Jun. 1st, 2012 10:03 pm
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right now I'm just reading / looking through and basking in another wonderful year of fabulous, amazing, awesome content. I don't have the brains to do anything more than leave Kudos right now, because I'm coming right off the back of the least relaxing vacation of all time (not *bad*, just not relaxing), I've gotten 10 hours of sleep total in the last two nights, and I'm slowly but surely working through a 12-pack of beer in a Houston hotel room for recovery -- so if you get a Kudos from me, it's not an insult and I'll be back to comment as soon as I can string words into a sentence.

<3 <3 <3


Apr. 20th, 2012 06:00 pm
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I love when I log onto DW to catch up and I have a bunch of posts that basically read "man I am so drunk" or "I did this when I was drunk"

it makes me feel better about all of my life choices >.>

speaking of which..... [BEER]

ALSO: 62% DONE WITH DOINK MATCHING, AND STILL ROLLING... for the record, I'm sitting outside on my patio in the nice weather, with a beer, doing the matching on my laptop while cats yell at me through the open window. It's amazing how much more relaxed I am now, away from work - just comparing this to yesterday or any other day this week (although I actually had to go to work today for a meeting and to help give a tour; one thing I wouldn't have bothered to go in for but since there were two I gave up and agreed) I am in a much better mood overall, even though 2012 Matching is actually being really difficult and stressful. This stress is the good kind; I feel all determined and buckled-down and challenged. This week has been the awful soul-crushing energy-busting fuck-your-face type stress. (Yes, I realize that fandom vs real job isn't really a fair comparison in terms of stress but I actually do take DOINK very seriously >.> )

I've got 3.5 hours left on my battery and some lights on the patio and I am ready to go.

Although I could still use a shoulder rub.

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cause y'all should sign up and also help spread the word

things aren't much better over here. my job is just currently a bog of suck. came in today to find that something else i needed to get done hasn't been done and i would really just like a week off now, please.
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edit: If you can't come play, please at least take a second and give us a shout-out -- with [community profile] ff_press still down, the only way we have to advertise is word-of-mouth (or journal, in this case). There's easy code - with ~banners!~ in so many colors! - you can just copy-paste here. Even if you can't participate, helping to spread the word over the next week or so would be awesome.


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