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This is an experiment with writing. Basically, I've taken one of the many modern/urban fantasy worlds I've build in my head, dropped a couple barely-formed characters into it with a plot idea that might be 7 words long on a good day and pressed Go.

The things I post are barely edited. They may have typos. They're not majorly-high-quality writing, in which I've lovingly labored over sentences and synonyms. They contain far too much punctuation and will probably systematically abuse italics. They're not going to be perfect.

What I want to see is if - and how well - I can build something interesting, something resembling a story, out of these incomplete ideas and fragmented entries. This is word-and-story brainstorming. It's an experiment. I want to try to make something really cool (or at least decently cool) from this nearly nonexistent framework, and see what happens, and where it takes me.

The process is simple: I open up DW during a break at work, and let my brain and fingers go. Whatever happens, I read it over once or twice to correct anything truly offensive, and then make myself post. It's casual, just to practice writing and practice creating to try to get back into the habit.

So, that's what's going on here.

This started from a realization that I wanted to write some trashy-esque urban fantasy featuring twists on historical mythologies. I worked out the backstory: a world of angry guys heading up angry nations that bit the bullet and fully committed to blowing everything to shit via red buttons and mutually nuclearly assured destruction - until the planet roused herself, stepped in, gave everyone a massive bitchslap, and took care of the problem in two ways: first, by bitchslapping all kinds of our destructive shit into so much dust, and second, by infusing members of the human race with her own magical power, basically giving them the job of keeping humanity the fuck from doing this again.

Why did the earth pick ancient gods, goddesses, religions, powers, etc?
In this world, for the earth, time is relative and really doesn't mean much - the planet's consciousness is really not affected by the 4th dimension at all, so ancient/current is all the same. When she decided to collectively smack our asses into shape, she basically googled her memory for "powerful things humans will follow and listen to", and religious figured were the first result. She used the massive collective memory of humanity as a filter, basically, just pouring a lot of directed magic into the idea and letting it pop out as it may. (Look, she was really pissed at us.)

Does that mean there's another Jesus, or a Mohammed, as well as like Zeus and Bastet and whoever?
In a way, yes. The modern faiths are kind of confusing because their existence at the moment the shit went down sort of garbled the translation of the planet's will/spell. But there are certainly figures from modern religions - like, Moses, for example, and there's nothing saying that Jesus 2.0 won't show up somewhere in the world if the earth really needs to send a clear message.

Are you doing proper research on your historical gods and goddesses?
I've done a lot of research into mythology for a collection of personal reasons already. I don't mind doing additional research if/when I need to, because it's fun. That being said, there's also some interpretation at stake, because there are two filters between "what that goddess was back then" and "what they are now": first, the earth's magic and interpretation of that archetype; second, the filter of the personality of the person who becomes the manifestation of that power. Since part of the point of this is spontaneity, well, we'll see what happens.

For readers of this journal: you are welcome to read and comment and interact, or ignore, as much as you would like. Feel free to ask questions, point things out, make suggestions - whatever, I will love any feedback.

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ooo exciting!

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*happy wriggles*


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