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As of tomorrow evening I will be drunk at Ohayocon. My itinerary includes:
  • Battleshots

  • FF Roller Derby Rydia, part of the Zeromus Haters roller derby team

  • being drunk

  • (drunk) (gay stylist) (spaghetti making) Trowa, from Gundam Wing

  • gluing sparkly shit on everyone who stands still long enough to let me

  • getting to curl Becky's hair :D

  • possibly seducing Quatre's voice actor with Katy

  • drinking an entire beer penis

  • a round of Snirvines (this year's shot)

  • Mongolian Fucking Barbecue

  • cuddling

  • lots of compromising photos posted to our live photo feed

  • creepersharking

  • HOPEFULLY partying with Hot Leia and Hot Tifa and Hot Cloud and Hard Gay

I'll have my phone for email and texts, but I will very likely be drunk or sleeping, so. Contact at your own risk, fools. Otherwise, I will get back to all of you on Monday when I am hung the fuck over sober and back at work.

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So it's shutdown week at work. This means the steam's down, and they turn everything off for once-a-year maintenance and upkeep and fixing. It means it's a pretty boring week, so usually I try to schedule some doctor's appointments and stuff.

I went in for an eye exam today, and to get evaluated for corrective laser surgery. For those of you who may not be aware, I toe the line of legally blind (ie, non-correctable (not actively blind)). I needed to get my glasses looked at anyway, but I have been thinking about the laser surgery for years. My script is -11. Even if all they can do is cut it in half, down to a -6, that makes my life a lot easier: less expensive lenses, opens up more lines of contacts I can try for added comfort, has the possibility of being 100% correctable rather than the 80-90% I'm getting right now. (There is only one line of contacts that offers lenses in my correct -11 prescription and at my level of astigmatism. Only one.)

The first thing the doctor told me is that - how ironic! - my eyesight is actually too bad for a standard LASIK clinic. That's right, my eyes are so bad a clinic won't accept me - I'm past their cutoff point. Ironic bitter laughter goes here.

There are individual doctors who can make the yes/no call on nonstandard patients, though - and my eye doctor (Dr F) said there was only one in the area who would take someone like me, but that he was one of the top 5 laser eye surgeons in the eastern US, and he'd done over 37,000 surgeries in his career. Dr D. So there was potential enough there to go through the evaluation, so we did.

And it turns out that - probably because my eyesight is such crap - my corneas are just barely thick enough for the least recommended thickness level of LASIK. As in, they're like 425 [units] thick and the requirement is 415. There is not a lot of leeway there. Dr F said that while sometimes Dr D will still be able to work on patients who are that close, it would be entirely Dr D's call, and it was a very narrow comfort zone.

What I am eligible for, however, is PRK surgery.

[potential TW: eye grossness?]

LASIK shapes your cornea by lifting the upper layers and peeling them back, and then reshaping the layers underneath and laying the cornea 'flap' over it. PRK is more like a grinding and shaving of the upper layers, and then the use of a reconstructive contact lens bandage as the very top layer grows back.

[/grossness I think]

From what I have (very very incompletely) found from research so far, PRK actually has a lower complication(/fuckup) rate because it isn't as invasive into your eye. However, it has a MUCH LONGER RECOVERY TIME than LASIK. With LASIK, you can walk in, zap zap, maybe a day or two and you're good. With PRK, you literally and legally cannot drive your car or go to your job for 7-10 days afterwards. You may be in large amounts of pain, on Vicodin. It takes a few days for your eyes to grow back into their new shape, so your vision may not hit even 20/40 for up to 2 weeks. It's a much bigger deal.

I have an evaluation with Dr D on 23 August, so that he can look at my situation *hand gesture* here and make his professional decision as to what to recommend: traditional LASIK, PRK, or "You do not want to do either of these with those eyes." I am open to hearing any of them.

But it's hard to get a surgery time because Dr D is so good. And there's an opening on 26 August. That the secretary at Dr F's office had them tentatively pencil me in for, pending Dr D's evaluation.

So I've got a chance here, if I'm approved, to jump on something that could really improve the quality of my life. I am also holyfuck terrified of this surgery. I am ALSO thinking that maybe this is NOT A GREAT TIME IN MY LIFE TO HAVE A SURGERY THAT COULD LAY ME OUT FOR UP TO A MONTH WITH ALL OF THE CRAPS I HAVE GOING ON - but I'd have Becky AND my local friends to help me through it, too, and when WOULD there be a 'good time', really?

So, yeah, there's that.
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[personal profile] owlmoose tagged me with 5 questions, for that meme I am too lazy to go find and copy paste, but basically if you reply to this with a cock joke I'll ask you 5 questions and it'll be awesome, I promise.

