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SO!! Rina and Sev want to do a fantastical new thing for 2017, to promote fun writing projects: We are collecting prompts to make a Master List of 52 prompts for 2017. We will write something over 100 words for 1 prompt every week. This will be a fun game for you to play.

We are mostly looking for general prompts, like: "sunlight" or "light and dark" or "aliens made us do it"; however, we will accept specific prompts for fandoms we share, which are mostly Final Fantasy games.

We are also looking for 10 "Amnesty Prompts" - which will be the 10 prompts immediately after our 52 prompt collection - which we can use any week the given prompt is not working for us.

Please leave some kick-ass prompt suggestions and help us develop our 52 Week Challenge prompt list!!!

How this will work:

  • Leave like up to 5 prompts at a time, with maybe 1-2 as fandom specific prompts and the rest as general. It's way cooler if you leave less than 5 at a time though, so that we can really mix up the prompts. We definitely won't put 5+ in order at once, because we like mixing it up every week.
  • We will input prompts as they appear, although, we reserve the right to save some prompts for our Amnesty List if they are awesome.
  • Come back, scan the list, and leave one or two more to mess with us!
  • We'll let you know when we are done -- we may collect a number of backup prompts for future use.

Comment here, or on Rina's list: everything goes into the GDoc!

READY SET UHHHHHH ... GO PLEASE sob leave us trash

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...that requires some backstory:

I've an original fiction world in which I've already planned at least a trilogy and a short story. The premise is easy: vampires and werewolves in space! The manifestation is more complex: lesbian werewolves and a genderqueer/genderfun vampire travel space looking for new planets with their magical were/vamp/magical girl pilot! The details are even more complicated: how do other planets, moons, suns, stars affect Earth-based fantasy archetypes? It's fantasy space trash, but with a purpose!

The world is, so far, in my head. Would anyone be interested in leaving me silly prompts to play with this month? I don't necessarily expect anyone to be interested in original fiction / original fic verse (although if you are -- awesome!!), but prompts would help me flesh everything out and get warmed up to writing! I will obviously post everything although of course no one is required to read & respond & comment or anything.

If you'd like to help, please prompt away!
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So over my brief microsabbatical I decided on a list of things I want to get done by the end of the year: thus, New Year's Resolutions, in reverse, ie my resolution is to have this done before the new year. See? Get it? It's like I'm clever instead of backwards and wrong!

  1. Get Healthy [metric: exercise 3+/wk; lose 10+ lb]
    Content note / Note this: being healthy and losing weight are not always the same thing! Health has a unique meaning to every individual body!
    That being said: for me getting healthy and knocking off weight go hand-in-hand at this point in time. From May-September I ate poorly, rested poorly, drank too much, drowned in stress, and had no time or motivation to work out at all. That plus medication changes has resulted in what is, for my body, unhealthy poundage.
    I miss swimming. I miss yoga. I don't miss running, fuck running, but I miss being able to run I guess? I miss punching my bag. I want to have Korra arms. And I have, quite reasonably, 10-20 lb I could lose before being even close to "danger". (Trust me, I'm a Taurus; we don't diet.)
    This is something I can make happen by 01 Jan 2016.

  2. Inhabitable basement [metric: obvious]
    Right now the basement is storage, which is part of what basements are for, but mine opens up to my patio (and grill, and fire chimney) and has a nice little area by the windows where friends could sit and drink wine and grill things. I've two drum sets in my basement and my keyboard, all of which I have been missing desperately. (I miss music! I dream about pianos.) My workout area is functional, but not at all welcoming. My laundry area could use some sprucing.
    Much of the storage is related to the above, which means I just need to sort it and work through it. A good part, however, is my grandmother's stuff. She finally passed away in August (I am not sure I even mentioned it here; I was too broken by it to do so) and I do not mind storing her things forever but need to go through them and decide which way makes sense.
    This is, also, quite doable by 2016, and having those areas back in my life will please me immensely.

  3. Shame room --> Craft room [metric: obvious]
    I want to turn my spare bedroom into a crafting room, to house sewing / knitting / beading / anything else I may start doing. Right now it's a shameful repository of clothes-to-be-donated and a few boxes from moving (not original boxes - these were empty boxes that were repacked with "shit i do not want to deal with rn" and hidden).

  4. Plan for the greatroom [metric: having an estimate / loan]
    I have plans in my head to redo my entire greatroom, which started with my neverending desire to replace the horribly stained carpet in there and grew into a really, really epic floor plan. I need to get it from my head onto the page, then find a contractor who can give me estimates on time / cost to make it happen. Why not? Houses are investments, and my cafe-bar thing will be incredible.

