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Dearest [ profile] drakonlily,

Best wishes on your birthday the anniversary of your 21st birthday. Have a great time being old like me 21.

All my love,
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our 401ks are climbing in the positive, lol
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Ever have one of those "Wow, this was probably the stupidest (and most embarrassing) possible thing you could have done at the worst possible moment in the worst possible crowd at probably the most ridiculously embarrassing time of possibly ever do I even need to go on" sort of things?


Oh well. I am a moron, and life goes on.

It's a good thing family has to love you no wonder how stupid you are!
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#2) Last night's final: long, difficult, ultimately fair if a little bit too detail-intensive. I was there the whole two hours (hate that) but since it was open-book, open-notes I think in the end I managed alright.

Important part: I am now at 12 class credits, which is 12/24 required, WHICH MEANS I AM HALFWAY DONE WITH MY CLASSES. EVERYBODY CELEBRATE.

I'm of course at 1/6 in research credits so I'm nowhere near ACTUALLY being halfway, but being halfway done with classes is a pretty big deal to me. Yay!

#3) Who has ideas of things I can ask for for Christmas?!

#4) I wish I'd get over this cold.

#5) I forgot to mention that I twisted my ankle this weekend. By falling UP the stairs. If you don't believe me ask [ profile] safety_caesars and she can confirm that I'm a total robotard. I haven't been able to walk normally on it yet but because I'm dumb yesterday I went to the gym anyway. I did a 10-min warmup on the elliptical and didn't feel it all, so I was pretty excited -- until this morning, when it's even MORE sore, probably because I worked out on it yesterday.

BTW, when you haven't been to the gym in over two weeks and you go back to lift weights, it hurts. You get really sore. I am just saying.

#6) I am really glad [ profile] katmillia got her present! WATCH SOME OF IT AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK <3

#7) ...I don't think there is a #7!


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