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Two people still need to list their recipients (I've emailed them XD) BUT everyone does have a gift. So if you didn't get an email or can't find your name, be patient, there is totes something for you.

If you're still working on something, it's cool, feel free to post it whenever!

I'll reveal authors maybe on Sunday?

EDITTTT -- if we want to keep this a big bad secret, then, uh, don't reply to your comments and stuff before author reveal. however, because this is the most casual of casual exchanges that ever existed I AM GOING TO LEAVE THAT COMPLETELY UP TO YOU GUYS. reply if you want, don't if you don't. yeah the secret thing is more fun but if you are burning to reply to a comment, I'm not gonna stop you. :D
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Okay, so today was supposed to be ~the day~, but my job accidentally an 8 hour meeting (8:00-4:00), so. I won't be going through the works until after 4:00pm (Ohio time), probably much later -- so if you're almost done you've got until then to post!

If someone doesn't have a gift by then, I'll either pinch hit myself or call in a friend. This doesn't mean you're out of the claim-a-thon - feel free to post your assignment whenever - but that way I can be sure everyone has at least one thing before I reveal.

And now off to caffeinate myself before this 8-hour extravaganza
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OK, based on general feedback so far:

- If you can, get your fic in by Friday
- some people will need the weekend and that's cool; actual "due date" will be Sunday
- by Friday if I haven't heard from you I may start panicking and contact you just to make sure, but I won't start finding back up friends until after Sunday

- Reveal will happen once everybody has a thing. SO IT'S IN YOUR BEST INTERESTS TO POST EARLY SEE

- remember this is a casual fun exchange thing XD

- enjoy
- ???
- how do I profit again
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How's it going? Does a due date of this weekend work for everyone?? Due Friday, revealed Sat/Sun, author reveals a few days afterwards?? IS THIS OKAY
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So I compiled everybody's claim-a-thon picks and ran the code this morning. It's done! It was, uh, not flawless. HOWEVER, I have it worked out so that everyone gets an assignment and everyone gets a gift. There are going to be a couple double-ups and a couple covers, but hey, you knew that going into this, lol.

Rambling about the results )

So. I'll be sending out emails today with everybody's claim! I have to send them from my phone because job blocks Gmail, so they will all be simple and boring. Please forgive. If you haven't gotten anything by tonight, check your spam folder, and then email me if there's still nothing.

I would like to do the posting on AO3. I am pretty sure everybody here has an AO3 account, and I actually think it will be more fun because: We can do a partial reveal. Look, my journal/FL/Circle is like a big incestuous clusterfuck already, so I think it might be fun to do a two-step reveal? Gifts would go live whenever they were posted, but they'd be anonymous, and then when everybody's was up we could reveal authors and have an author party? IS EVERYBODY OKAY WITH THIS?

Cause I set up a collection here that you can post to. Whenever you're ready. Right now it's all locked up / unrevealed, but if everybody is okay with the double reveal, I'll open it up so that it will show gifts but not authors right now. :D

EDIT -- Okay, so everyone has gotten an "assignment" claim, in email, but! If you are really into any of the other prompts and you want to write them anyway, email me and I'll send on that person's information so that you can write a surprise gift too!

I told you this was a super casual thing. XD
I'm only waiting for two people!, so if you haven't left your claims, please do so! Claims on DW || Claims on LJ Hopefully I'll have everybody in a day or two, and I can get cracking on the code tomorrow so that everybody can get their prompt by mid-week. That would be ideal!
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Okay, friends! It's claiming time!

PARTICIPANTS, here's what you do:
  • Head through the list. It's arranged by fandom, in a general order, so if you're worried about spoilers, pay attention to the headers; crossovers are at the bottom. The list isn't pretty, so forgive me, I'm generally out of fucks. Take a look! There are 48 ass-kicking prompts.

  • Choose three prompts that you want to fill the most! Leave a comment on the post with the three numbers you want. They don't need to be in any order, just leave them like "15, 26, 32" -- that's easier for me. All the comments are screened.

  • Once everybody has replied, I'll take these, work my code magic, and (hopefully) everything will work out. You'll get an email from me and another post when that happens! But I can't start anything until everybody has claimed: please claim as soon as possible.

If looking at these prompts turns you on, but you didn't sign up to play this round, here's how you can help: leave a comment with numbers of prompts you'd be willing to write back-up on. That will help me, in case there's someone whose prompts just don't get picked (for whatever reason -- the code can't protect against that). Again, all comments are screened! No worries.



Heck yeah!!

Jul. 3rd, 2012 08:03 am
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15 participants for the claimathon is a great number!! THANKS GUYS this is gonna be awesome.

I can't close the form out (on the phone, GDocs always loads mobile, whih means you can see but not always edit well), so i guess if you still want in on it, go for it. Otherwise, I'll close it tonight and post the prompts for claiming laters



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There are 14 people signed up now! That's good enough for me to work with, so it's definitely a go!! However, I wouldn't mind a few more, so if you were interested, head on over and sign up.

I'll shut it off some time tonight and put up prompts tomorrow night for claiming~~!
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But it's cool. SIGN UP HERE to play in the summer Claim-a-thon. Next two weeks! Short and sweet! No fucks, just fic!
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ALRIGHT COOL. there are enough people down with a claim-a-thon trial that I think it will be worth trying. So! If you want to play here is how it's gonna work:

- for right now, Final Fantasy and fanfic only. If this works, I'll open it up to more stuff in a trial round II.
- has to be at least a Drabble (100 words), can be as long as you'd like.
- if you submit prompts, you're committing yourself to choosing prompts, too, and writing a thing. It means please be around the Internet (and this journal haha) for the next two weeks or so.
- ANYBODY CAN PLAY. as long as you are a) laid back b) flexible because this code might actually suck and c) willing to step up and write fun shit for other people.

- I'll leave sign-ups open until like Monday, unless there are suddenly too many people signed up (haha). I'll post when I close them.
- All the prompts will be posted Monday or Tuesday in this journal. Either way, I'll give until Friday for people to reply and claim 3 they'd be interested in filling. I'll take the weekend to poke at my code, and you should have an email from me with your claim by NEXT WEEKEND Sunday or Monday (8-9 July).
- you can post any time after that! As soon as you want/need. I haven't decided how to do posting/reveals -- hopefully everyone playing has an AO3 account and we can do it that way?? I can make a little collection?
- for anyone who doesn't have a thing by the following weekend, I'll write for you, or I'll call in a friend. THIS IS A LOW KEY GAME, GUYS.




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