  5. Work-Life Balance [metric: ???]
    I need to prove to myself that I can, in fact, work the kind of job that pushes all of my success buttons without killing myself. The next 3 months will be busy, as always, but not deadly, so it's time to fucking do it. I still don't know how to make a metric for this; maybe I can use success on the other Resolution points, because they won't happen if I continue to use my energy on work.

  6. Mental Peace [metric: ???]
    I went back through some journal entries and I've been in a massive depression funk since early 2014. That's too long. It has started to severely affect my health and my job. I need to attack this. I realize depressions don't "go away" but I haven't tried anything really and I at least deserve an effort.

  7. Write Again [metric: get some word count] No real comments. I just miss writing.

I stopped there, since there are really only 3 months left in the year, and they will contain not only the major hols of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, but also the birth of my newest niece or nephew, so I'm well aware that this is a lot to do in that time frame. (Obviously they won't need to be complete, but I work better with deadlines, even self-imposed ones. Better to not let myself cheat.)

There. Public posting makes it real, right?

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Heyyyooo, so let's talk about fic stuff. Today's post is a small-fandom extravaganza. We'll start with DOINK! 2013!

I got a really awesome gift this year:

Seeing The Bright (1875 words) by Estirose
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Princess Hilda, Gordon (Final Fantasy II), Leila (Final Fantasy II), Arc (Final Fantasy III)

At camp, Hilda gets ready to retake Fynn. But there's a little time before that to rest, talk to her friends, and decide what to make of Leila.

Not only is this a crossover fic (!!!!!!!) that not only includes some of my favorite FFII characters but managed to work in Arc (and Arc/Alus!!!) – points for that alone, ladies and gentlemen; ways to make your Sev happy: surprise crossover references – but it's a beautiful look at Hilda's mindset in the game before they retake Fynn, the way she thinks of her people (not just the people of Fynn she needs to care for, but the people around her she chooses to trust) and her situation. It's gorgeous.

I also received an awesome piece of Chocobo Down:

Don't Talk to Mountains (They Talk Back) (2755 words) by flonnebonne
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Edge Geraldine/Rydia
Characters: Edge Geraldine, Kain Highwind, Rydia, Cecil Harvey, Rosa Joanna Farrell, Ceodore Harvey
Additional Tags: how can anyone spend seventeen years on a mountain, meta disguised as fic, ffiv: the after years makes no sense, edge is silly

Edge tries to talk Kain off the mountain and gets an earful of nonsense. After which the story stops even trying to make sense.

I started giggling at the summary, then the first paragraph made me lose it, and I was hooting by the end. This is legitimately one of the funniest fics I've ever read.

I wrote two things for DOINK! this year. My gift was:

Sight (3461 words) by seventhe
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Final Fantasy II
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Minwu, Hilda (Final Fantasy II)
Additional Tags: Hilda/Minwu (implied), gratuitous use of imagery, Backstory

Minwu sees things; when he looks at one thing, he sees another, and he has his whole life. But when he looks at Fynn Castle, he sees only its stones; when he looks at Princess Hilda, he doesn't know what he sees.

The story of how Minwu came to serve Hilda, and how they came to trust one another.

I ended up really enjoying this prompt, and really enjoyed writing this fic. There's a lot to be said about the bond between Hilda and Minwu, and I really only approached Minwu's side here, but after [community profile] moogle_university I apparently had a lot to say, up to and including a lot of crossover meta fun to throw in there and play with. It is full of references to other FFs! It is a fun game: gotta catch 'em all! I am awful. However, I think I now ship Hilda/Minwu. I'm not sure I'm sorry.

I also wrote a piece of Chocobo Down:

a dancing game (1840 words) by seventhe
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Vaan (Ivalice Alliance), Penelo
Additional Tags: Sky Pirates, Treasure Hunting, effective (if quirky) friendships

Penelo and Vaan find yet another trap in search of treasure. Lucky for them, they still dance a mean game.

…which reminded me how much I enjoyed FFXII's battle system, and I am looking forward to getting there in our replay.

