May. 20th, 2009

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Last night I ran 4.5 miles. Without stopping. That's 45 min of straight running. At ~6.0mph. That's a personal record for distance.

And I did it instead of going out to the bar.

Days like this I confuse myself.

Anyway, \o/ ! Go me.

The rest of this post is attn: [ profile] jennyclarinet, [ profile] hilldo, and I guess any other runners:

1) I saw a bunch of shirtless Cavs players on the news this morning and thought of you. (For others: Jenny and I spent a good amount of time once at a J-Squad party googling "Wally Szczerbiak shirtless" and "LeBron James penis".)

2) The Akron Marathon. Saturday, September 26th. There are a few options we could do: marathon (hell no), half marathon (also probably a hell no), or a Team Relay, which sounds the most interesting to me.

The Team Relay needs 5 runners. Each runner runs a small section of the marathon, and then passes off a snap bracelet to the next runner. Each section is a different length, so you can have people of all different levels running together:

First3.5 mi
Second5.7 mi
Third6.3 mi
Fourth3.1 mi
Fifth7.6 mi

We'd have until September, so whoever decided to pick up the longer legs of the run would have plenty of time to train. Plus, with me, Jeff, James, and Jenny running, we will need one more person... September is plenty of time to train for the shortest leg, that being 3.1mi. The Couch-To-5K program would do that in plenty of time. (That is, unless we get Melissa to run that long leg for us; then we're golden. Haha.)

Now for the bad news. First of all, we'd have to be there at 7am on a Saturday. Blech. Second, registration is $36 per person. Now, most 5Ks cost money to register; it looks like $20-$40 online depending on the race. But still, that's money we'd have to pay for the race. Akron Marathon is a non-profit organization, and their charity benefits "local fitness" from what I can tell; not a bad thing, but I'd hoped to pick a race that targeted a more specific charity. (Of course, Jeff's response is "Look up the course and we can run it together for free on our own day." Umm...kind of defeats the point.)

The other bad thing is that we'd all be running separately, instead of being able to run together and pace each other. However, the plus side of that is that we could say the J-Squad ran a marathon. XD

We have until August to register, so there's plenty of time to think about it... what do you guys think?


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