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Jan. 15th, 2007 12:24 pm
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It's about writing, specifically endings and resolutions.

Follow the fake cut!

It'd be cool to get some input from different people in different fandoms, so - yeah, please do it.
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So I think I'm totally and completely hooked on House. Which makes no sense, because the recent shows have been kind of annoying with the EBIL!COP subplot (and by "subplot" I actually mean "main plot"), but the show is absolutely hilarious, and it's got a lot of potential. Has anyone else been watching this season? Because, well, I mean...

Sev rambles about House M.D. )

In other news, watch [livejournal.com profile] brokenprism for some high-quality crack lately. I've been mugged by plotbunnies. Coming your way: an FFIV/FFX crossover experiment, a series of Seifer/Zell drabbles also starring Edea, a very crackalicious Shadow/Terra for this month's [livejournal.com profile] ff_smutathon, and although I don't want to admit it out loud, the Irvine/Seifer ficlet. Also, possibly some work on those Christmas requests, and hopefully I will get back to stabbing at my claims.
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And now a fandom question:

OK, guys, what's up with the not being able to interestingly write certain pairings? Where is the goodfic, and moreover, why is there so much clichefic? Can't a girl get a genuine take on anything anymore - especially on pairings that aren't crack?

Cloud/Tifa, Cecil/Rosa, and Squall/Rinoa: I'm looking at you. )

It seems to me that it's incredibly hard to find and/or write more "standard" pairings. People seem drawn to the "opposites attract" thing (I cite very many Seifer/Quistis, Seifer/Squall, Rikku/Auron, Yuffie/Vincent fics). Or they seem drawn to characters with snark and/or spunk to them. And most of the good writers I know (here and on ff.net) tend to be experimental with their pairings and their writing and their crack. Not that crack is bad -- I love it -- I'm writing a Quistis/Rinoa story with sorceress powers -- but -- hey guys, how about a new twist on the old standard?

Is it because the standard is "boring" and/or "lame"? Is it just because it's overdone and crackalicious pairings are more fun? Why is most "standard" fic such utter shite?

Just because a relationship/attraction may already exist doesn't necessarily mean that there's less for an author to play with. And hi, plot. There are probably things going on in these people's lives other than OMG IM DATIN U, so where is it? How will the relationship form around already-existing lives?

C'mon, let's make boring sucky pairings not boring and/or sucky!


In conclusion, fandom(s), please. I'd issue a challenge for good Cloud/Tifa or Squall/Rinoa fic, but I want longer fics that show development, so I'm not going to challenge anyone and be like "WRITE ME 50K WORDZ ON THIS PAIRING, GO". But --

But why? Why is the rum gone, fandom? Why?

[EDIT] Sadly, after re-reading this rant, I also want to humbly request Rinoa/Irvine, which is crack and goes completely against my point. WTF IS WRONG WITH ME.
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OK, so Jim and I have been working on the Beacon timeline a whole fuckton in the past couple days. It makes me drool. I love this project so freaking much. We have done such awesome things with these characters and this plot - it's the best plot ever - and I'm just so excited about the way we work together and the things we've come up with.

It's a shame it won't ever really become an RPG, because it'd be the best thing ever.

It's also a shame that I can't really draw, because it would also make a great webcomic. I'd love to start it, because it would help me learn to draw good (and do other things good too). I just have all this ambition and no followthrough. I can just never find the time, or the willpower.

Ah well. I can write, and I do write, so at least the story will get realized in that way.

So, I think I'm off to write another chapter.

(I love my job. It's not that I have nothing to do - oh trust me, I sure fucking do - but it's that those things are all like, running batches. To make a batch of polymer there are a bunch of steps, and some of the steps take a set amount of time, like "wait until you reach this temperature" or "charge this much monomer at this rate". Which is perfect for writing - it gives me a bunch of 20-min breaks throughout the day, so I can churn out drabbleistic crap and still be productive at work!)
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I appear to be slowly but surely working my way back into writing - despite someone who takes up all my at-home time! - mostly due to assorted challenges and comms and such, but also because I've discovered the trick to writing at work. (My job has a lot of 10-15 minute down-times, which, if you can avoid being a scatterbrain, ends up being perfect wordvomit time, and that's what I started [livejournal.com profile] brokenprism for.) And I'm starting to feel the urge to launch something multichaptered again.

Although first, I must finish SLG. Liek woah. Stupid, stupid me.

I've been struck with plotbunnies for FFIV, FFVI, FFVIII, and FFX; and I still have a ton of one-shot FFVII-fic running around my head; and that doesn't include the crossover of doom that I am dying to rewrite just to prove that my teenaged ideas weren't entirely shite. I need to learn to finish my stupid projects first and start new ones second. Damns!

In other, unrelated news: I think the 100 Cans of Blatz party is going to be postponed for the moment, mostly because we haven't come up with enough friends to drink 100 cans of Blatz in one evening. So I have a feeling we'll all just be going to the Dugout for Jeff's birthday. Unless [livejournal.com profile] hilldo wants to loan his house out for a barbecue? HINT HINT.


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