And finally, unrelated to DOINK! at all, I also finished and posted another giant thing, for which I will somehow manage to blame [personal profile] lassarina (for moogle_university), [personal profile] auronlu (for encouraging me), my friend Phil (for beating FFIII while visiting), and myself (for being a horrible, incorrigible person who likes terrible ships):

Architecture (12208 words) by seventhe
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Final Fantasy III
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Alus/Arc
Characters: Arc (Final Fantasy III), Alus Restor
Additional Tags: Period-Typical Underage, Aged-Up Character(s), aged up from canon, precocious boy-kings, shy trusted advisors, clumsy boy makeouts, Kissing
Series: Part 2 of precocious boy-kings and their shy trusted advisors

(+5 years from the game; sequel to Calligraphy.) Arc finds new direction in Saronia, new understanding of himself, and new everything with Alus. (In which Arc builds a bridge, Alus hires an advisor, and Luneth, Refia, and Ingus write letters.)

…because I cannot stop writing Arc/Alus and I never will and I am not sorry, so here are 12000 words of it, that and FFIII worldbuilding and continued Refia/airships and Luneth/pranks and Ingus/Sara (who actually have the best sense of humor of all of them) and Arc and Alus and trust and friendship and horrible budget committee meetings and clandestine meetings in the library (except not) and falling asleep on couches, and I will never stop having things to say about shy, awkward, kids; about clever, brilliant precocious young boys who are strong in ways that aren't traditional; and the ways they can find confidence and belonging and also make out a lot. It is like my thing for Larsa only much much worse. /DEFRIENDED

It's a direct sequel to Calligraphy, but it seemed to need to stand on its own; I'm so happy with a lot of what I wrote this month, but I'm so so very happy about this one.

I ALSO have finally found the actual Rosa fic that I have been meaning to finish and edit and post - the third part of my polyamorous trifecta, Momentum / Content With This Winter / [All The Ghosts] - and so even though I haven't really had time yet to make educated comments on [personal profile] sathari's Rosa entry I am jazzed beyond belief that I didn't lose the fic entirely like I thought.

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  1. So my 12 Days of Promptmas was either a roaring success or massive failure depending on how you look at it, and it's your fault: YOU ALL KNOW ME TOO WELL. The thing is, every single one of these prompts that I have tried to write (to date, 8 of them, not even lying) has erupted into a fic well over 1000 words and none of them show any signs of stopping. Success! AND FAILURE. Apparently my brain wants long and introspective fics right now.

    So rather than stomping on that, what I'm going to do is try to write everyone a short drabble or scene by Thursday, so that everybody gets a thing by my self-imposed deadline. Then I will take the next few weeks and try to beat some of the longer things into the shape of actual stories. That way I can encourage all the words, without feeling guilty! EVERYONE WINS.

    (Seriously. One of these is 7000 words already and all that has happened is a lot of snarking and someone making spaghetti. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)

    So I guess if you didn't have a chance to leave me a prompt for promptmas, GO FOR IT. Why not!

  2. I still really want to do a trial of SevMas, but it's hard to break up my own writing mojo to do so. Stay tuned, though! Maybe it can start soon. :D





Jan. 27th, 2011 08:32 am
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I took this from [personal profile] owlmoose because it looks interesting:

Pick a character I write, and I will give you the top five ideas/concepts/other I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to depicting them accurately.
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[personal profile] justira asked:
Why are you in fandom! How did you get here! Did you learn anything about yourself from/through being in fandom? For example, did you discover any kinks? =D (And, if you feel comfortable sharing, what are they!)

And I've got a bit to say about this!

Why am I in fandom?
I like to write, and being in fandom helps keep me doing so; there's an audience in fandom I think it's easier to reach out to than with original work. I love the source material, and fandom's a way to express that: reading, browsing art, commenting, sharing; all of these are ways to extend and explore a source material I'm fond of. I like the community; I've met some amazing people through fandom (more on this in a bit) and I enjoy the shared/collaborative feel of it, even if it's just commenting on a friend's drabble with a smiley-face.

I think in a way it's about value. I've watched people change fandoms or drift in and out of fandom because it isn't returning what they value (whether that's attention, comments/reviews, crit/feedback, cult of worshipers etc - value's different for all), and obviously I encourage everyone to shift around until they find a place in a fandom that's rewarding for them. Fandom's supposed to be fun, not frustrating!

Anyway: for me, the value returned is in communications: friends emailing me rambling snippets of fic or ideas for the one where GFs steal Seifer's memory or even just handfuls of porn, people I don't know commenting on fic that's two years old and getting into conversations about this or that pairing, friendships that move on beyond fandom, ideas that grow into [community profile] ff_exchange or the Kiss Battle or a series of prompts on [community profile] fuckyeahfinalfantasy -- interactions that go beyond "hay I liked your fic" are what I mean.

