly different from Final Fantasy, for next year. However, if you're wondering what kind of games I enjoy (aka: will actually play for more than 4 minutes), the answer is: Final Fantasy type RPGs, and Plants vs Zombies.

I've played Halo and Halo II, but I'm not a huge shooty-type fan -- they were more fun to play with friends, and I like games that are I am exhausted from work and want to stare at a pretty thing and maybe make fire happen type games, not social ones. I adore stuff like Civilization, Age of Empires, Command & Conquer, even SimCity, stuff like that; but most of what I've played has been for computer, and it seems to be a more intuitive way to play those kinds of games? Uhhhhhhhh................ I'M NOT A GAMER, OKAY

But I'd like to have a couple more fun things to dabble in and around. So throw some ideas at me!
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and my first thought is, "Awesome! I'm done with that and now I can replay FFVI!" >.>

This should not be my reaction to beating the most recent FF game.

Final Fantasy XIII is an amazingly awesome game wrapped up in a thick gigantic blanket of garbage disaster bullshit. It's about 1/3 addictively enjoyable, and 2/3 horrible. This doesn't average out to make it an average game. It is simultaneously great and shite. This takes talent!! I actively loved parts of it and thoroughly loathed others. I feel very confused about it.

more thoughts on the ending, that may include spoilers if you care )

Overall, I liked and disliked the game, like I said. I came to really enjoy parts of the battle system, eventually: I love Paradigms and the concept behind them, and it really did make battles strategic at a level I really enjoy and can get into. However, the thing about "if your party leader dies the entire battle is lost?" FULL FUCKING STOP, I HATE THAT, AND I DON'T CARE. IT'S UNFAIR AND STUPID. I don't care if you can "Retry" the battle. I don't care if you're supposed to know and be prepared. Fuck that. It's dumb.

I didn't really understand the story, and I'm not sure I like that I was 'supposed' to be keeping up with the Datalog - that's cheap storytelling, IMO. I loved some of the characters, especially by the end, but I couldn't care enough about the party as a whole to really get invested. And I couldn't keep track of so much of the rest of the cast -- seriously, when I fought Rosch I had to look up who he was and why I should care, and then during the final battle someone said, "Dysley?" and I actually yelled out loud, "DYSLEY? WHO IS DYSLEY?"

I'm not sure I'll make it back to doing the missions - even though the missions were one of the most enjoyable parts of the story since they were just fun smashing time with Fang, Sazh, and some other people - because I'm just not sure I'm invested enough.

But some parts of it were so awesome that I can't just say, like, "Don't play it" -- because it was actually pretty fun. In the middle.
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Not sure if I've mentioned this yet, but [profile] safety_caesars and I are (re)playing FFX. Playing in her case, replaying in my case.

First off, I'll say: I like FFX. I actually like FFX-2, also, and I'm well aware liking both at the same time is Fandom Shun material. I'm certainly not saying either game is perfect, but I enjoy them. I've replayed FFX myself two or three times, and I've started FFX-2 about a dozen times (I can never get through it because the story is much too non-linear for someone with my schedule; I have a month where I can't play anything and then I come back, can't remember where the fuck I was, and the story isn't giving me any guidance, so I have to start over and swear a lot).

Protip: if you follow all of the gasping, grunting, sighing, breathing, exclaiming, and other non-verbal personal noises that are made in dialogue with "he/she came", the voice acting is instantly improved, and the game becomes hilarious.

Thoughts here, in case they get long. )

Anyway, that's where we are now, and those are my thoughts. More as I go!
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And, while I am talking about games, here you go: Sev's Review of FFIV OGC and the FFIV Interlude (and) First Thoughts on The After Years from FFIV Complete Collection for the PSP.

Review of FFIV, insignificant spoilers for the Interlude )

The After Years )


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