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Well, we basically owned this race. Our goal was to come in under 4:00 - a pretty challenging goal, honestly, and I had been pretty worried going into the race... but every single team member showed up and tore it up on the road. Our final time: an ass-kicking 3:47:21. That's under a 9 minute mile pace. Everybody beat their goal time significantly, and together we basically shattered our overall goal.

It was a pretty exhausting and emotional day. :)

As you can see in the screencap, we placed 116/753 - top 15% - in our division (mixed M/F team), and we placed 208/1110 - top 18% - out of all the relay teams. That's ridiculous.

I'm so proud of our team.

(And I came in at 71.4 minutes for my leg, meaning I ran 7.9 miles at a 9:02/mile pace. I have absolutely no idea how this happened.)
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Happy birthday, Sir [ profile] hilldo. Love you. Have fun being OLD.
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Penis Text Adventures, Part V
Rating: R for profanity and suggestive themes?
Characters: Sir Hilldo, Grace, Kitty Kitty, the pony horse, some cute fucking unicorns, some (actually) fucking orcs, a horny wizard, and a menacingly ugly pink fur coat.

Summary: In which our hero and heroine move forward with their quest, Kitty Kitty becomes even more useful, a wizard hits on Grace, and we almost get assassinated!


I told you I'd get it up before the Super Bowl party. >.>

Being an expert liar yourself, you know what bullshit sounds like. After all, that used to be half of what came out of your mouth, unless you were around a woman you were trying to bang, at which point it was more like 98%. You'd like to think you are more honest now though, the whole respectable knight gig and all. )

It's funny; we write these things and I'm thinking, man, this one isn't any good... and then I read it over and I seriously can't stop laughing.
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Penis Text Adventures, Part IV
Rating: Well, PG-13 or R, depending on how you rate curse words and mentions of buttsex
Characters: Sir Hilldo, Grace, Kitty Kitty, orcs, an ogre, and an awkward manifestation of herpes

Summary: In which things actually happen, but still manage to be funny, at least to us. Secrets about Grace are revealed! Treasure is found! Kitty Kitty eats everything in sight! JELLO PUDDING POPS

Orc Balls make you breathe fire )

- - -

And, in an awkward abuse of my awesome paid-account powers, I present you with the Sir Hilldo Poll!

To flirt with Sir Hilldo, click here. )
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Yes, that's right! It's another ACTION-PACKED POST FROM SEV.

JanNoWriMo, my fake NaNo to make up for the fact that November always sucks a nut for writing in my personal schedule, will officially start Monday, Jan 07. Because I say so! Also because a lot of the players will be gone this weekend at Ohayocon. Although if you want to start right now, go ahead! You're awesome.

The point of JanNoWriMo is basically to write as many words as you can! I will be starting with HNtDB and [ profile] bottle_of_shine's country music cowboy bodyguard porn (NAY A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! PORN FOR YOU AS SOON AS I CAN!) and then moving into origific. There's no 50K goal; there's no 50K limit. We're just writing words. Set your own goal and come write with me; I need people to cheer me on. XD




THIS ONE'S FOR [ profile] jennyclarinet! Who is hot.

Penis Text Adventures, Part III
Rating: Well, PG-13 or R, depending on how you rate curse words and mentions of buttsex
Characters: Sir Hilldo, some shitty orcs, a mysterious girl, a surprisingly cute pet, and drunks!

Summary: In which a plot takes over and all of you invariably get bored and tell us to STFU and/or go back to being funny. Sir Hilldo defends his slut maiden's honor, amuses the townsfolk, and gets a kitty!

The Shield of +1 to Herpes )- - -

Sometimes I make me laugh.
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OK, [ profile] hilldo and I are apparently super fucking retarded. Super!

Penis Text Adventures, Part II
Rating: Well, PG-13 or R, depending on how you rate curse words and mentions of buttsex
Characters: Sir Hilldo, some shitty orcs, a mysterious girl, and a huge ass ogre

Summary: In which things actually happen and a plot appears! Fireballs, jewels, and battle! Oh, and there might have been some cucumber rape.

Yes, there's more  )

Fuck, dude. This thing is like 5000 words long and it is all going towards NaNo.
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My weekend with [ profile] katmillia was basically awesome. We cuddled a lot, and did drunken karaoke at the Dugout, and watched the intro to Firefly (P.S. KATY WATCH THE REST BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME), and doodled a little, and had sushi with [ profile] kenupntr. And decorated the house for the Halloween Party, and made 8 boxes worth of Jello shots.

I love my Katy like woah and I want her to come back!

The Halloween party was quite possibly the most awesome party we've ever had at Jeff's. The decorations were awesome, and the costumes were fucking excellent. All of the Jello shots were eaten and so much beer was consumed it was basically unbelievable. [ profile] jennyclarinet was ridiculously hot in her costume. Everyone's costumes were awesome, and once things began coming out of the Extra Costume Bin, it just got crazier.

There was dancing, and more dancing, and some cuddling, and some feeding of Jello shots to random people all the time.

Jeff and I went as K-Fed and Britney Spears, which was pretty sweet. Katy went as American McGee's Alice, which no one got but me and [ profile] hilldo and Jerry, but was pretty damn sweet.

I have pics up, although they're locked because certain people don't like having pictures out on the internet. I don't really know if anyone other than me looks at pictures but if you want to see us all, comment and I'll give you the link. THEY'RE HOT

Two major reasons to love [ profile] hilldo:
(1) He dressed up as Dick In A Box for the party. With Blow Pops
(2) "Helping" me with NaNo by co-writing the Text Based Adventures Of Sir Hilldo And His Penis. Chapter 1 may be posted later if you guys are nice.

Anyway, now our kitchen is a huge ass mess, and we have zero groceries, and we spent yesterday lying around and watching football because we were too tired to do anything else. Tonight I've got class and ff_p but after that hopefully we can make some headway into cleaning this shit!

- - -

Random side note: [ profile] lassarina has some particularly fun and interesting discussions going on her LJ, for fellow writers.

EDIT: I find it funny that I use the same set of tags in every entry about Katy and Rina. HMMMMMMMM

RE-EDIT: Alright, I give up. Link's in the comments.


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