This started off with a good discussion on FF fandom and migration and keeping fandom alive, but --- I am going to save that for another post right now, as the melatonin is kicking in. *drool*

1. Speaking of migration to Internet services, what are your thoughts on Twitter? What do you like and dislike about it? Has it changed your online interactions at all?

I got a Twitter account (@sevdrag) expecting to either hate it or not use it or, realistically, hate it and then not use it. Surprisingly, I enjoy Twitter a lot. I am really only watching mostly friends (I don't bother with celebrities or 'inspirational quotes' or any of that), and it's a fun way to share little things that aren't worth an LJ post but are still worth sharing.

I like that it's easy, that it's short, that I can get it on my phone, and that I get a surprising amount of news from it just from retweeting. Things I don't like? - it still feels silly, you know, I'm going to Tweet this, like anyone really cares how many bottles of pills Marzy knocked over today or what I am eating for lunch. Self-conscious, maybe? Although I still post dumb things on it, so, lol.

As for online interactions -- I find I communicate with people on it more than LJ some days, because it's easy to @reply multiple people or carry on a short little chat. I have become increasingly... wary? jaded? sick? of Facebook (part of the problem being that I should have segregated my real name and my crazy cosplaying and boob-grabbing online identity from the start), which is the only other place I'd think of posting one or two line 'updates'. As it gets harder to justify solid internet time at work, I like Twitter more and more.

2. What's your favorite genre of cuisine?


My brain went: Chinese! Mexican! Japanese! Thai. Thai. *dreams about Thai curry for 15 minutes* sorry, what. Chinese! ITALIAN. TACOS. BREAD. ALCOHOL. ARGH

I am going to select Mexican, because I can pretty much always eat a burrito, although I reject most Mexican beer and many Mexican desserts.

3. What's the best thing about Being a Grown-UpTM? How about the worst?


The best thing is the day you realize you are actually in charge of your own life and if you want to save up your money and time and spend a weekend in your underwear eating nothing but tunamac&cheese and playing video games, you are allowed to.

The worst thing is the day you realize what that kind of weekend costs you, in terms of how much laundry you have to do and dishes you have to wash and how you really should be going for a run and then doing like a crossword puzzle or something instead.

More realistically: I love being 100% responsible for myself. I love being actually kind of good at that (some days). I love knowing things about things, and sharing the things I know with other grown-ups. I love the lessons I've learned.

The worst part is that adulthood contains a lot of crappy lessons, like the fact that you can't do everything, or the fact that every day has something that sucks, or the fact that you never really win and life doesn't owe you much of anything. It can be easy to get trapped in a circle of woe when you're on your own.

4. What got you started on playing music?

Actually, I was almost a music major! I auditioned for a music performance program when I was applying for colleges... oh god, 10 years ago. What.

My parents love music - mum's Lutheran (meaning we sing all 20 verses of every song) and dad just loves Queen, so we were always listening to music. I started on clarinet and then switched to flute when my music teacher told me "girls don't play the drums." I played flute for years and years and got better and better, until I was first chair in the advanced audition-only wind ensemble and soloing in the orchestra pit for school musicals. I taught myself how to play piano (entirely wrong, I will point out - I am actually not very good, although I learned how to comp jazz chords so I can fake a lot of pop songs that way) until like the last year of high school when I had a year of private lessons in which my teacher realized he wasn't gonna undo any of my terrible left-hand habits and decided to teach me jazz instead. Excellent life choice.

I started playing drums a few years ago because I wanted to - have wanted to since I was in 3rd grade - and I've always had a good sense of rhythm, so once you figure out how the hands and feet go, you can manage a lot of classic rock at least.

I like music -- more specifically, I like making music. I don't really like doing it by myself; I like playing with other people, in bands.

5. You're trapped on a desert island and can only bring five books along. Which are they? (No cheating with the Kindle!)


Alright, so, instead of being lofty and noble, I'm just gonna bring my comfort reading, the books I read and re-read until the pages are all torn. So, in absolutely no order at all:

1. Sunshine by Robin McKinley*
2. Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey**
3. either Komarr or A Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold***
4. Iron Kissed or Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs****
5. whatever the latest Dresden Files book is by Jim Butcher*****

*all time favorite comfort read, ever
**not only is it fabulous, it's long, which means it would help keep me entertained on the desert island
***I want a Miles book, but I am not sure I can pick which one -- Komarr is more interesting in general, but A Civil Campaign fills me with squee because of the dumb romance (I like Ekaterin okay), but ... hell, I might want one of the more interesting ones like Mirror Dance if I'm stuck there forever...
*****I have to keep up with the series while I am stranded!

Keep in mind, the backup version of this was 5 Robin McKinley books, I wish I were joking but I am not.



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