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New FFIV fic in the works, ladies and gentlemen!

Authors: [ profile] first_seventhe and [ profile] rosencrantz (Sev and Enkida)
Fandom: FFIV
Characters: Kain, Rydia, Edge, Cast
Rating: M / R
Spoilers: Whole damn game.

Summary: Heroes aren't always automatically granted a happily ever after... sometimes, winning is only the start of the battle. Kain, Rydia, Edge - and the aftermath of victory.

Part I: Penance (01)

The fic is a gift for [ profile] katmillia, or at least it started out that way. It's now the hugest, most tl;dr gift ever.

I'll be updating it in [ profile] brokenprism, and I mean it this time ;), so I probably won't post about it here every time because I don't want to spam people. Consider this your introductory post! This is basically just blatant self-promoting spam. SPAM SPAM SPAM. I know some of you on my F-List are FFIV people, so please take a read and let me know what you think. <3 THERE WILL BE PORN IN THIS STORY, LATER


Jun. 28th, 2007 03:08 pm
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OK, so I stopped posting HNtDB at [ profile] brokenprism around... Chapter Four.


Oh, god. Whomever is doing [ profile] ff_press today, I am so so SO sorry. I will try to space them out. >.>

Anyway! If you haven't seen it yet: - Chapter 12: In Which Two Blondes Do Not Date.

(that's right chapter 12 and the last thing i posted in BP was chapter 4 oh god i don't even know where those files are anymore >.>)


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