It's the connections, the kind of stuff I wouldn't do on my own -- like... I could write and maybe get comments and stuff, but -- I know now that I can write something and people will read it, and if they don't I can send them a note and they'll read it when they have time; it's the feedback, the interaction, and that's what I like.

How did I come to fandom?
Sadface: I have been writing fanfiction since before I knew what it was. Remember Sev is older than most of you, and we didn't have a ton of internet access/time growing up, and so when I spent my time writing an absolutely massive (note: it spanned four 3 1/2 inch disks) FFIV / FFVI crossover, I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS FANFIC; I was just like "la de da I am writing this stupid story and I will never tell anyone." It wasn't until college - which for me was after 2000 - that I really recognized fanfiction and figured out what the heck it was. That means I've been writing for over 10 years... wow, that's ridiculous.

Once I found -- through FF and Harry Potter almost simultaneously -- I started writing more, and I started meeting people. I ended up heading to Livejournal through - well, a collection of people; [personal profile] novel_machinist/[ profile] drakonlily and [personal profile] crankyoldman/[ profile] venefica_aura, mostly. They! Were also the first fandom people I ever met, in 2005, when we went to Otakon for the first time. (2005 or 2006? Am I that old...?)

Once I found Livejournal I was pretty much lost.

Things I learned from fandom!

Well, to start it off I have to say that fandom has impacted my life. It isn't subtle. Many people I've met from here have become friends, and some of them not just friends but CLOSE, heart-to-heart, soulmate friends. (And some of them, MAKEOUT FRIENDS, which in my opinion are totally the best kind!) I'm talking real-life friends and real-life impact. I won't get sappy, but I'm going to say: I love you all.

And, GOSH, as for kinks?


And my time's almost up... post! Obviously there's a lot more to say, but one thing I learned about myself is tl;dr. Yes.

This is part of my 30 Days of Posting meme - feel free to check out the schedule of posting! My month is full, but if any of the posts make you want to ask for something else, go ahead and leave a comment anyway! DW || LJ
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[community profile] megaflare_ff

Rules and Sign-Ups!

!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO ELSE IS EXCITED.

FYI, I will be writing the sequel to Dissolution (titled Reinvention). If anybody wants to be my artist this is the chance to draw Edgar/Sabin twincest I KNOW you've been waiting for. ;)

Recap of the weekend in a bit. Had to get this out first ♥
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So I’ve been pretty stressed out lately. Rather than talk too much about the things stressing me, I’m going to talk about the good things that are happening because of all the stress, one by one.

  • Snafubar played our first gig on Saturday night. We shared a show with Lithium and I thought it went really well overall. I was pleased with the way we sounded although as always you can critique these kinds of things until the sun goes down… but in the end, not only am I happy about it, I’m happy to have it over with. I didn’t have a lot of practice time in my week to begin with (and now with all the other stress it really wasn’t helping) and while I love playing it’s nice to have a little break. One stressor down. Congrats to Lithium too, you guys sounded awesome. :D

  • FFEX, NGP, help_haiti: all assorted fandom projects with assorted due dates that are approximately NOW, or maybe YESTERDAY, if not LAST WEEK DUMBASS: but all of which will be done this week and I’m pleased as shit with things right now. Even if my contributions to FFEX have been “cheer wildly while coding people make my dreams come true” and “panic”… even then.

  • Work has been insanely ungodly busy and while I'm trying to pull something good out of it for the list… I’m coming up blank. Right now I’m working on the largest single amount of polymer I’ve ever made for a request, times four requests. Plus a crapload of other studies and other smaller batches which are still my responsibility no matter what else lands in my lap. Due dates for one major project/study is mid-April; for another project/request, mid-May. So right now is crunch time. At least I’m busy, job security, etc. It isn’t helping the exhaustion but I guess it’s helping the days go by.

