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Alright, let's get some more of these out of the way, now that everybody else is done with this meme.

#07 - Least Favorite part of your favorite FF game.

I picked a bunch of favorites, now, didn't I?

FFIV - My least favorite part of the game is, really, anytime the grinding gameplay starts to weigh the story down. The stretch of gameplay from the Dark Elf to the Tower of Zot, for example, starts to feel really really long. Likewise, grinding in the core of the moon is hard as balls but necessary to get all the weapons and, you know, that Zeromus dude, and I like grinding but at that point of the game I am usually ready for the ending. Plus, about half of the versions of this game have really fucking high encounter rates, which might be my least favorite part OVERALL.

FFVI - Again, my least favorite parts come with gameplay: I don't like having to chase the light through the room, I don't like getting stuck and lost on the Floating Continent (which, even though I have played this game 600 times, I still do... probably because I legit get lost every time and so I never learn it), and there are a few parts of the story that just seem slow./

FFVIII - My least favorite part of FFVIII is between Disc 2-3 when you realize Quistis, Irvine, Selphie, and Zell are never going to get the attention they deserve :(

#08 - Favorite Chocobo Version

I love them in FFIV because they come in fun colors - White Chocobos give you MP~! Black Chocobos fly! But I also like the Chocobo Knights of FFX/X2.

#09 - Favorite Moogle Version

I loved that the moogles in FFXII were engineers and e-techs. ♥

#10 - Best Final Fantasy Scene Ever

There is absolutely no possible way I am going to be able to answer this at all. :/ So here are some favorites?

- Rydia and Rosa appearing on the Big Whale
- Final Battle with Kefka (self-help book!)
- FFVIII Sorceress Parade - it's the moment where you realize how fucked everybody is because Edea is for real
- Palom and Porom turning to stone :(
- Yuna jumping off the tower in Bevelle
- The Scene Where Aerith You Know
- aaaaaaaaaaaaas;ldka;lsdkals;kd;laskd I don't do Best, okay

30 Days of FF Meme )
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Swiped this as soon as I saw it from [ profile] rosencrantz and [ profile] irish_ais ~!

Day 01: Favorite Final Fantasy Game


Well, in typical Sev fashion, I am going to have to choose three because I don't do decisions, but I have reason for my choices, so here goes:

My favorite Final Fantasy game in general/overall is FFIV. This is for a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with the game itself and everything to do with nostalgia. FFIV was my first Final Fantasy - back when it was FFII - and I can remember first sitting down with my brother to play it: the boy I had a crush on in school had lent us FFII and Zelda for SNES, for one week, and I really just remember getting hooked on FFII. Jim and I couldn't beat it in the time we had it, but after getting that taste, we would constantly petition my mother to rent the game from the supermarket. It became our babysitter: Mum and Dad knew that if we had that game for an evening we wouldn't do anything else, including get hungry. It was real.

So I have a huge soft spot for that game overall. I loved Rydia from the second she came on the screen, adorable little green-haired nuker. I watched Cecil and Rosa be all sweet at each other, watched Kain's awkward honor/obedience thing twist himself up in ways I was probably too young to understand, loved Edge, cheered at Yang and Edward and Palom and Porom, and cried at the frigging Giant of Bab-Il when everyone comes back to fight, I'm not lying, I still tear up at that scene occasionally because, well, we're going on 20 years of memories of playing that (yup, just aged myself, didn't I).

I made Rydia and Rosa Lego People afterwards. I mean, okay, at that time, I liked video games, but I think I would have liked them more if they'd had girls in them - and FFII/FFIV did. No matter what (genuine and appropriate!) criticisms you can lay on Rosa and Rydia in terms of traditional female roles and female video-game-character roles (and I have!), you can't deny that they are important in the game, important to the plot. Rosa's at Cecil's side for a lot of it; Rydia saves the day with her summons. They both defy the menfolk and fly to the moon and won't take it back. It isn't - it was like, oh, okay, I can identify with that. I used to pretend I was Rydia more than I should admit online.

I've played this game more times than I should admit either. I've played it on SNES, on emulator, on PS1, on GBA, on DS, on PSP. I know it pretty well. And every time I play it I still enjoy it: so there isn't a lot of gameplay involved, no customizable characters, not even really replay value (except for the DS NGP option), and yet... I still love it, because I'm a nostalgic softhearted sucker for it. It still makes me smile and sigh and stabs my heart in all the right places.

So for those reasons, FFIV will always be my overall favorite.

My game I think is the best one is actually FFVI. It's complex and intricate in a lot of really awesome ways, with character backstories that are really fleshed out and personalities that are multilayered. It's funny and silly and heartwrenching and sad all at once. It has a fantastic villain and no real hero / "main character", but it's led by two awesome heroines who are central to the story being told. Gameplay is pretty straightforward, but characters are sort-of customizable (Esper levelling-up) and there's some replay value in that you can pick different parties and get different scenes in-game and at the ending. It's a great game and when I think of all of them, I still think it's the shining star.

It would be my favorite, but the nostalgia-value of FFIV pushes it over the edge, honestly. I have some pretty good memories of FFVI, too, though - dual-controller SNES games where I wanted to be all the girls and Jim had to be Sabin because I couldn't Blitz worth a nickel.

My favorite game to write for is FFVIII. As a fanfiction writer, as somebody in fandom, I think this is a slightly different angle: FFVIII was a fantastic and fantastically confusing game. And for a fanfic writer, it's still my favorite. I still haven't run out of stories to tell in that world; I omni-ship the entire cast; I'm still coming up with theories, past and present and future and why does no one pay attention to Ellone and the game was informative enough to give us these interesting characters, a time-twisting plotline, some father-son snippets, weird fated threads -- and yet confusing enough that it leaves plenty to write for, plenty to do, lots of things to say and explore and lots of directions to go.

It was a great game, and of the "later" FFs it is my favorite. And for fanfic, it is the winner.

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Jan. 29th, 2008 10:12 am
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There's a Rinoa fan-work-a-thon, here. Leave your prompts and ogle over some of the ones already posted! Rinoa needs more fandom love and less catty hate, y'know.

[ profile] venefica_aura, one of my prompts is mainly your fault, and I am expecting you to pick up on it. ( #2.)

Come on over and give [ profile] shanaqui some help in celebrating Rinoa! XD

God, I love fandom some days. *is a loser*
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FFVIII. Shades of KH crossover. Rinoa-centric.

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Yes, a Rinoa-centric piece.

Most of you read the original on [ profile] brokenprism. The final one hasn't really changed much, so don't get too excited. The LJ link also now represents the "final" version.

This marks my first solo update to in, like, a year. XD

Much thanks to my [ profile] lassarina for the beta and to everyone who gave me comments on it -- it definitely helped.
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Public Service Announcement: There is a new chapter of How Not to Date Blondes up, finally! [ profile] rosencrantz and I have triumphed over HOW MANY MONTHS of writers' block.

And here is how I spent my Monday morning!

Enkida and I tag-team brainstorming for Chapter 8 in Google Docs: SPOILERZ FOR HNTDB OMG only not really )

(ETA) This can now also be found on [ profile] capslock_ff!!

While this was going on, I then created this new OTP with [ profile] twilightsrain:

My work / Nikki's Homework = OTP )

Meanwhile, [ profile] lassarina and I email-spammed each other about porn, and [ profile] justira and I chatted about FFX, FFEX, washing cats, cat macros, and everything else inbetween. Oh, and cats.

And also, Ira is sending me books.

I love people who distract me during the day.


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