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So over my brief microsabbatical I decided on a list of things I want to get done by the end of the year: thus, New Year's Resolutions, in reverse, ie my resolution is to have this done before the new year. See? Get it? It's like I'm clever instead of backwards and wrong!

  1. Get Healthy [metric: exercise 3+/wk; lose 10+ lb]
    Content note / Note this: being healthy and losing weight are not always the same thing! Health has a unique meaning to every individual body!
    That being said: for me getting healthy and knocking off weight go hand-in-hand at this point in time. From May-September I ate poorly, rested poorly, drank too much, drowned in stress, and had no time or motivation to work out at all. That plus medication changes has resulted in what is, for my body, unhealthy poundage.
    I miss swimming. I miss yoga. I don't miss running, fuck running, but I miss being able to run I guess? I miss punching my bag. I want to have Korra arms. And I have, quite reasonably, 10-20 lb I could lose before being even close to "danger". (Trust me, I'm a Taurus; we don't diet.)
    This is something I can make happen by 01 Jan 2016.

  2. Inhabitable basement [metric: obvious]
    Right now the basement is storage, which is part of what basements are for, but mine opens up to my patio (and grill, and fire chimney) and has a nice little area by the windows where friends could sit and drink wine and grill things. I've two drum sets in my basement and my keyboard, all of which I have been missing desperately. (I miss music! I dream about pianos.) My workout area is functional, but not at all welcoming. My laundry area could use some sprucing.
    Much of the storage is related to the above, which means I just need to sort it and work through it. A good part, however, is my grandmother's stuff. She finally passed away in August (I am not sure I even mentioned it here; I was too broken by it to do so) and I do not mind storing her things forever but need to go through them and decide which way makes sense.
    This is, also, quite doable by 2016, and having those areas back in my life will please me immensely.

  3. Shame room --> Craft room [metric: obvious]
    I want to turn my spare bedroom into a crafting room, to house sewing / knitting / beading / anything else I may start doing. Right now it's a shameful repository of clothes-to-be-donated and a few boxes from moving (not original boxes - these were empty boxes that were repacked with "shit i do not want to deal with rn" and hidden).

  4. Plan for the greatroom [metric: having an estimate / loan]
    I have plans in my head to redo my entire greatroom, which started with my neverending desire to replace the horribly stained carpet in there and grew into a really, really epic floor plan. I need to get it from my head onto the page, then find a contractor who can give me estimates on time / cost to make it happen. Why not? Houses are investments, and my cafe-bar thing will be incredible.

  5. Work-Life Balance [metric: ???]
    I need to prove to myself that I can, in fact, work the kind of job that pushes all of my success buttons without killing myself. The next 3 months will be busy, as always, but not deadly, so it's time to fucking do it. I still don't know how to make a metric for this; maybe I can use success on the other Resolution points, because they won't happen if I continue to use my energy on work.

  6. Mental Peace [metric: ???]
    I went back through some journal entries and I've been in a massive depression funk since early 2014. That's too long. It has started to severely affect my health and my job. I need to attack this. I realize depressions don't "go away" but I haven't tried anything really and I at least deserve an effort.

  7. Write Again [metric: get some word count] No real comments. I just miss writing.

I stopped there, since there are really only 3 months left in the year, and they will contain not only the major hols of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, but also the birth of my newest niece or nephew, so I'm well aware that this is a lot to do in that time frame. (Obviously they won't need to be complete, but I work better with deadlines, even self-imposed ones. Better to not let myself cheat.)

There. Public posting makes it real, right?

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I've struggled a lot with working out / staying fit / being healthy in 2012. My biggest problem has been consistency.

On the short term, my mindset looks like this:
  • [Sunday] I'm going to be so healthy this week and work out all the time! I go to the gym. I go to the grocery store and buy awesome high-protein breakfast and lunch ingredients, and awesome fresh simple high-protein dinners, and do a lot of cooking.
  • [Monday, Tuesday] Still kind of motivated! Hit the gym! cook more.
  • [Wednesday, Thursday] I'm getting burnt out and exhausted from my stupid exhausting job!! I don't have the energy to go to the gym today. I'll eat these leftovers. Maybe have some wine. Sit on my ass. Today sucked though.
  • [Friday, Saturday] I'm still exhausted! And I deserve a weekend break from life! I'm not going to the freaking gym, these are my days off!
  • [Sunday] I'M STILL A CHUBSTER? HOW DO DIET. WHAT ARE RUNNING. Okay. Fine. I'm going to be so healthy this week...