  • Health-wise: I got the results back from a blood test I took a few weeks ago (seriously, people, I have had 8 appointments in the past 3 Fridays. I don’t even want to look at my medical bills yet). Apparently I am extremely vitamin deficient in a way that isn’t related to diet or sun exposure at all: good job, body, way to continue to fail at the things other people do correctly. XDD I’m lacking Bs and Ds, I guess: vitamin D you hear about a lot in the winter, but B12 is one that contributes to “normal brain function”. Ha ha ha. Funny. I wasn’t really sure why, because I buy my own groceries and cook for myself and eat lots of fruit and vegetables. But apparently this is the kind of thing that can just happen; my body just doesn’t absorb or process or hang onto this stuff correctly, apparently, sez the doc, and that’s that. YEY.
    The thing is, the symptoms (not just lethargy/lack of energy/exhaustion/sleep disorder, but depression, anxiety, irritability, mood-swings*) match the things I’ve been fighting, the things that have been getting worse. The revelation that the B-vitamins affect mental issues and brain function kind of just made it click for me. Hilariously, when I called my mother to tell her this, she revealed that a great-aunt of mine had once been hospitalized in a psych ward for symptoms that ended up being related to B-deficiency. Guess I’m glad we caught this now.
    So I am on a regimen of shots, weekly supervitamin gutpunches, and pill cocktails for a month; after that I have a delicious sampling of 8 pills I’ll take every day (not including the multi-vitamin I’m holding off on for now until this other shit gets stabilized) until I get re-tested in three months for APPROVE/DISAPPROVE. The reason I'm taking 8 pills / day is because the levels of daily vitamins I was prescribed by the doctor are 2-3x the largest size sold in any given pharmacy. Sweet.
    Honestly, this is better than the outcome I was expecting and stressing over (“Your thyroid is borked! You require surgery/serious meds”) and I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that some of my health issues will get their asses in line once I get myself and my internal systems re-balanced.

  • In-between appointments this week, I wasted some time at a Borders which was going out of business and had discounts on their books. I bought myself a lovely illustrated book on Yoga; it’s hard to find a good book on yoga, because what I really want is a book about building vinyasas for myself, and I’m guessing the discount shelves aren’t the best place to find something that specific. But the book I have has a lot of awesome 360-degree photos of some of the main poses, and combinations to do for pain in certain areas of the body, which is pretty cool: I’m pleased, even if it doesn’t cover everything I was hoping it would. I also got a book on homemade spa treatments (which looks really awesome and fun; can’t wait to try it). And also: I found The deck of Tarot** cards for me. I’ve been looking for a new deck for a while, and who would’ve known the perfect deck lived in the Borders clearance bin? Ha: I should have, as my “inner self” is a cheapass. I haven’t gotten to do much with them yet because I’ve been so busy, but they are beautiful and awesome, the symbolism is fantastic (very faerie-based, beautiful yet with enough creepy to really please me), and this is the first deck since my last one that I have really felt intrigued by. Yoga and Tarot… rebalancing vitamin regimen… who senses a theme? Haha, self!

  • My training plan is going as well as it can. I did my first two outdoor runs this weekend: one 5-miler, and one ~3-miler. My training plan basically has one long run per week, and as long as the temperature isn’t cold enough to trigger my asthma I really want to start doing the long run outdoors. However, I have to find a better road to run on! The path I picked on Friday was a really shit road for running. Anyway, my legs are still recovering from the shock of a real road, but I’m getting there. Training is slow, but I’m getting there.

Anyway, my commitment plate has been a little full, but this week – this week! – a lot of it should get better, and maybe I can get this stress-knot out of my neck and this anxiety out of my gut and this exhaustion out of my head. :) I’m looking forward to this weekend if nothing else! Engineering Bitches hit WineCon 2010. Heeeellllllllllls yeah.

How is everyone else!

* Uh, I guess this is the part where I mention that I’ve been going through a lot of these symptoms lately and having some health and mental health issues…? Heh.
** I like the Tarot as a meditation/therapy/interesting-way-of-looking-at-things tool, much like I like horoscopes. Do I think there is a spirit in the cards (or the stars) telling my fortune? No. Do I believe someone like me (who fails at emotional analysis anyway) can use Tarot methods to better understand who they are, how they feel about situations and what they want to do? Yup. Do I like pretty cards with gorgeous illustrations? Also yes. :P
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Well, February ended nicely (excellent weekend at Chez [personal profile] lassarina), but I'm hoping the "In like a lion" phrasing applies, because March started off a bit of a whirlwind and I'm hoping there's a little "out like a lamb" in my future.

First: couldn't sleep last night, which was awesome. Not sure what undid me; the 3:00pm coffee in the airport (unusual, as I drink coffee all through my until-6-pm workday), or the general OCD of my brain, or maybe IDK my BFF insomnia again. Kittens were adorable and got the sleep I didn't, at least.

Second: work projects exploding (not literally (this time!)) everywhere. I love workplace wank, but I'm not dumb enough to talk about it unlocked; let's just say today has been interesting. Straaaange things are going on and it is strange and intriguing yet frustrating. Also I think my March is going to suck balls in relation to the sheer number of pounds of polymer I'm personally responsible for. My Marches always seem to suck this way. I don't understand. Ugh ugh ugh. WAH WAH HAS TO WORK FOR LIVING.

