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So I said in a comment that I actually expect FFXIII to become a decent writing fandom for me because of the holes and confusion in said story. That's pretty true: I write more for fandoms that didn't necessarily feel complete or sensical to me (FFIV, what with the LUNAR WHALE and all; FFVIII's plot holes and weirdly focused storytelling) than I do for ones that felt more or less complete (FFVI and FFX being good examples here – I loved both games, but I don't feel as compelled to write for them as I do for other fandoms. It isn't that VI and X don't have things to explore or holes in their stories – they do! – and some of it is character draw between all of the games, sure; but I just don't feel like I have as much to add in those canons as I do for IV and VIII). I liked FFXIII enough to think about dabbling in it fannishly, at least, and since my writing has more or less dried up and been left for dead, I want to tentatively encourage anything that gets me excited about words again.

So here's what I want to do, to take my mind off of my job: I want to talk about the characters in FFXIII, and I want to talk about things that I liked, and I want to talk about things that I want to read, or want to write. And then I want you guys to talk back about characters and rec me good fics! First, rec me anything that's good from FFXIII, whether or not it matches with stuff I am into, because good fic is wanted and needed and I'm always excited about new stuff in a new fandom. But second, if you can think of anything that will fill some of those holes I'm feeling pretty keenly, please hand it over! self-reccing is totes okay too. give me fic please. Or, if you see something that looks like fun, prompt me! Or make me prompt you! FUN GAMES IN SEV'S JOURNAL: THE MUSICAL.

FFXIII Characters – possible game spoilers I guess )

In having written all of this, I'm seeing a couple trends. In addition to FFXIII being about trust/betrayal, right/wrong, truth/lies, it's also about family, including families of choice. And I like that. But I also like the dark undercurrents in so many of these character-character relationships, because I have bad taste in everything. The Fandom Hell Bus is coming to pick me up. Get in; I'm driving


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At this point I am seriously, hard-core pimping my birthday presents because they are all freakin' awesome. Apparently I hang out in the totally cool corner of the internets!

I have been spoiled today.

I want to say "It is like Nay gave Irvine head for my birthday!" Because she DID and it made me LAUGH with snark and it was HOT all in ONE and that was FREAKING AWESOME. IT IS SEIFER/IRVINE, right there, and Seifer's all sober because you know he's been planning it for a while and Irvine's all drunken-mind-wandering hot and OK I will stop rambling now just go read it. I LOVED. WOULD READ AGAIN. PROBABLY WILL BECAUSE IT'S HOT.

AND THEN NIKKI WROTE ME MORE AND THEY ARE ALL BASICALLY <333333 I will summarize them for you here!

THIS is Irvine/Seifer wandering home, and groping each other, and otherwise being hot

THIS! Is Rydia, a couple snapshotty views of her life and her childhood (SQUEEEEE) and it's sappy and bittersweet and punches you in the gut like it should, because Rydia doesn't belong and I LOVE seeing fic that deals with this

and THIS is probably my favourite of all of them - it gets an extra star - this one hits everything I like to see in FF8 fic with Squall-Ellone-Laguna dealings. JUST READ
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[ profile] twilightsrain and I have been talking about Pokemon all afternoon!

I'm amazed at how much I remember about those things.

Mainly, because I'm almost 25 freaking years old.


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