On the long term, I've been set back by arthritic busted toes, my trusty neck/shoulder knot, a lingering bad ankle, a travel schedule that just won't quit, and the overall underlying sense of exhaustion, fatigue, and hopelessness that you find at the bottom of the barrel of fucks.

Neither of these situations are good for consistency. If I can't get momentum up over a week, I'll never keep it going long-term; if I can't stay healthy and motivated, what's the point of even doing a week.

I can't build up a decent running base because of this -- every time I get up to even 8, 10 miles a week, something happens - either exhaustion, injury, business, or busy-ness - and I'll go a week without running at all. And you can't do any kind of weight training program without a consistent schedule and a consistent base. I'll up my squat load 10lb, but then I won't make it back to the gym for 8 days to do more squats, so I'll stall and gain nothing except pain and more exhaustion.

Workout weekends )

Not that anyone but me cares about this lololol. But hey. If I spent as much time actually working out as I did reading about fitness and training plans, I'd be an award-winning marathon runner and a certified yoga instructor whooooooooooooooooooooops
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On Friday, I ran 8 miles. In fact, I ran something like 8.8 miles*.

Last week I ran 18.8 miles.

That's badass.

4 weeks left until the marathon-relay.

* Katy did the first "4" with me, and her Nike+ tracker told us afterwards that that "4" miles was actually more like 4.8 - which explains why every time I run that stretch of track it feels longer than it should be and I get very "slow" times; good to know I'm not imagining it. Mile markers on the Towpath are apparently not as accurate as they may appear. Would be interested in running the second "4" with Katy to see how long THAT side is...
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Well, I think I found my limits at the gym this weekend - at least for now. We've been trying to go a little bit harder (not only to work off some of that Christmas weight, but to actually make a dent in our chubby bellies!), and I'm pretty sure 2x[really hard workouts] + 2x[nights of band practice playing drums] = very, very sore legs for Jessy.

Current workout, for posterity's sake )

It's my calves that are unusually sore (the thighs usually get sore with lots of running no matter what), which is why I blame Bogdog practice. Bass drum pedal and high hat pedal are hard on the legs! I am not a drum machine! I am talking to you, The Bad Touch!!

Anyway, I've been meaning to write this entry for a while to share two links I think are super helpful for people interested in their health (whether it's weight loss or just health overall).

First link:

MyPyramidTracker is a website which will keep track of your daily energy balance. It requires a login to keep track of it. Every day you put in what you eat and what you burn, and over time you can watch your energy balance to see just how well you're watching your calories. It's better to do this one over a two-week period, because you can have good days and bad days that will average out.

What I really like about this one is the way it calculates your energy expenditure. There are two options:
(1) estimates your Base Energy Expenditure based on your sex / age / height / weight. You can then add in any "unusual" physical activity, like if you've gone to the gym that day. This is good because it gives you an estimate for BEE that you can kind of use to base how many calories you should be eating in a day.
(2) actually has you enter everything you've done in the past 24 hours and calculates a "more accurate" energy expenditure for you. This is interesting because it will tell you specifically how many calories you burn sitting on your ass in front of the computer all day (hah!).
For me, for example: some days at work I sit at my desk for 10 hours. Other days I am on my feet all day walking around the lab and carrying the equivalent of 5lb weights. It's interesting to see the difference there.

I used this site for a while and realized that while I was normally (during weekdays) eating under my calories, there would usually be one or two bad days that would put me waaaay over my calories, thus keeping me from making any real progress! (This is before I was working out.) A pound is about 3500 calories, plus or minus; to lose a pound in a week you need to average -500 calories on your energy balance. It's really easy to offset that average with just one or two bad days.

Anyway, it's kind of fun, although limited - it can be hard to really accurately enter your food if you cook for yourself and add a lot of ingredients.

The other site I don't have a link to, so I'll have to post it tomorrow.


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