Third: Feeling general ridiculous urge to spend moneys. Rina and Kas hath convinced me to get a PSP, but I also want a laptop. Also I saw Dragon Age this weekend and I waaaaaaant. WTF self. Because I need to spend more money on video games I don't have time to play?

Fourth: Today has been such a clusterfuck and I'm really behind on writing. >.> [ profile] astrangerenters don't kill me; your fic just turned long last week and I'm hoping you'd rather have a long funny story full of snarky shenanigans than something quick (it is like 10 smallish parts) because that is what has happened to it. My writing to-do list is getting longer by the moment though and I'm almost eagerly awaiting the "HOFUCK Panic Party" I have to have this week/weekend to get certain things completed.

Fifth: I got nothin'.
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Things going on in my life right now?

+ FF Kiss Battle is go!

+ Went to Pittsburgh to celebrate Dad's birthday this weekend. Watched Jim's band (they were awesome). Drank lots. Played drunken Candyland with the drunken family. Had a great time. :) It's nice to be able to just meet up with them for an evening once in a while.

+ The J-Squad's going to run a marathon! (Go Team Beer Hats?) [ profile] jennyclarinet, [ profile] hilldo, myself, and two others are running the marathon as a 5-person relay. I'm training to run the 8.1 mile leg of the relay. If you watch my Twitter you've probably seen my #run2010 hashtag... that's my training program.

I'm excited. This is part of "Make 2010 full of things Sev wants to do"... although wanting to run over 8 miles in a reasonable time is probably an awful life choice. But I want to prove I can do it, even with asthma and a bum ankle. I know I can. I'm not going to let my weak body own me! XD

+ Between running and doing yoga once a week, I've been pretty physically beat. Level Two Yoga is harder than I thought, but I love it ever so. I come out of that class feeling not only tired, but -- clean, empty, relaxed. Last Wednesday for example I was so frustrated at personal things I was on the line of tears; I left class in the best mood of the entire week. Even though it kicks my ass, hello headstands why do I have no upper body strength. :/

+ Snafubar has a gig coming up -- Saturday 13 March we'll be playing at a local bar in Akron with [as of yet unnamed 90's band] starring [ profile] jennyclarinet and [ profile] hilldo. It's really nice to be preparing for a double show because we only need 1.5 hours of music which is pretty reasonable. I'm hoping this can turn into a regular thing... I miss playing out.

+ And the week after the show we're going to have Awesome Weekend (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!) courtesy of the Engineering Bitches. I can't wait for March!

+ Writing's going okay. Finishing up my work for [ profile] help_haiti, then moving on to [community profile] newgameplus while dabbling in [ profile] ff_kissbattle. Beacon is actually going really well, although as evidenced by this paragraph it's also going kind of slowly.

+ This weekend we're having a Jam Night at the ex-drummer's house, and then next weekend I'll be in Chicago visiting [personal profile] lassarina... life is good.

+ Mood: good. Personal life: stable.
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So one of my (few) (simpler) goals for 2010 involves original writing. I've committed again to [ profile] getyourwordsout, for 200,000 words -- I made it in 2009 (albeit just barely), and I had a lot of fun doing it and wrote a few things I'm quite happy with. I found it an excellent motivator for weeks I wasn't doing much of anything writing-wise, and I'm quite proud to say "I wrote (probably over) 200,000 words in 2009". So I'm back in 2010 with 200K, but I'm mixing it up a little.

Every year I say I'm going to write Beacons, but this year I think I mean it, or I'm going to start out that way. Other than the one fanfiction project I have in my sights, everything else is going to go on hold while I get Beacons started. It doesn't mean I'm quitting fanfiction - I will still need it for sanity breaks and writer's-block and crazy memes and the like - but my focus is going to be on original work for early 2010.

My brother Jim is my partner in this project, and one of the reasons I'm excited to start is that he and I are closer to being on the same page communication-commitment-and-time-wise. We're setting up some online things to work on to accompany the story.

One of the biggest things I need to figure out is where/how to post it, because I want to be posting it or at least sending it out - one of the things that'll get me to write this is public accountability. I haven't yet decided whether to post it on my website, or on LJ/DW. I do know I want to do one of the two; I also know I'd prefer my website, but I don't have a very feasible or convenient way to do so unless I get around to installing something like FictionPress in the next few days. (Suggestions: welcome.) I don't mind posting it on LJ/DW at all, mainly because that's where a lot of friends/readers are, but as it's original work I kind of want it in my "own" space.

