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As of tomorrow evening I will be drunk at Ohayocon. My itinerary includes:
  • Battleshots

  • FF Roller Derby Rydia, part of the Zeromus Haters roller derby team

  • being drunk

  • (drunk) (gay stylist) (spaghetti making) Trowa, from Gundam Wing

  • gluing sparkly shit on everyone who stands still long enough to let me

  • getting to curl Becky's hair :D

  • possibly seducing Quatre's voice actor with Katy

  • drinking an entire beer penis

  • a round of Snirvines (this year's shot)

  • Mongolian Fucking Barbecue

  • cuddling

  • lots of compromising photos posted to our live photo feed

  • creepersharking

  • HOPEFULLY partying with Hot Leia and Hot Tifa and Hot Cloud and Hard Gay

I'll have my phone for email and texts, but I will very likely be drunk or sleeping, so. Contact at your own risk, fools. Otherwise, I will get back to all of you on Monday when I am hung the fuck over sober and back at work.

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On a scale from One to NO, how arrogantly selfcentered/douchey is it to fill your iconspace with icons of yourself... and your friends... set to lyrics of a song your brother wrote... about his/your friends...?

ALTERNATE TITLE OF THIS ENTRY: I love [ profile] venefica_aura in the shady Zack way

PS: I need to share the Ceiling Cake song with everyone. I can't get to Gmail by day but trust me, I'll try to dig it out tonight ^^
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Looking forward to tomorrow. [ profile] drakonlily / [personal profile] novel_machinist and I will be meeting halfway between our houses, finding a cheap hotel with a bar, consuming pudding shots and entire bottles of wine (EACH) and then writing porn at each other in the hotel bar.

We need this and it's going to be both perfect and awesome.
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Friday: Late-night drive to Columbus (seriously... I'm talking 1am)

Friday night: Up all night in a terrified curled-up ball in the corner of the couch because I am afraid of Drakon's vicious baby-eating wolf hybrids (read: dogs fall over on floor to be petted when you look at them)

Saturday morning: Leave house with thermos full of two pots of coffee, which is promptly stored between my legs for the drive to B-Town. Meet greatest Wendy's employee ever and discuss fandom, drama, fanfiction, and being forever students. Definitely drink two pots of coffee. Pee every ten minutes. Meticulously tag everything we discuss. There is a zombie on your lawn.

Saturday afternoon: Arrival in Cendriville. Cendri dances for us in dress and ladybug slippers. Take video. Attend wedding at which Harry Potter is a groomsman. Head off to reception and meet awesome old people for dinner. Wait expectantly for groom's family to provide liquor license.

Saturday evening: Sev is the goddamned Batman (of makeup). Pa Cendri offers to be DD. He is awesome and I am proud to be his m-preg spawn. Score excellent Greek food. Have tasty local brew. Follow the sound of techno to a club at which we dance like we are not as old as we are. Are supplied with delicious candy-tasting Long Islands, which we then transfer to Taco Bell cups and take home. Sleepy cuddle-times passing out in awesome waterbed. Next morning transfer to Squishy Bed, which eats me. There is still a zombie on your lawn.

Sunday morning: Ma Cendri feeds us deliciousness; it is awesome. Wander B-Town. Pet three cats (yay!). Purchase copious amounts of music. Eat more delicious food.

Sunday afternoon: Listen to world's greatest CD ever in the car while writing ~5,000 words of plot outline for the most epic FF8 fic possible. Eat burgers.

Sunday night: Finally arrive home and pass the fuck out.

My penis is a divining rod, and you are the water.


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