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Apr. 19th, 2017 05:13 pm
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Of Things I Have Had To Deal With Today:

  • ohio building code
  • our USW union contract
  • urinal pads
  • ancient budget history
  • $50K worth of pipe inspections
  • an old push-cart toolbox
  • my angry uterus
  • 46 emails
  • paper cups for water
  • summit county contractor registration codes
  • purchase requisitions

this is the kind of day where i sit here like, gee, i am so glad that i went through school to become an engineer, then grad school, then working through 12 years to be running this plant, so that i can deal with urinal pads and cup drama all day

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weak link? i will
push you until you break;
i expect you to hold my weight,
to carry as much as i do
(if not more)

i am no safety net. i make
no assumptions about you, give
no benefit of the doubt:
there is no room for error.

i will not step in when
you fumble, confused, lacking
not just skills but a basic
understanding. i will push
to find that breaking point;
and judge.

too many i know
fight for these skills,
hone them sharp as knives,
for me to hand you
anything more than rope
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back-to-back meetings today from 09:00 to 16:00. That includes lunch - I met with a vendor over lunch. 8 meetings. I literally can't brain any more.

DO I go home and just sleep forever? I might go home and just sleep forever.
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This week at work so far has been a shitshow. Very busy, very intense, and today was some (MORE) bad news that kind of just chewed up any positivity I had left in me (a small, minuscule amount, comparable in size to maybe a couple atoms) and spit it out on the floor like a pile of Marzy's vomit. I try to stay, if not positive, at least determined in the face of challenges but after the last four months of finding out just how bad shit can really get in my plant, finding out that more 50-year-old bullshit equipment is fucked up & falling apart is just like, nope, I'm rocketing off into space so that I can take a space nap.

It's just disheartening. I am so tired of trying to run a facility that dates back to a stone age when safety was a quaint philosophical amusement, which has been run into the fucking ground for generations by a crew with the mental acuity of dryer lint and the overwhelming objective to be as cheap as (in)humanly possible. I am thoroughly sick of bouncing from crisis to crisis to goddamned motherbefucked crisis; I long for a boring week.

With incredible timing, I am ALSO either (1) suffering from a major punch in the face by my allergies (2) coming down with travel-plague like I tend to pick up in airports & airplanes with my shit immune system (3) coming down with con-plague from NYCC or (4) some creative combination of the above. Whatever ailment is forcefully stuffing cotton balls into the space behind my eyes, please fucking stop it; I do not need you right now.

I will make a more optimistic post this week, I swear: but it's hard to be optimistic when my brain is packed with dryer lint and my throat is throbbing with drainage and hatred. GOOD NIGHT.
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1. Come home from work exhausted. Lie down on the floor. To take a nap, go to (2). To start drinking immediately, go to (3). To start working, go to (4).

2. Crawl onto couch or into bed. Doze and fall asleep. You wake up, and it's 20:00! Fuck! To go back to sleep, go to (5). To start drinking, go to (3). To start working, go to (4).

3. You pour a giant glass of wine. For funsies, you grab your vapor cigarette. You try to watch some Criminal Minds to distract yourself from the shithole that is your life. That's right, we are watching TV about serial killers to calm down. Go with it, asshole. Have another glass of wine. Go to (6).

4. You fucking idiot. You can't concentrate! Go take a(nother) nap (2) or have a drink (3).

5. You roll over and go (back) to sleep. Chances are, you'll also sleep through your alarm(s) tomorrow morning and wake up at 8:30 already late for work. You're exhausted and your body has just completely given out on you. Also, have fun being behind tomorrow, asshole! [END]

6. You get out your folder of homework and/or your work laptop. In the background, Derek Morgan is being incredibly hot. You struggle for motivation and concentration, but can't find any. What would motivate you? To go punch your bag in the basement, go to (7). To have another drink, go to (8). Gonna say fuck it and sleep? Go to (5).

7. You consider getting up for a few brief moments, and then have a really desperate and pathetic laugh at yourself and pour another glass of wine instead. Go to (8).

8. You're halfway through a bottle of wine. Good work!! You're going through email and answering some easy ones. Have you got your second wind yet? If so, go to (9). If not, go to (10).

9. Second wind is awesome! You have some more wine, plow through your homework (procedure edits and updates), blitz your inbox, and get some other stuff done. Shit, it's 3:30am! Time to go to bed, dumbass. Tomorrow you'll be tired AND hungover. Good work. [END]

10. With reluctance, you put away the homework folder and your laptop, and sadly go to bed. Now, not only are you exhausted and had too much wine, you're feeling like a horribly incompetent fuckwit: now you'll be tired tomorrow AND behind AND unsatisfied. You fucking suck. Have a good day. [END]
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"When it rains, it pours"


"If winter comes, can spring be far behind?"

- - -

Trying hard to skew attitude towards the latter, but former phrase seems to have all the power of the dark lord lately.

I've three skinned knuckles and a giant bruise from the punching bag.


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