I'm going to be posting it as a serial. One chapter or "episode" every week. I'd need ~3800 words per week to hit the 200K, so hopefully each chapter/episode can be 3000-4000 words. Ideally I'll get the story written this year, and then I can edit it together into actual chapters in 2011.

(I also hope to do one illustration per week, but I don't want to boldly commit to that because I know my own schedule and I know that class this year might suck ass. But I do want to get back to drawing again, and one illustration of my own work per week sounds really awesome! It would be a lot of fun! And then I'd be learning about drawing too! So, we'll see.)

Jim and I have gathered a small group of mutual friends who would be interested in keeping up with our work, because there's nothing like the motivation of knowing people are reading your stuff and waiting for the next little bit and getting into your story/characters/etc. I've also chatted with a few other people about working with us. This would be more in a gamma-reading sense -- as we post the story, comment on things that are awesome, things that are confusing, general thoughts, etc. so that as we continue (and edit) we can work improvements into the story. If you're interested in being on that email filter, let me know. :) It's not like the story will be a big secret, locked somewhere no one can see it - I said I was posting it publicly - but I also acknowledge that it's still very much a work in progress.

So that's my first big plan. People who've been watching this journal might be like, "Sev, you so crazy! You don't have time for this!" Well, a very serious and personal goal for 2010 is to get back my (personal) time no matter how far I have to go. This is one very awesome way of doing so.
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So I have about 25,000 words to write in December if I want to make my 200K goal for [ profile] getyourwordsout. I do love that instead of frantically writing I am going to write a post on not writing instead: I am a professional, guys, fear me.

Anyway: 25K words in a month isn't bad – I did it in July and August of this year for FFEX – but it isn't great, either, for a month full of finals and holidays. It's… half of NaNoWriMo. I shall call it nanoNaNo. (demiNaNo might be more appropriate, but oh well.)

So while I waste hours today in a very long meeting, let's see what the internets think because I am already bored.

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Oct. 26th, 2009 11:27 am
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NaNoWriMo starts on Sunday. 50,000 words in November.

I am seventhe on the NaNo website, btw, so feel free to friend me if you want cheering, but I'm not really doing official NaNo this year.

Why not? How to put this simply. I'm losing 10/30 days in November for my brother's wedding, reception, and my personal vacation in-between the two. And that's the most optimistic estimate – not taking into account packing/preparing for said trip, recovery time from said trip, the final I have right after said trip, or anything involving Thanksgiving. Since the more realistic estimate leaves me about 50% of November to work with, I'll be frank: NaNo is not happening for me this year.

I'm going to participate in the way I usually do, since Novembers are busy months for my personal life – writing what I can, inputting it into the website, and cheering on my friends who have a much better chance of making 50K.

I'll be using the NaNo fervor to spur myself on into writing whatever words I can, because I'm still close enough to being on-track with [community profile] getyourwordsout that I can make 200K by the end of this year as long as I stay on track. So that's my goal! Stay on track, self.

It's sad because there are so many things I want to write right now! My brains are frazzled and fried from le wedding, and from school, and from work, which makes even basic sub-dire life feel frazzling and frying. And yet the ideas keep coming! And I get excited about them! But then I get more frazzled! CLEARLY I AM A PROFESSIONAL.

And then I post about writing and being frazzled rather than doing anything productive. DON'T MIND ME.
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  • Valentine's Day Meme. I've left some prompts; come on, guys, don't leave me lonely! (Other pairings you know I like such as Rydia/Quistis or Ellone/Anyone are totally fair game guyz.)

  • [ profile] ff_exchange could still use your feedback in the poll, if you want to be a part of the SUPER COOL FINAL FANTASY EXCHANGE this summer!

  • If I can figure out how to work it, there might be a porn meme in [ profile] ff_smutathon for Valentine's Day. Requires thinking though. Any interest?

- - -

JanNoWriMo -- Final Summary!

Words Written: 15,867 / 15,500 - win!
Days Written:
    - Total: 22 / 31 (71%)
    - Excepting for Ohayocon: 22 / 28 (78.5%)
Out Of Days I Wrote, Days I Wrote More Than 500 Words: 15 / 22 (68%)

Nerdy Pictoral Representation Of My Progress:

Notes on JanNoWriMo )

Goals for February:
  • Write 15,000 words, total. This is so I get ahead on [ profile] getyourwordsout in Feb, because in March I'll be drawing.

  • Finish Seifer/Irvine AU, 0tp Prompts, and get at least halfway with Beacon outline.

  • Write at least one freaking piece of porn.

Anyway! I've seen a few JanNoWriMo Summaries on the F-List, so~! Let me know how you did in the comments if I haven't talked to you yet (or just point me to the entry). :) Go our team, guys! OI!
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I'm spammy today, guys, sorry.

I've been thinking about NaNoWriMo this year, as always. I'd write Beacon, like I always do, and probably make a lot of progress on it. But again, we're going on a Thanksgiving vacation, and as amazing as I am I don't think I can write the required 50,000 words in 20 days. I didn't last year, and I didn't the year before. And ILU NaNo, but I'm not giving up my vacation this year.

So I thought... why not do something different? I've been wanting to draw more, and I've been wanting to get into Beacon. So I thought, maybe I'll draw, one page of Beacon every day. Not totally FINISH like through the computer and everything, but draw in the sketchbook, one page of the comic every day. If I get behind, I'll draw two pages. At the end, I'll have a start, and I can scan them in and start working on them in Photoshop while I (hopefully) continue the story. The other benefit is that a sketchbook could come on vacation with me, technically. (I'm not sure whether I'd stick to it, but there's a chance.)

On the one hand, writing, yay! Getting back into it, getting more story down. On the other hand, drawing! Finally making myself draw daily to get better.

So I can't decide. And because my batch totally F-ed up and I'm cranky, I figured I'd write a poll on it. What do you guys think?

[Poll #1275003]
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So I've been sitting here writing my share of the porn for HNtDB* and thinking about writing in general. I'm kind of peeved at and their recent Crusades Against All Sensical Punctuation (including scene breaks of all kinds). One of the reasons I like LiveJournal for my writing is that I know once I post something in [ profile] brokenprism, it's going to look like I intend for it to look, and since LJ is a blogging community the chance of them cutting out "---" is pretty much 0.001%** and so it's probably going to continue to look that way for a while. I liked the fact that lots of people read my stuff at, but I also have readers here at LJ, and what I've lost in "raw number of random commenters" I've gained not only in "raw number of insightful commenters" but also in "community", per se.

The thing is, of course, that since I was writing porn while thinking about this, I started thinking a little harder. I don't understand what's been going on in the Livejournal Background, and I don't really care to, but kerfluffle after kerfluffle has made me just a little nervous about The Future of LiveJournal As Pertaining To My Porn***. I mean, I would also like to have my own archive of my own fanfiction work. I own for this very basic reason, but I never could maintain it. Flaw #1: Writing on breaks at work. I can't FTP into my website from work. I can, however, post to LJ.

So what I'm looking for are some recommendations of website-based software which will let me post stories to my website -- much like's software -- without FTP. I know they're out there, and in fact I know that some of you use them for your own work. What do you recommend? Keep in mind I am severely PHP- and SQL-impaired, so anything that's super easy to use (think "Plug and Play") wins, even if it lacks certain features.

I already run Gallery on (which needs a good updating), so I'm not completely hopeless. That's really what I'm looking for -- something like that, that I can access anywhere, without having to HTML-code all my writing and then actually upload it. I am Le Lazy.

And now, back to helping poor tormented Quistis finally get a piece of ass, before I go to bed.

* at least, I'm trying. We'll see how it actually turns out, as I have to go to bed soon ><
** although it may be higher with our new Russian overlords
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Yes, that's right! It's another ACTION-PACKED POST FROM SEV.

JanNoWriMo, my fake NaNo to make up for the fact that November always sucks a nut for writing in my personal schedule, will officially start Monday, Jan 07. Because I say so! Also because a lot of the players will be gone this weekend at Ohayocon. Although if you want to start right now, go ahead! You're awesome.

The point of JanNoWriMo is basically to write as many words as you can! I will be starting with HNtDB and [ profile] bottle_of_shine's country music cowboy bodyguard porn (NAY A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! PORN FOR YOU AS SOON AS I CAN!) and then moving into origific. There's no 50K goal; there's no 50K limit. We're just writing words. Set your own goal and come write with me; I need people to cheer me on. XD




THIS ONE'S FOR [ profile] jennyclarinet! Who is hot.

Penis Text Adventures, Part III
Rating: Well, PG-13 or R, depending on how you rate curse words and mentions of buttsex
Characters: Sir Hilldo, some shitty orcs, a mysterious girl, a surprisingly cute pet, and drunks!

Summary: In which a plot takes over and all of you invariably get bored and tell us to STFU and/or go back to being funny. Sir Hilldo defends his slut maiden's honor, amuses the townsfolk, and gets a kitty!

The Shield of +1 to Herpes )- - -

Sometimes I make me laugh.


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